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Narin Siritaranukul | CTO at PR Media 360 Co.,Ltd.

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James Song | CEO, founder and owner, Gamevil

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Kevin Hwang | Senior Project Manager

대한민국 |

Pharaphatr Yasinporn | Marketing Manager at Gamevil Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd.

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Reviews 299,333

  1. Cherry mobile flare
    ricardo miguel ponce
    When i got lvl 11 and when i'm at the forest pushing the blocks and solve it in a logical way, it forces close grrr.. !! I played zenonia 5 first and i just wanna try this but it forces close!! It says that inventory querying error something like that.! Grr.. Please gix this!!
  2. Closes after creating a new game
    Every time I try to play this game and start a new game I can't because it closes it . Haven't even started playing it. After they fix this issue my rating will go up but untill then it will remain this way .
  3. Error file data
    Adamlambat Lambat
    I've played for lvl 50 n suddenly can't load game n said error file,lost my purchase Zen n money, it's sucks, fix this
  4. zenonia 4 crash
    Zhong Weilong
    zenonia 3 was probably taken off Google store or only available in apple store.and why zenonia 4 sometimes force closed no reason?? is it not compatible with android smartphone like galaxy note 2 with 4.3 software???
  5. Need more ujustments
    Ivan Renz Benosa
    Ummm hey the second boos level that the baby is is lost its so hard to defeat I tried all characters even the druide guy my favor but too bad I cannot finish the boss battle and by the way tell to the creator of Growtopia to sell free stuff for 2days plz this I appreciated the help thx means thank you
  6. Zenonia 4
    Israel Rodock
    Cool RPG a little hard to control but a lot better than God of war RPG game loaded with music playing could not move person!!
  7. Melissa Sotto
    The best game ever ive ever seen :) even thou its hard to defeat the boss for me but challenging! x3 but i really love it! the graphics the storyline all is cute! no lag,no hang, ,and it can be play free and don't need wifi to play, Loveed it! ☺
  8. Orion Dot
    Amazing game one thing to say in terms of bosses can be at times harder than it has to be but with all of the games amazing .... Well everything its hard to hate it for what it is . all it is all it should be a beautiful master piece and thank you for reading this .:-D
  9. Lov it
    Danetty Sanders
    Really, i wish that this game wasnt so hard, but i am a bad gamer.if your looking for a fast pace game, this is it. Remember, the blader class is nerfed though. For makers;cmon, zenonia 5 is bad. Please fix this
  10. Great game
    Jhallie Callo
    What happen to the 3rd one cant seem to find it? Its kinda weird jump from 2 to 4
  11. Amazing
    Terri Foster
    Luv the saga good job gamevil has the best games out there oh yes offline long awaited this day. You guys are great play anywhere perfection.
  12. Level 70?
    Carlos Sanchez
    Very addicting game but once your enemy's get to level 30 or higher they become tougher to beat and the game only allows you to level up to level 70 when on the shop you see weapons for higher levels.
  13. Stuck.Damn it
    Gabriel Pineda
    In my level 10, wheb saving the baby, It got stuck and I got a walk through wall ability. Its stuck on one place
  14. Coby kyros
    kevin canalite
    great game but the inventory is too small and the monsters are too strong the drop rate is low and its hard to earn gold also the exp are small i think its not appropriate to the players please read i will give 5 star if consider this thanks
  15. lenovo a706
    glengel pineda
    good but.. it hangs on my device. and i have to deactivate the BGM and sound effects before i can play smoothly. please fix before i give 5 stars..
  16. Diego Fuentes
    There is a problem in a map where you can't leave the area because the pressure plate doesn't activate from the other side and you can't do anything unless you buy some scrolls.... I don't want to spend !money in that...
  17. Requests root and crashes
    I have not been able to play this game; it consistently crashes on every attempt to run it. But, what I'd really like to know: why the HELL does this game request root access? Why would a game EVER need root access to your device? I find that highly suspicious.
  18. Amazing game
    Nathanimor Da Bacca
    I love this game so much just one thing they need to add loading from different devices like im on my phone i need to be able to load my guys from my kindle onto my phone.
  19. Good job gamevil
    Jared Sullano
    Another amazing Zenonia series. Although its a bit laggy but i bet its my phone's fault. Haha. Anyway another great game gamevil. 5 stars
  20. Really stupid
    Trevor Hart
    Played this serious before and it was fun. But I try to start a new game and it automatically closes out everytime. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and didn't work. Really annoying.


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