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lux dlx
pln ball game
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  1. Neither picstitch flippers in this app or check the app out of Google cuz it works tell me the time but not all the time and get a o
    David Bauder
    Fix the bugs in game I'd buy it lol can we invite anybody else to buy it to there bugs
  2. Really fun pinball game!
    Samuel Wear
    This game has six tables that are laid out in the modern format: a physical playfield and a dot matrix electronic display. The tables are each themed cohesively, with music and sound effects and voice samples that fit with the table theme. Each is significantly different from the others, with some tables requiring a scroll to see the top half and others not. Carnival has an embedded, reversed lower playfield (like Black Hole from the 80s). Baseball has a bonus game played on the display. Great fun!
  3. Fun great realism!
    Jason Abbott
    A lot of fun! Lots for free! Great accurate graphic! Physics best I played.
  4. Clean graphics decent ball play .
    jeff cantley
    Decent little app has a new twist on some old games I liked it it kept me interested but some games or just a tiny bit slow but I still kept playing clean easy to see easy to follow the ball but you definitely have to keep your eye on things I will definitely consider buying it
  5. Pinball deluxe
    Philippe Hall
    Good game. It will be better if it was full screen. I keep hitting my phone controls at the bottom of the screen when I try to activate the flippers.
  6. Mike Raphone
    This would have to be the best pinball game around, 6 tables infact! I dont care for the brick wall one but the other 5 are great fun!
  7. NOTE 3
    K O Я N
    I honestly love this game..ALOT. Its working smooth and lag free my flippers are not sticking like some people in the reviews are.And the mini games are cool too.Really really fun
  8. Fix the glitches please
    Richard Tanner
    Good game. But after playing for several minutes, the controls freeze and you lose your ball. And this usually always happens with the last ball.
  9. Alyssa B
    The ads are so super distracting! It's hard to play when ads keep flashing at the top or bottom of the screen. I don't remember there being so many of them when I had this game on my old phone. Really kind of disappointing. Don't think I'll be keeping it.
  10. Delay kills it
    Iain Heron
    So ... when playing pinball you need quick reactions. This pinball has about half a second delay between pressing the button and the flipper reacting. Which means it isn't worth playing.
  11. Love it
    Jessica A
    Best free pinball by far. Ive downloaded a ton. This one here's a keeper!
  12. David Robinson
    This is a great game but the flippers keep sticking please sort this then 5stars all the way
  13. Pretty good
    Don Martin
    ... but gameplay interrupted too much by bogus "resume game" popups.
  14. Great!
    Ash L.
    Wonderful visuals. It's so much fun! Brings back my memories from when I was a kid. I've got no lag. I can only guess people that suffer lag have low-end phones. Great job to the developers!
  15. 70's child
    Yung Hustle
    I love the way this one done more authentic than others I have played thanks for the memories brought back
  16. Jordan Holloway
    Good game . Passed few hours in work
  17. Henry Fenby-Taylor
    Did you pay for these good reviews?
  18. Tired of getn an app that tells me my phone is infected
    Rick Stuber
    This apps sucks I want pinball not an app that tells me false informaton flag this app
  19. Great
    jessie carcuz
    It does what it's supposed to do. Nothing more nothing less. Fun game.
  20. Sander Saks
    Visually great, however it's RIDICULOUS how unresponsive the controls are.


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