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Monthly active users estimation: 100,000,000


Atilla Karakurum | Vice President, Strategy at Gram Games

Santa Monica, California |

Mehmet Ecevit | Co-Founder, CEO at Gram Games

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Kaan Karamanci | Founder & Early Stage Investor

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Elizabeth Sibel Piroglu | Executive Assistant to CEO at Gram Games

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Reviews 453,560

  1. Stops the game when I still have moves that I can do
    Hailey Hughes
    It doesn't let me finish games when I still have moves left. That has happened a few times. If you fix it I might give it it 5stars
  2. DIY tetris
    Enke-Mari Marx
    I'm so addicted to this game already! Better battery life helped, because I used to play my device to death so quickly. ......
  3. Error in downloading
    Sheron Le Grant
    Couldn't download this game on my new phone. No explanation just an error number.
  4. Awesome
    Katie Baber
    I love this game. It really challenges me to think a lot harder. It is addicting too. You get a new high score and then try to get a higher number.
  5. Aggravating glitch
    Greg Mavroudis
    Very addictive game that's easy to play but a real challenge to master. The only down side, and a massive one at that, is that it frequently ends your game even if you do have moves left...and when you're on your way to get a new high score....well let's just say that is how phones get broken!!!
  6. Nice game ... but ...
    Paul Charlton
    The last update wants access to my call list, contacts etc? Why? I'm suspicious of what runs in the background, so now its being deleted. Shame, liked playing it.
  7. Awesome game if not for the lag
    Uma Chandrika Gopalakrishnan
    If you like Tetris style games like I do then this game is for you. But there is a lag when placing blocks on to the grid. I play on a Samsung Galaxy S3. And don't have any problems with bigger games. But I love the game. If the lag is fixed, I will keep the game longer.
  8. Anthony Hugh
    This game is fun but I seriously dislike the menu UI. There is a button with a picture of a folder with an X on the corner. What does this mean? Turns out it means "pay $2 to remove ads?" Well, I don't want to pay to remove ads. Too bad, my only options are a button with a house on it and a button with a check mark. What the hell does house mean? How do I even cancel this flow without accidentally buying this? It's like they intentionally want to confuse me so I spend money on their game. The game is fun and I would have supported it if it wasn't trying to take my money so underhandedly.
  9. Fun turned bummer
    Newton Dumee
    Enjoyed playing this a few times but after I get notifications about playing more that bummed me out. I'll play when I feel, not when you might need more commercial revenue. Uninstalled.
  10. Extremely annoying ads!
    Bob Cagle
    The game itself is awesome and addicting. But eats up battery like crazy. And the ads... good grief, these freaking ads! Most of the ones that are displayed are extremely annoying: The game is essentially unplayable when there's a strobe light burning my retinas! Get rid of the annoying flashing, blinking ads, finally fix the battery issue, and this would be a 5 star game.
  11. Great game, poorly implemented
    RuiE Santos
    Game is poorly implemented. Its cool to play only a few minutes but if you are aiming to score high the game can take a while and if you kill the APP to play later, or Android removes it while on the background, game state is not saved and it restarts the game, pretty Annoying. Also, it seems like it is crashing at the end of a game when you dont have an internet connection, is it always trying to fetch ads despite of having connecivity or not? Other than that, im addicted.
  12. Love it
    Poodletta cat
    Very addicting doesn't need WiFi helps me concentrate amazing love it 5 stars is was it deserved
  13. Simple and addicting.
    Trey Nichols
    Tetris without the time crunch or restrictions. Fill out the rows to clear them and build your score. I've easily wasted 5+ hours on this since I downloaded it a week ago. A few more puzzle shapes would be nice, so many times I've needed a + shape or the little stair shaped one.. does add to the challenge though.
  14. Awesome sauce !!!!
    Cate Donnelly
    I love puzzles and I think it is a good game for people who love puzzles it can go day or night in the background the blocks are colorful o and u can be created and make stairs and asmiley face get the app and u will love it lol
  15. Addicting
    Lydia Malis
    I can't find anything wrong with this game, only that I can't stop playing it.
  16. Best Time Wasting Game
    Meredith Remes
    I love this game, I can't stop playing it while watching TV, watching my dog, cooking, etc. I've practically started seeing the pieces when I close my eyes. Good logic puzzle. ☺
  17. Spyware
    Erik Brochu
    I loved this game until the latest update wanted me to allow it to see my phone number and the phone numbers of anyone I call. I have nothing to hide, but that doesn't mean I want a game spying on me.
  18. Nomz Deeze
    So cool to play with. Addiction drives me crazy over this gane. Boring at first but got used to it so fun
  19. Addicting!!!
    Joe Miller
    It you like Tetris, you'll love this game. Ads are a bit annoying, however the game is lots of fun and challenges players to make proactive decisions when placing pieces.
  20. Crash crash crash
    Ly An
    This is the stupidest thing in the world. The game itself is absolutely addicted, but it keeps crashing whenever I press the replay button. I'm never installing ever again


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