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Sarah Taylor | Executive Director at Hoosier Lottery

Indianapolis, Indiana Area |

Jim Nash | Director of Security at Hoosier Lottery

United States |

Lyman "Chuck" Taylor, CIPP/US | Director of Legal Affairs and Compliance, Hoosier Lottery

Indianapolis, Indiana Area |

Taylor Kopczynski | FOX59 Newsroom Assistant/ Host Hoosier Lottery

Indianapolis, Indiana |

Reviews 9,170

  1. Now that they fixed it to work on lg g3 it works perfect
    Ryan Shirey
    Great app now that they fixed it
  2. Scan ticket is fixed.
    Curty Gamer
    Since the new update I can check my tickets now.
  3. Sad :(
    Jacob Zeunik
    Scanner does not work on my Galaxy Note 4
  4. Won't Scan
    Paul Burger
    The main reason I got this app was so I could check my tickets without going to a retailer. So far, I tried 1 - 2 dozen times to scan 4 - 6 tickets and been successful once. There are precious few instructions (read: none) so it's possible I'm doing something wrong, but.... Usually says"unable to scan."
  5. App is okay for the most part...
    Brandon E
    This app is convenient for checking winning numbers or game ''how to's'', but the Lotto Ticket scan feature does not work on my LG G3. It's a blacked out screen and that's it. The ticket scan feature is the main reason I installed this app. I want to be able to be sure if I win and how much. Please fix. Thanks.
  6. Suddenly won't scan.
    Tim Conner
    App worked great for me up until about a week ago. Suddenly can't get any ticket to scan. What changed?
  7. DJWs Music
    App will not scan tickets, scanner locks up LG3 Android 5.0, lotto office says "it should work" 6/23/15
  8. Scan Feature Does Not Work
    Terry Sutherland
    Scan will not function on my HTC One M7 running Lollipop.
  9. Robert Weldy
    I cannot even download the scanner app because it says that it is no longer supported by the browser that is installed on my phone. WTH ? Isn't this stuff supposed to be compatible with the Android system ?
  10. Swing and miss
    Frank bemis
    Scanner doesn't work. The main feature for this app
  11. Scanner STILL wont scan tickets
    Andriod 5.0.1 on Galaxy 4, just updated the app today--still wont acan tickets; uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. Waste of need to download.
  12. Doesn't work on standard bar codes.
    Julie Janatik
    Scanner works on scratch off bar codes but not hoosier lotto etc. So for me not a real great app. Most likely will uninstall it.
  13. Samsung galaxy 4s
    Seems to work great..except not sure if it tells u if it's a winner based on the extra instants ..ez match power play etc..or the actual drawing depending on when u check the ticket..don't discard as a non winner until u sure the drawing is done. It read my instant winners great. Haven't tried scratch offs yet.
  14. Barcode scan doesn't work
    John Rose
    Just like others, bar code scanner doesn't work. Would not focus, and crashed whenever I tried to do anything.
  15. update killing battery
    Jim Snow
    just noticed my phone had drained quickly and battery analyzer determined this app was the biggest user of battery - will be uninstalling until corrected
  16. Check ticket scanner
    Kathy Hawkins
    The scanner for checking a ticket is just a black screen on my LG G3. If i try to back out it freezes up my phone. That was the only reason i installed this app.
  17. Christopher Dye
    I don't understand this app, I thought the point was to be able to check the pick 3 or the power ball tickets it only asks for a 3D Barcode, not allowing me to scan and check the regular 2D Barcode found on power ball, ect... Waste of time and misleading.
  18. Needs much improvement
    Jeff Wuggazer
    Scan ticket forces closed or black screen. Uninstalling
  19. Love it
    John Fisher
    I can learn about each game, check jackpots, and even check my tickets!!! One of the reasons choose Hoosier lottery over Kentucky lottery!!!
  20. The scanner works!
    Kelly James
    Great app, the scanner saves alot of time. Just make sure to scan your barcode sideways and it works great.


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