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  1. Awesome
    Few glitches though I wish I could put a picture but I cant. The glitches are very funny. The animals are all stretched out and the body parts are in different places.
  2. Whoa
    Sophia Gumina
    I just got to level 2 then it said loading and imwas back to level 1 on turtorial, plus whenevr I kill a large animal it gets up and starts flying. And the bosses freak me out, othere that the glitches and stuff I loved the game
  3. Could you make this sim? Plz
    tahj bell
    Its ultimate beaver simulater were you have to chop down trees and have kits and build a dam and a logde were sometimes otters try to steal your kits but you get there and the otter swims out please make that simulater it would be awesome
  4. Please Read! ♥
    Emilee Morris
    I want to suggest two things for the game to make it more realistic. One is adding different moon phases. And two is changing your wolf's eye color through customization. If you reply, it would be amazing! :D
  5. carly wilson
    You let me down! I died more times than anyone! The controls are bad I have not even killed a thing food is rare and hard to catch. Then I found den then a bear walked in a second one came in And I died please fix it and will rate 5 stars don't waste your money people
  6. Amazing but laggy
    Julia G
    its really awesome .probably ur best simulator! Could u make an ultimate lion or tiger simulatorn cuz ur original ones arent that good ( no offense ). :3
  7. Eh..
    Winston T
    Day 1: Made a pink wolf and named it Fabulous. Saw another wolf close by and decided to say hi. Other wolf attacked me while I howled and jumped at him to no avail. I died. Day 2: I came alive again and decided to hunt. Saw a deer and decided to give chase. Chased for a couple minutes until the deer became Jesus and ran across water. Another wolf saw I was tired and fought me. I died. Day 3: Chased a lamb. Lamb became Jesus. 10/10 would be such bad wolves that prey become Jesus.
  8. Has a great concept.
    Zechariah Bernard
    I like the concept but its pretty buggy still and I think I'm playing as spider wolf. When I run on mountain sides I stand up straight. Me and my packmate fell through the map a few times and sometimes parts of the landscape turn pitch black. Fix it plz and I'll rate five stars. It's an awesome game.
  9. Buggy!!!
    Marc Andre Gilbert Dery
    Boring, redundent, wolfs get kill any times, and the game is always bugging, bottons stop working, graphics get stucks, or animals disapear. Camera is unstable and unfrindly to use, commands su$&s and et are built in no settings avalable. Needs alots of work, but the basic idea is awesome!
  10. A few glitches, but still fun!
    Sarah Lunow
    This is the best simulator by Gluten gaming. Much better terrain and graphics than it's counterpart, wolf simulator. There is some glitches, such as falling through the world into water, then having to swim back to over ground water and climbing into land, but the game has more good features than there are flaws. One question, what level do you have to be in order to add a 3rd wolf to your pack? I only have been able to add one.
  11. Its great but, it has some glitches
    Jadyn Partride
    When I go to my den my male mate cannot go in the rock den... but, when I play as him he falls through the ground and lands into water below everything!:( my other wolf does the same please fix this den and the falling through ground glitch. Also, when I see animals in the distance they look normal then when I walk up to them they have all of there body parts in the wrong places and there heads are head first in the ground please fix
  12. Gluten is king
    Danielle Angel
    I'm impressed beyond words, Gluten. You're better than even Wolfquest! I love the detail, the options, everything. Aside from some minor glitches (which every game has) its a major upgrade from the other wolf sim. You never cease to amaze me.
  13. fantasic game but takes awhile
    TheAceGamer Slient
    im new to the game, and i have to say it will take awhile to level up your wolf and your pack, this game seems to level the mobs as you level up, so i would focus getting a pack and breeding some pups and leveling them up. bigger packs = bigger control + bigger damage. just be careful adding skill points, from the looks of it you cant reset them.
  14. Good but eh
    RockyMcpeYT -MCPE Videos-
    It awesome but some animal glitch sooo much? There are flying everywhere, please fix this and i will give it 5 star
  15. Absitlotily butitful
    abrianna azcona
    I love how it challenges you one of the best game so far I have ever played
    Isabelle Seer-Stewart
    please can you shorten the level to have pups and I know someone said how u bond, u have to knock the wolfs health down to 50% (half) and the do a combination of growls so two of them then howl , also you have to be level 5 and to have pups u have to bond and then at level 15 you can carry pups in your mouth! cute. lol , and btw can you make a ultimate deer , and a ultimate panda. ohh , and before I forget a insect one and a farm animal one and kangaroo and mountain lion , carry pup in mouth u start as a p
  17. Too many Glitches
    Myrna Marquez
    This is a nice game, it has a lot of potential but its still not worth spending your money. Its has too many glitches!! I really hate when i kill something but the animal doesn't die!! It just keeps walking!! I have the option to eat it but since it keeps walking i can't. And don't get me started on the water, sometimes you get stuck on water, like everything disappears and you swim in endless sea, sometimes you are swimming underground?! also when its time to change from day to night you can't see anythin
  18. Too many glitches
    Nick Riley
    I love it but it would make it amazing if it didn't glitch at all. PLEASE fix
  19. Love love love!
    Elaysha Ramos
    When I saw this I nearly screamed! Wolves are my overall favorite animal and I'm so glad you made this. This game is so much more advanced than the other wolf game. I see that your trying to improve the glitches. The only one I don't like is the darkness of the night, the blackness of the ground. But I see your going to fix that so thank you. Take a look at Wolf Quest only accessible through computer, laptop, etc. It will give you a great idea of multi-player.
  20. Awesome game
    Rose S
    Its a good game, yes it has a few glitches where a dead animal just runs away.. and also the animals glitch, they run through mountains etc.. would be great if they where fixed.. also it's kinda hard to get wolves into the pack.. I've only managed to get one wolf and the other a pup.. I don't seem to be able to do much more.. would be great if there were quests, something to keep the game interesting for longer.. overall it's actually a really good game despite the glitches


What`s new

+ Added support for 64bit architecture
+ Performance Improvements