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Brian Rothstein | Lead Programmer

Don G. | President

Reviews 320,036

  1. uh
    Aditya Jha
    man i used to play this game on my pc but on my galaxy y duos it hangs it takes so much space and one time the machines were missing plzz fix it seriously developers plz requesting u
  2. Great game
    Gaurav Verma
    It is a game must to be played .the only thing that sucks is it hanges too much .why its so obligatory to have money if a person doesn't so what to do? Please fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx it.
  3. Maria Barragan
    It keeps closing on me can't play more than one minute at a time please fix and will give you a higher rating thank you in advance
  4. Great game
    Chantal Clarke-Thomas
    The only thing that sucks is that you have to pay. Please change this !! You would have so many more downloads please make the story mode free
    Autumn Ruby
    This app has the same original story, known products and many levels to play as the saucey burger machine helps you with the constant on flow of raving customers! It is a must play, and great for larger devices as well as pocket-ables!!!
  6. Deleted ALL of my progress! :-(
    R Zollinger
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! 2 days after I purchased the full version, it deleted ALL of my progress!!!! What gives???? No reason, & if this continues it will be the last time I purchase from here!! :-( :-( :-( :-( It's been one month since I wrote the above review. I completed almost all of the levels with a perfect score, and when I went on it today everything had reset again!? this is very aggravating! does anyone know why this keeps happening??!!
  7. Burger shop
    Tracy Kessinger
    This a great game to play, when I'm not busy and you will get better at it if u never played it before and also if you wanna keep this game going please fix the issue and space it takes up to much Meg bits for this game on a phone it don't need all that thank you
  8. It passes time but...
    Ashlie Mindrup
    It passes the time while im waiting for my other games it makes time seem fast some times i have to wait hours for my games with this game it feels like ten minutes i love the game. But its not the complete game it stops after the second place witch sticks id like it more if it was completely free its downloaded as a free app but after the second place they want you to buy it well heres a hint some of us dont have the money for it its good if you like repeating levels
  9. Great
    Isela Sepulveda
    This app is great no glitches but I kinda feel bad for my game player since I am working her to the bone.
  10. I throughly enjoyed it
    Aside from the high space consumption and the fact i couldn't enjoy the full version for free, i loved this game as much as i did on the PC version
  11. Really fun and challenging
    Kyleigh Parks
    I love this game. It's difficult at times but not too much. I like that new additions add to the challenge so it's not repetitive.
    claudette arrington
    Hey guys? This game is the BEST as far as I'm commenting. Awesome graphics,( they have chicken nuggets !) challenging,yet easy to accomplish, lots of levels (but please feel free to add more!). I'm 100% overjoyed to have found this one. KEEP EM COMING !!
  13. Melissa Prince
    So it seems like im addicted to any restaurant games, I think its cause you have to be really fast at them and that seems to be my thingSo addicting and I love that there's no advertising. I could play this all day! I love games that requires speed cause it challenges me
  14. I love this game
    Tala Marwan
    It is really fun and deficuilt but it hangs alot and sometimes when you press something it presses another thing other than that it is really great!
  15. Awesommeee
    Pemdas Kay
    Within 2 hours of playing I already bought the full version.. which I'd never do. This game actually becomes a challenge! Totally worth a download... but if you buy the full game it gets really hard.
  16. Addicted
    April Simms
    This is currently the only game I'm playing right now. Upgrade is worth it but there should be a power up for burger bot
  17. Not Happy Anymore
    Lennette Williams
    Was well beyond surfers level and once I upgraded all my progress was lost. I had to start from beginning of game.
  18. Addicting
    Amuar Kelly
    I used to play this game on the computer ... But now that I got it on my phone I can't stop playing it. Thanks you and good job !!
  19. Esmeralda Suarez
    Loving it I've always played it as a little kid and to.this day I still get addicted so I give u five stars for making my childhood more fun then it already was
  20. sweet
    Angel Williams
    Is an awesome game I really love it especially when you can help the people and is really funny how they get mad and when they leave you lose coins and money but its still an awesome game but I haven't even lost a level so I don't know what happens to but i still like it


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