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  1. Like it
    Hailey Parsons
    This game is fun because you can change it put it to sleep and also change feed and bathe I know you guys don't like this game but for kids they can play this and see how the babies grow inside the girls stomach plus there is more rooms then the old one on the old one with one baby you only get a crib and a bath to take care of it and the baby doesn't grow in her stomach on the old one this one is more interesting the the old one
  2. My new baby 2
    Abigail Telford
    I like this game because u get to find out what the gender is of the baby or babies like for example, I know I am tired of getting a boy and a girl but u get a million dollar family if u have one of each. Sometimes u can get a single baby like u can get a boy or a girl
  3. Ok
    wilbur davis
    Not my favorite you can't really do much everything is locked. Not that fun but good for teaching things about being pregnant
  4. Fun but
    Carolyn Rendinelli
    It is always a girl and boy why and the 2 blue dresses that go on women when u dress her up the 2nd time they don't go fully on her and a lot and lot and lots of adds and YES EVERY ONE KNOWS YAMMY PLAYED AND SHES A YOUTUBER THATS HOW I FOUND THIS GAME OK AND HOW IS IT EDUCATIONAL IT NO TEACH ANY THING!!!!
  5. Garment problem
    Zoe Edwards
    I mean don't install it. It's so rubbish. I nitted every single one of the garments and I was excited about how cute it would look. You can't even see the garment!!!:-(
  6. Fine.....I guess
    Meryem Basim
    You can't put on two of the dresses and in the place where it shows pictures of the game it says that there are hundreds of outfits but in the real game when you install it, you have to unlock them. /:
  7. It ddnt even work
    Saliou Diallo
    I have strong excellent WiFi but I waited for two and a half hours and then it said "this game isn't working try again later"
  8. Love it to bites
    Shakyra Henry
    Well i love it becsuse it teaches the girls how it is like to to be pregnant so when they grow up they no what to do
  9. OMG!
    syd sloth
    I hated it when you make a garment it doesnt let you use it on your baby like it says it does dont install this game its stupid
  10. I loved is but
    Erin Hastings
    I only got a boy and a girl and made a tee-shirt and I couldn't put it on the baby
  11. I love it but
    P Tragoudi
    I gave them cloths but it did not show after can you fix this
    arrian ascano
    I love this game a lot beacause the baby were not just one it is twins....
  13. I like it but.....
    Lance Jessick
    It won't give you anything other than a boy and girl twins so you should get it but I'm warning you all your going to get is boy and girl twins
  14. Don't know how to start game
    Shytavia Gamble
    It comes on but don't have a the start button. All it do is play music & I done try restarting the app & EVERYTHING!!! HELP!!!
  15. Love it but
    Samantha Glover
    At the last part they do not let you play. :-(
  16. I like it but......
    Mandy Wenlock
    The games really fun but I sometimes only get one baby and the blue dress with one sleeve it makes them naked but covers their private parts but plz fix this soon because I like the look of the dress but it won't go on! So just fix this soon
  17. Dana Usarz
    When the girl made clothes for baby you can't put them on the baby and I can't find them
  18. I like it a little bit
    Gustavo Bermeo
    Love it but alot adds ( btw yammy plays this game she is a youtuber)
  19. i can't open it...
    mama emyra
    why you all say like that...waste my time!!.........playtales books...please prepare it...... THANKS
  20. Love it
    Cathy Patton
    Please make a 3 one because I have 1and 2


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