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  1. I'd rate it 5 stars but
    Harvey Steinson
    Seems you can no longer post your high scores on line. Too bad.
  2. Good, not Great
    Sky SeaSun
    Pinball Arcade is the real deal...with real machines that people played. This is fun but not great.I did purchase the pro version to support the Devs because it's the right thing to do...and the only way to enjoy games at a low cost with no ads and no in app purchases. Thanks!
  3. Three design flaws
    Bob Lawrence
    When playing fastball games back-to-back, the outs and innings counters don't reset. They will display zero, but as soon as you get your first out, the display shows the previous game's final count plus the new out. Also, when hitting into the ball spiral, it frequently will record a single, regardless of how many bars were lit up. Finally, when hitting part way up the return ramp (just into the entry area, the ball suddenly displays in the middle of the game board.
  4. Great fun !!!
    Michael Johnson
    Good table themes, unique design and worth the purchase. Bumped down to 4 stars, when tables tilt flippers stay up and ball cannot leave play. Must close app after that.
  5. Great old fashioned pinball game!
    Becky Gibson-Roseberry
    I play the Wild West game exclusively, and it's so much fun. Love it when I just have time to kill. Simply fun entertainment!
  6. Once was a 5 star game
    Garth Giles
    Without Scoreloop it's like a ship without an ocean...
  7. second review from me
    Kevin Ramsay
    I just thought I'd say how good this developer is. I've sent emails regarding various things and I've always had a reply within a day which explains everything. I really appreciate a company that supports customers after they've purchased a product - no matter how simple the question. great game and great company
  8. Wow, just wow
    Joe Nixon
    Amazing game guys, best game out there. One problem and one request, I have the premium version but recently starting to get ads, reinstalling doesn't seem to fix the problem, and please more tables!!!
  9. Sluggish flippers
    Pinch'e Gringo
    Very disappointed with the laziness of the flippers. Could have been a decent pinball game otherwise.
  10. More tables!
    Kyle Treadway
    Great pinball feel... Needs more tables, but still worth the price.
  11. Love it!
    tim shackleford
    I loved the free version, and now i got the full version just to support this awesome developer! However it would be cool if we could play the game in 1080p instead of stretching the game to fit the screen...
  12. What the hell?
    Dwayne Heath
    Cannot play multi player. .installed premium. .still. .nu thin
  13. SGH-I317 4.4.2 & SGH-I777 4.2
    Danny Maynard II
    Works, don't need all the permissions for a game app!!!
  14. Julian C
    Had it for ages. Decided to buy
  15. Not very good pinball engine or Graphics
    Robert Howie
    Try Zen Pinball or The Pinball arcade instead.
  16. Very good!
    jimmy evak
    Izzythefool avatar image
    Izzythefool February 24, 2014
    Classic Feel Perfect phone time wasting game. Not as flashy as some of the other apps, which is enjoyable. More gimmicks dosent always equal fun.
  17. Lacking development
    Kevin Harris
    Paid apps should develop ... Needs some new tables (a retro table would be fun), and the stuck flipper bug should be fixed. Otherwise a nice time waster.
  18. The best pinball game for Android
    Steve Owen
    Very playable tables, excellent realistic sound effects. There is perhaps room for improvement but i have tried all the others and reckon this is the best by some margin. Some others are a little more polished perhaps, but the tables are graphically too busy. Pinball Deluxe has two tables i love to play and is worth it just for those two. Excellent game :-)
  19. Worth every penny.
    Jack Hart
    It's a great game. The tables are very well-designed, and the ball physics are fluent, which are two of the most important things in a pinball game. It doesn't have too many bells and whistles which I find enjoyable. The sound effects are nice as well, same with the graphics. My only complaint is the absence of music on all tables except the Wild West table. It would make the game more enjoyable.
  20. Crashing sux
    Doug Lacey
    Free non-premium has developed problems repeatedly crashing. Not able to get past the 1st screen. May have to uninstall, although my high score in Brix is in the 500 million range. :-(


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