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Karl Tangara | Vice President, Finance and Operations at High 5 Games

Greater New York City Area |

Thom Ang | Vice President Creative at High 5 Games

Greater New York City Area |

Jean Venneman | Senior Vice President, Land Based Business at High 5 Games

Reno, Nevada |

Anthony Singer | CEO at High 5 Games

Greater New York City Area |

Reviews 73,574

  1. I hate it
    Michael West
    It always force closes I hate it its annoying and it takes too long to load
  2. High 5 Casino
    Keiko Thurston
    I when to my facebook High 5 Casino game app play some games.. but when I clicked on the moblie app it has stoped working I hope this issue gets fixed soon before I stop playing on facebook and the mobile app.. The High 5 Casino moblie app has not been working since the last update on July 10th so Please Fix This Issue we can start to use and play games on the mobile app. And it is still not working fix it please. High 5 Casnio's mobile app still down I have usue facebook on my computer I they do something about it and fix it soon or at least try to update it again it's been not opening/loading since the last update on 7/10 they to fix this issue. It is still down and not loading or opening it has be doing this since the last update on 7/10 Please Fix it... it has been doing this over a mouth and still not Fixed. You just updated High 5 Casino app and still isn't been fixed PLEASE FIX IT.
  3. francine Oliver
    I had fun playing this game but after the update I can't even open it. When are you going to fix the problems? I really miss it! Come on!! Fix it!! Been waiting almost a week now!! I had all the games and was at level 189 I want to play!!
  4. king wal
    Games with tumbling reels freeze after 2 or 3 tumbles new gecko game & sky balloon
  5. App freezes and is unplayable on Android
    Shaun Marcellus
    I paid for a download of a real Bally casino game. This app freezes and can't be played at all on Android. No customer support or refund system. Do NOT waste your time or money here.
  6. Rickey Reed
    Game keeps shutting off right when I get a win I love this game just wish you would fix it I would give it the highest rate if it would work right. Please fix this game i sent emails with no answers
  7. Lou Shaw
    I love this page I play it all the time
  8. Sky Sky
    i hate it. always facing the same problem. not ever worth to rate 1 star.
  9. H.D. RIDER
    Daniel McDaniels
    In the wind and on the road
  10. Fustrated
    Love the game but getting games unlocked seams like it is impossible to get, it take a lot to accumulate those free spins, had 83 free spins and got no unlocked games, since the last unlocked game, I'm on a roll 200 plus free spins later and still no unlocked games.
  11. Carolyn Campbell
    this is bull crap cause i was at level 110 gettin 3500dols every 4 hours so i switched tablets now u claim there is no record of my acct so now u wantme to start over& i alredy had most of the games open so now its onlythe sorry games little bonus coins how do exspect me to get 2 any level with this crumbs u give every 4 hours bull
  12. High 5 Casino
    Becky Sewell
    This is a wonderful casino! Lots of cool real casino games. 3 pages of them to begin with. Points are rewarded as you play. It's really fun because you're also rewarded lots of free spins on a 3 reel bonus points wheel! Each time you play you are rewarded coins. The more you play the more coins and points and new games you're rewarded. Don't forget the Spins; for coins or to unlock games or for the gifts you choose from which pay super high coins. This casino will keep you entertained!
  13. Irritated.
    Mark Scheepers
    Looks like a great game, but switches of every time you want to spin. Getting very irritated with it now. Please sort out or tell me what i'm doing wrong???????
  14. crashes
    Enzo Pirrone
    Hello, this app keeps crashing on LG lucid 3 android after less than a minute of play, is it not compatible with my mobile device? Thank you
  15. Will not open
    Davian Sanner
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have also tried turning off my samsung tab3, still nothing. I can however play on my home pc. I love the game but .... This problem has been going on for nearly a month now. Plz fix
  16. Robert Barber
    I have been sending message lately since May telling you about the problems with this game and I will receive a message saying that you will look into it and get back with me with in TWO business days, still have not hear anything since June 27th! Still the pronblem goes on. I am amazed that you can not play the games yourself too find the problems. Myself along with other player have told you that ever since you did the update where you can not have one of the games downloaded by clicking and holding the button there has been major problems. It is one thing to be kicked out of the game but now everything has to be re-down loaded all over again and that becomes a big problem. This does not happen on HIGH SKY GAME which is also yours and even if it disconnect I dont lose the ability to play once I go back in, but on the HIGH 5 I have to start all over again. This was such a great game before someone that didnt know what they were doing SCREWED IT UP. Still I have not gotten any help from your people. Do you not care how much money that myself and others are spending with you?....
  17. Yay
    Michael Miller
    About bloody time it's working but could be better the graphics are not that good for 119 megabytes so if use could fix the graphic problem that would be much appreciated
  18. Tamra Darkow
    I would Normally give it a 5 star but, it gets a one. Ever sence I up-dated it, it won't load any games. I've even tried reinstalling it and still nothing.
  19. Games won't play
    Orlene Platt
    I've Uninstalled & reinstalled it, & the game starts up then goes back to my home page. Basically it's just taking up space.
  20. High5casino it plays on my phone. Yet had to delete from I tablet.
    Rose Moses
    Enjoyed until you force an email address. Give it now it won't let me in saying email doesn't match. Solution Delete.


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