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Curro Rueda Alvarez | CTO / COO en Genera Games

Sevilla y alrededores, España |

Jose Miguel Lopez Catalán | President - Founder at Genera Games

Sevilla y alrededores, España |

Enrique Tapias | Genera Games CEO

San Francisco Bay Area |

Jose Miguel Lopez Catalán | President - Founder at Genera Games

Sevilla y alrededores, España |

Reviews 139,981

  1. Good, not bad, could be better
    Yap Liy Ling
    Some of the upgrades/tasks are just too difficult. You need time to collect the coins.
  2. Good game!
    Alexis Principe
    Good game to kill time. No money needed and graphics look great also good sound effects. No changes needed.
  3. Zero Complaints
    Alan Demorett
    Works incredibly well, great time killer. Smooth controls and satisfying character development. Running on LG G Flex
  4. Awesome!
    Jaime Henry
    Good graphics! Great sound effects! If you're looking for a game to kill time, this is it! Just make enemy fire a little easier to see, and coins faster to collect and it'll be over the top!!!
  5. Not running
    I don't know whats going on but 1st time i have installed this game and when i started the game it says "unfortunately ranboat has stopped" . Please give me a solution to this problem urgently.
  6. Very fun!
    Dean Papagiannis
    Game is alot of fun except for a few glitches. When I close game it freezes anytime I use grenade launcher the game slows down and glitches out. What could be fun as a bonus round is a distance game. Jumping out of. Plane and using guns or explosions to keep your character going for awhile. Kinda like " kick the critter" Earn coins and weapons or something like that. Keep up the good work. Using galaxy note 4
  7. From 1 to 5 stars
    Krish Bhattacharya
    Ohh its working now..thanx a lot dev.gud game
  8. Great graphics, simple yet accurate controls, but I have a problem...
    Rogelio L.
    It gives me an error message when I try to log in with Facebook. It still deserves its 5 stars.
  9. Awesome
    Tom Fulmer
    Great game wasn't expecting it to be this good but they deff surprised me if there were more stars I would give more
  10. Great Game
    Todd Simmons
    The slow motion is a great feature of this game. I wish the upgrades were cheaper after the third upgrade but if you like playing the game without paying it's not too bad.
  11. OK
    Tyler Perkins
    So I really did like the game up until I got a new phone... Now when I log into my Google play account it won't restore the purchases that I made before... Please fix then 5 stars again
  12. Super Original Fun.... unless you're Stallone!!
    Brian OKane
    Very Simplistic Touch Screen Controls with Easy, yet Entertaining Gameplay that will be a Challenge for even a Veteran APK/IOS Gamer like myself, as well as Decent Google Play Games Possible Achievements which are Painlessly Arduous to earn with above average accumulative Player Points. 5's From Ramboat's Exciting Start to it's Fast Paced "Stay Up All Night" Finish. One Incredible Game for the entire Family: Young & Old alike! A MUST PLAY!!!
  13. Time killer
    Adam Osterman
    Great time killer when i works. Several bugs that need updated
  14. Fun n entertaining
    Snow Derek
    Tricky at times n interesting. More pearks n assist to e player. Is quite hard to reach more than 20000 at a single attempt.
  15. Ok kinds
    Rahul Mohta
    Game is good with great graphics but its impossible to complete more then 3 stages at a time .. life is too low.. so I dis like it... please increase the life or make levels easy.. so that one can complete it..
  16. Fun game, but...
    Joseph Lim
    Cannot continue / start from last stage passed when u died off. Only 1 heart is given after an offered video watched. However, green token is e alternative way to continue game play, but are hard to come by, let alone trying to collect any in e line of fire! Would have been rated it with 5 star otherwise.
  17. Really fun game
    Orkun Osken
    Ramboat is a fun and challenging game which reminds me of metal slug games, nice humour and inspired by action movies. Highly recommend game
  18. It's fun
    James Derrick
    Not too much grinding but I just started, reminds me of jet pack joyride
  19. nice but
    von bo
    u can't even get more money every stage to buy those item u like!!fix it plz!!multiplayer mode u can connect ur friends via bluetooth!!
  20. Not bad
    DAZ TCB Phillips
    Not bad 4 a free game. A bit challenging keeps u going in your spare time.


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