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Reviews 541,814

  1. This game TOPS ALL GAME APPS WHERE Speed & Performance Match! #1 my app Games I Do play daily as my time allows! very pleased Time passes by fast... But
    Dorothy Johnson
    @Lvl 130+ Since recent UpD8, I've lost all my levels? What hapnd? I hav rec'd plenty more than generous free coins via movies 2 view/Perks R kool evry few minutes. Njoy how I get2get2 hidden cards, othr items 2 advance. Lil Tiki/& Poi R just adorable!their Lil dance pleasant w/no FRUSTRATION. Njoy! Really Fun/Luv challenges 2advance Up 2! *5th+ UPD8 I don't like how WE hav 2 RE EARN TOURNEY STARS Ea time it's THERE from **Lvl 1! SoothN, relaxN. I'm 2! Ty4 all Free coins lvlN up htg
  2. Good game
    Stephen Patterson
    It gives me something to do in my spare time.
  3. Pretty good
    Nichelle Penney
    Seems that the glitches has been fixed for now. Not giving it 5 stars because there are a handful of levels that none of the cards in the deck help you with the level. I don't mind losing a level, but I can't stand losing it when all I've done is click a new card over and over again and can't even clear one card on the board.
  4. Addicting
    Ethan Thomas
    Hate pop up ads but I'm glad I gave this a chance
  5. Constant led notification
    James O'Donnell
    Ever since installing my phones notification LED keeps flashing a green light but there are no notifications on my phone. Pretty average game that consists of more luck than skill.
  6. Great game...
    Sean-Kelly Gass
    This game gives you enough cash to keep moving. Instead of having to buy a bunch of stuff.... great passtime... fun to play... give it a try
  7. Awesome, I'm hooked!
    Lena Frankel
    Just try, you'll Love it! Great graphics. Lots of fun and easy.
  8. Not like any other game I've played !!!
    Louise Hummel
    I still like the other one better!!! Just solitaire !!!!!!
  9. Glitches
    Brad Bethany
    I claimed my reward and was about to start another game when someone called me while I was using the app. After the call ended, all the coins I had just collected were gone.
  10. Yippee!!!
    Arlen Bloom
    Just started playing and can't put it down!
  11. Fun game
    Jolynn Kuhlman
    I have been having fun with this game
  12. marc vazquez
    This game is fun. Not too tough but fun to run through the numbers
  13. Fun, fun solitaire
    shelby hudson
    Love this game! Lots of different games in one!
  14. Andrea Osgood
    Need more levels, I've completed them all
  15. Tri peaks
    Toni Pudder
    Game cheats you out of money, Would not recommend to anyone. When you start a new game, you play a couple of cards and it starts over and you lose 2500 points that you just paid for.
  16. Update
    rhonda miller
    I love playing this game but it took me forever to updated on my phone then when it gets updated now I receive only 3000 coins from my friend and I can't get through levels ones that I've been through before in order to get the red stars is taking me 10 times to finish it now blows it's not fun anymore when all your coins disappear I had a hundred thousand coins and now I have like 10000 fix it or I'm going to uninstall it really makes me angry that I can't you don't give me the card th so why keep the
  17. Can't play without updating?!?!?!
    Tracey Reagan
    It won't let me play without updating and my phone has insufficient space to update. I've never had an app require I update... Guess I'm done with this game, and I was to level 90. Uninstalling and do not recommend.
  18. Courtney Young
    It takes too many coins to play each round and u don't win enough coins back beating the levels. I absolutely love this game and am addicted to it but I think it should cost less coins to play each level, as u move up in levels friends should be able to give u more than 6000 coins a day and the islands need updated more often, I have been sitting waiting for what seems like forever for the next island update so I can play some more. All in all is a fun app however I do not like to pay money for free games.
  19. Game cheats
    Barbara Martin
    You out of bonus chips, restarts while purchasing a wild card and starts game over, and restarts after watching ads for coins and doesn't give you the coins. Just plain cheats.
  20. Barb Swartout
    Really disappointed you don't get the coins you win and friends can only give you 3000 now and it takes too much to play in level used to be a cool game


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