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  1. Harien Gradford
    The game is cool but can you make it easier to climb and get rid of the fog is so hard to see with that and when I used to thermal vision I can't move right please fix that bug
  2. .o.
    Carole Brown
    The graphics are beautiful, absolutely amazing. I was wondering if you could make a cat sim where you could pick up your kits, have owners (possibly), live in a house or outside, and anything else you could think of. And, if you don't mind, give me a few hints of what the next simulator is going to be?
  3. Awesome
    Burford boy2009
    The graphics are amazing, the movement is fluent, and it is very realistic you should add a mini map though and i was wondering if you would make a monkey simulator because i feel you could make a very fluent monkey game and beat the ratings of coffee stain studios to the dirt
  4. Predator Vision lags terribly.
    Peter Lillie
    My 6yo son loves Gluten Free games and owns more of them than I like to admit. This is game is gorgeous to look at, but having played hard to attain predator vision, he was gutted to find that the game lags awfully on his 2013 nexus 7. If GFG can sort that out I'm sure he'd want it to have 5 stars.
  5. I can't find a mate
    Tabitha Byers
    I look for a mate on the map but whenever I get to it there's always this big wall and blocking me. I can't even get through there. And so I'm keep dying of hunger cause there's not that much food and the big animals are so hard for me to handle on my own. That is why I want/need a mate and my cubs. Please put a mate somewhere close to my den please and I'll rate 5 stars:-)
  6. I'll edit this review as I play it more and more.
    Melyssa Kennedy
    I have never seen any of the sims for 50% off, despite what some of the descriptions say. Okay, going to try it. Just started, but it runs too fast for being in a jungle and the movement is very stiff, as if its spine were inflexible and it slides across the ground in an unrealistic manner. Changing direction looks the same as running forward, when the back legs should push off from off center and the tail ought to change to maintain balance. For an agile feline, it sure does turn really slowly (seems to turn much better a few hours after I wrote that,) and it really shouldn't slide out of the tree it lives in after jumping onto it, which it should actually be able to grab and climb using its claws. That is actually pretty frustrating. The edges of water have oddly sharp corners and angles. Prey is few and far between. I just starved. Why can't I walk through the holes on the side of the temple that are bigger than the panther? Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying this game. The graphics are great,though. Okay,going to play more. Fact#7 says bother and I think it should say both. I just got predator vision and, when I activate it, the game lags unbelievably, almost to freezing.
  7. Cool. Love the scenery.
    Alexis Pineda
    I like the graphics but I have a spin problem endangered small prey, random health damage, and no fish. ( also, please please please make a winged wolf simulator with: different colored wings, pelt, and had both islands and regular ground. Please make it like a mythical animal in real life and people are after you and your family. That would be awesome. Please add carrying prey and all that. Also, try to make the biggest map you've ever made, like a city then a town then woods. So you'll be safe in the woods. Please Make a cave/ den in the top of a mountain or tall hill. I would love that. Also make day last longer please. As well as the game brighter. I saw someone else who wants this too and thought, "hey, so do I!!!" Please look into making this. I would absolutely go CRAZY. thanks for being my favorite game creators :)
  8. Cool but....
    Jamie Proctor
    Do you mind if the bee things were smaller lol when I roar at trap it kills me.and u can climb trees better thank you thanksmfor listening wow happy
  9. Fix
    Syanne Parker
    All your simulators are amazing but u can make climbing easier and the stray dog sim are there sopose to be FLYING CARS?
  10. Hawkeye beers
    Was super excited. After I started playing it became very laggy. Impossible to play like that. Very disappointed, expected more from a pay game
  11. Best panther Sim ever except ...
    Roxanne Jacobs
    I love it.! 1 thing thou it glitches in predator vision .other wise I give u 5 stars!Please make a raccoon Sim,penguin sim,and a mouse sim thanks your #1 fan Roxanne
  12. Lindsey Ussery
    Great. Although it glitches a little. But its a great game. Probably my favorite of your games. Then i like your snow leopard sim!
  13. Its good but how u climb?
    Melba Trapp
    I LOVE it like all your simulators but its really hard to climb come on I'm 9 years old plz fix and I'll rate 5 stars the.
  14. Darrel Thompson
    The gameplay is to laggish or something and because of this it is very hard to control the panther which is why I always get killed by other animals please fix this issue then I will give it 5 stars. Oh and also when I use the predator vision the game freezes so can you please fix that also
  15. Greatt game
    Jaylen Crane
    Maje a sea. Lion one a killer whale one and a gorilla one if u do I will give u five stars and this one is to dark make it brighter
  16. Hey uh well.....
    sue moring
    Can your plz make a squirrel sim I'm waiting for the next sim I can't wait I'm staying up so much I can't sleep p,zip make a falcon sim or squirrel oh plzzz make it
  17. Great
    Sarah Giamanco
    Best app ever like all gluten free games. ......though I think the next release should be peacock sim....whatever u have is fine just some animal ideas
  18. This is really fun!
    This game is pretty fun. There is a lot of animals to discover and you learn a lot about the panthers. However, there are a few glitches like trees floating in mid air or being able to get baby cubs sooner than you are supposed to, but nothing too bad. I think my only complaint is that the fog is too thick and I can hardly see sometimes in the game.
  19. This is the best game
    Dawn wolf Lps™
    Can you make a cat Simulator? You can be a kitty pet or live out side and it can have multiplayer and you can find a mate and you can pick up the kits if u made that game it will be so pawsome
  20. More animals plz
    Alissah Cervantes
    I like the game but i keep dieing because there are hardly any animals to hunt and I died 4 times trying to jump over the spikes plz make it smaller


What`s new

+ Added support for 64Bit Architecture
+ Performance improvements
+ HQ reflective water added