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  1. Umm, I love it
    Azami Zell
    When will it be updated for free play? Please.
  2. Maverynthia Crowinthas
    I played through Friedrich's story and it was great then I tried Galiza's story because he was interesting. However the transphobic slurs that Wolf was throwing at Galiza made me drop the game completely. So TRIGGER WARNING: Transphobic Slurs on Galiza's route, might also be on Wolf's route since he's the one saying them.
    Cute EGGIE
    All of the characters are cute and funny, and their stories are interesting too. I actually cried when thinking about completing a route....sooo sad. I want more ... And the stories are kinda short too... Anyway, Hope you guys continue this good work XD
  4. Its great
    Allura Casanova
    Ive played a previous one like this before and its really beautiful artwork and interesting story, but why is the discount pack 15% more than it would cost to buy them all individually?
  5. Carlie Glover
    I love it but like voltage, can you make a free version or a 'party version'?
  6. Amber Feasel
    Started it but now it won't do anything if you close it out and come back to it. It stay's on the main picture..
  7. Great Art and Story though a little too short!
    Midnight Melody
    Loved Wolf's Story xD It was one of the first to make me wanna read and know more bout the story but i find the story itself a little too short .. even with the epilogue itself .. What was most disappointing for me in his Main route AND Epilogue was that there was not really alot of romance going on .. like there wasn't even a kiss or a couple hug even when *spoiler* he was dying .. makes me kinda sad though cause i really really like Wolf ..
  8. Beautiful Graphics and Story
    Sarah Tupper
    I've managed to cry, laugh myself stupid and rage all in the space of three hours. The characters are well rounded and the stories are strong. There are a few grammar/spelling mistakes but nothing too big to ruin the game. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm really happy I've spent time in this game.
  9. I liked it...
    May Luo
    I liked it, after the first chapter I knew I need more. Then, it told me that I had to BUY IT TO CONTINUE. No. Just no.
  10. So good
    Erica Flores
    Loved it so much such great stories with a great new look