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eight ball pool
ghin handicap
بريالدو بريالدو
بلياردو بدون نت
بلياردو بدون نت 2016
بلياردو ٨



Tomas Hnilicka | CFO at Geewa

Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika |

Katerina Tuskova | Graphic Designer at Geewa

Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika |

Anton Truhan | Senior C# developer at Geewa

Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika |

Ondrej Prucha | Flash Developer ve společnosti Geewa

Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika |

Reviews 402,390

  1. This is weird...
    Hang on a minute, I won a game in Moe's Pub, then when I look at my chips, I lost 20. How is that possible? Seriously need to fix that bug for 5 stars please fix it.
  2. Crashes after lollipop update in htc 816 dual
    Dr. Supriyo Roy
    Never happened before but now the game hangs after lollipop update in my phone
  3. Foolish
    jitendra gangwar
    Yesterday when i am playing i am playing on cheatue billiard no aim assist . I lost the game because of some sever problem but it takes my all coins 11. 7 K coins so i am deactivating this game from my cell phone . (if u will give me above 50 k coins in my id so i will not leave playing pool live tour).reply must!!!!! (Geewa co.)my facebook id is ([email protected] Com
  4. I love the game
    Hyder Mirza
    Worst part is I made purchases for coin packs worth $400 and it does not reflect, I get 10 Cois in return....I love the game I will wait what geewa will do for me in return, but I will still be palyong the game because I love it apart from this glitch where I purchase till date 500,000 chips and I get 10 chips in return. Geewa this is not as expected.
  5. Getting freeezzz.. On lollyPop :-(
    Pravin Kumar
    I am playing this game from jelly bean then kitkat now and haven't faced any problem. Now I'm playing pool on lollipop , it is getting freezed.
  6. Wrong rules, horrible ball physics
    Tim Olson
    The physics is flat out wrong. Left-right English lets you magically move the cue ball in ways that are impossible in real pool. This is not a subtle effect: it completely changes how you plan a table. Also, the rules for fouls are wrong, allowing you to play illegal safety shots. Fun for people who don't play real pool.
  7. Good
    Big Boss Boss
    But have problem some time getting hang n u don't have option u have to leave the game pls fix that other wise cool game thanks guys
  8. Wow
    Mitchell Sanders
    Big time pool player if not for factory reset I would be well over 1000 games in very accurate
    Marwan Mehanna
    Many reviwes are written that the game crashes,i have been playing it for over 3years never crashed till now
  10. Nice distraction
    Jose Ramirez
    Let's you buy pool sticks and you can go against players from all over the world it's just a very nice game
  11. Start some other games
    vansh khanuja
    I lost one match from Moe's pub aim assist. After losing I saw my 2000c it gone. I want my money back..... I want that in any cost. Reply in next 48 hours or I will stop playing the game. I will also suggest my friends to stop Facebook is VANSH khanuja. I want my 2000c back as soon as possible.
  12. Pool Live Tour
    Buzz Baker
    I like the different tables and how they respond to your play. It gives you a realistic experience because of how the felt and the bumper wear can change your shot even though you lined up correctly. I am trying to improve on the precise settings for controlling my sticks. A great simulation in my opinion, I've been shooting in leagues for the last 12 years and this is a GREAT game. See you on the tables'
  13. Armar Thomas
    Great game i love it . but one glitch needs to be fixed when opponent disconnects it docent leave the game you just sit there only way out is to leave the table
  14. Sony z2
    Kevin Watson
    Great game would give it five stars if it didnt freeze now and again
  15. Lost all my cue's
    Suleman Kunda
    I lost all my cues. I only have my winnings im a player since 2011 return them back and have your 5 stars...
  16. Not worth.
    Varun Gupta
    If you can't make it work smoothly on mobiles then you should have not launched this app.
  17. solve immideately
    kshitij potdar
    Ansel Anthony is one of my friend on Facebook who also plays the same game. we play multiplayer via Bluetooth when we are nearby eachother. but when we try to get connected and play online on facebook the game doesn't show his name in list and its very sad. unable to enjoy this game with few long distance friends. please rectify and solve. would suggest this game to all other friends.
  18. Aditya Zope
    Everthing is perfect.But please ,please add tournament mode.8 ball pool beats this one in this only aspect.
  19. Sagar More
    It was 2 laggy and hangs on my Samsung grand 2 with android 4.3 ... Plz look at that issue .
  20. Great app
    Olimious Leal
    Plus, it let's you link with Facebook so you never lose your progress!


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