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  1. Amazing but i one idea please add
    If you get caught by animal control you should be turned into a house cat with your family and be able to try and escape with your family just a idea plz plz plz add I think it will be fun
  2. I have a cheat!
    Reshae Devlin
    If you can't find your kittens kill an animal then go home and put a treat on the floor then they will run back home to the treat and they are found. I hope this helped ;D
  3. Add this
    Boring I Delete
    I have a suggestion. When the animal patrol comes to get you, when or if you die while trying to escape, you wake up in an animal shelter and you have to escape before a person adopts a cat in you pack (a Cat in your pack is deleted). Add and I will give 5 stars.
  4. I love it.
    Brooke Adams
    Typically I would never play a game like this. I have always played serious military sims or other type of Sims. But I am a cat lover. And I really like playing this game but my only complaint is when its night time its so dark I can't see anything . Perhaps a street light here and there or some type of brightness adjustment would be perfect!
  5. Best cat game out there
    Katie Bugz
    It's a really good game. I was bouncing off the walls when I found out how to pick up your kitten and prey. Can you make a House Cat simulator? That would be awesome.
  6. Awesome! Just one thing though..
    Destiny TheWolf
    I love your games alot and i would like to see some kittens but, how do you breed the kittens? Cause i want kittens! >_<
  7. Love it but
    Karma Stephens
    It needs more places like a farm. Or a place where if you kill animals it doesn't matter like a forest. And you can breed with another cat . there should be boss battles after level 80 and then you can have unlimited pack number
    SailorScourgeSoul, The Moon Wolf
    Probably one of the best sims EVER!! Its a little glitchy here and there, but those are minor problems. I just have one question: How do you get kittens? I have tried the love button many times, and it doesnt ever give me kittens. Can anyone write how to do it? Thanks! This game is so worth the $0.99!! Thanks so much for an awesome game!
  9. Kicks me off
    Tristan McDaniel
    I love all of ur simulators but some of them like this one the pather one and the dog one kicks me off befor the game even loads. It will say loading game than it kicks me off so untill u fix it I'm getting a refun on all of ur games but plz plz fix it looks fun
  10. Love it!
    Francois Eales
    Super fun. Play it all the time, but the kittens are indestructible, animals should try and attack them and fall damage should be added (not just for kittens, but for adults too!) Cars should hurt you. Birds should fly higher (at least so you can jump to get them) And the fish can some how chase me around on land. Animals also walk through walls, which is weird. But I love your games :3 5 stars
  11. Awesome!!!
    Kayden Kimble
    Awesome game, but gets boring. Plss add in your kittens being able to die if not fed/warm/hurt. It'd give more adventure! Also, you should put in able to drown! It'd be way more cool! Plss take my idea
  12. add more Dangers for your kittens on here.
    Brooke Peden
    I was fighting a dog and I had my kittens beside me and the dog just attacked me only it well be better if you put more dangers for your kittens so you have too watch them and it well be more like you are a cat. :) other one please put more cats on here.
  13. Love it
    Bonnie Shaul
    I'm loving this game but I can't find the apples. Also, animal control is nonexistent. I've tried to get them after m but nothing happens?
    Pezza Wills
    I love it! Amazing simulation, and amazingly fun! I love being a stray cat!
  15. Best simulator in Google Play!
    jay kovacs
    This is truly an amazingly well done game. By far the best cat simulator ever- simple controls, wonderful graphics, great physics, and you can even interact with other entities! By the way, if a dog is chasing you, jump over a tall fence or something. They'll get stuck and eventually walk off. Edit: After a while, it gets incredibly boring. And then a refund isn't optional.
  16. Great, but needs more options.
    Mew Cyr
    It's the best sim I have played but it could be better. Maybe you should add bonding levels with your pack and some new interactions with it. Not only with your pack but maybe you could interact with humans. Such as rubbing on legs or meowing or begging for food. That would make it a lot more fun and add more possible goles. Also there are a few glitches, such as your cat pack members falling through the ground, you can no longer drink from the river, and there is a puddle that is floating.
  17. So cool!
    Danielle Angel
    I love this game, its so nice and I love that there's always someone to battle or something to eat. This reminds me of Erin Hunter's Warriors series. ( judging by the comments you would make a fortune if you made a Warriors version of this game.) There are a lot of glitches but I find them hilarious, and they don't interrupt gameplay. levels are a tad high just to get another cat, but all in all, its a sweet game. I wish you could make mouse/rat or ferret sim. Those are my fave animals. <3
  18. I Love this game! Just What i was looking for!
    Katie Freeman
    This game is AMAZING! A friend of mine found this game so i just has to try it! It took a long Time to download, i had to make alot of space but it was worth it! This is the game i have been looking for for a long Time but ive never found the perfect one, but now i have it im happy! A few glitches but i dont mind:) Just an idea, could U add a multiplayer mode? Also could you add an option to name your cats, talk with other cats in the game and interact with people? Well done for making such great games!
  19. Needs a little more cat breeds.
    Shorty G
    Hey I've noticed ur game company is gluten FREE so make ur games free!!!!!!also before I got tiger Sim free weird huh???
  20. Maria Vega
    It finally works!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!But I experienced that this bug would happen it happens a lot sometimes I reset and when I find a mate they're on the same level so plz fix and when I try to release them it says you can't erase cats with higher levels and I'm on the same levelOh p.s some cats like the snowshoe cat they're ears are half gone


What`s new

IMPORTANT: This update fixes the previous updates!
FIXED: Grass Color Change Bug
FIXED: Prey Disappearing in Mouth
FIXED: Stream Water Glitch
IMPROVED: 30% More Cats! (Spawn Frequency Increased)
IMPROVED: Improved Fog (Changes color with day/night cycle)
IMPROVED: Physics Performance
ADDED: P.O.V camera mode
ADDED: Prey left in den won't dissapear