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  1. So upset!!
    Karey Whaley
    I have nothing but trouble with my unlimited internatinal calling plan past 2 days. I have called Straight Talk now 3 times still not fixed. Telling me I have insufficient funds when I make my calls'. Just got off straight talk with a rep tells me update my act tells me take battery out then turn on it work, IT DONR WORK call right back with 3 minutes they are now closed, he lies to get off the phone instead helping me, I'm really upset so so wrong to do a customer of 4 years this way
  2. RB
    Hal Beavers
    Purchased 10 dollar global card. Downloaded international app so I wouldn't have to use access code, then uninstalled and re installed per Straighttalk rep. After got same response, " number you've called is busy" we tried using the access code and then dialing the number, but still got the same response. In the meantime, the rep either hung up or we got cut off. Disappointed no resolution.
  3. w
    Marius Ungureanu
    It is impossible to make international calls. Every time I try to reach someone outside the country I have the same messages: the number you are trying to dial is busy or Unfortunately Straight Talk International Dialer has stopped. The customer service is the worst ever with the indian robots John and Elizabeth who keep repeating over and over again the same phrases no matter what your problem is. I don't understand how a trusted chain like Wal-Mart can associate their name with this company. Taking money for a service that you are not providing is THEFT!
  4. Terrible! Don't waste your money!
    Daven Perry
    Bought the $10 global service cards to call my mother who lives in New Zealand. Downloaded the app doesn't work. Was on the phone with straight talk for two and a half hours with no results. Was transferred four times until finally stopping and asking for a supervisor because no one seemed to know how to fix my problem. Always said line was busy no matter what number I called. App and phone number doesn't work. Took me 30 minutes to get the supervisor to give me a refund. Wasted a lot of time.
  5. lies. does not work. junk.
    Theodore Treadway
    will not connect to claro phones as sted. only says constantly that the other line is busy. never even attempts a connextion. i spent 20 bucks on this crap.
  6. Tamika Hunter
    This app work just fine. The only downfall is that the call is not as clear as it should be. But over all I'm able to reach the person I'm calling with no problem.
  7. Birgit Deschane
    The only thing is it will not let me call my brothers cell phone...why ? Everybody has cell phones now.......
  8. Morenita shula
    Its wonderfull i dont have to go trough all the truble when i call my family in mexico i so love this
  9. Straight talk international
    Diane Powell
    I can't call the country I bought the card for which is Africa!
  10. Not working
    Monique Streeter
    It is hanging up on us as we talked
  11. What happen
    Toulee Vue
    What happen to the $10 gobble calling why cant buy it anymore please answer me
  12. Lo mejor para no complicarse
    Hugo Argueta
    No encuentro ningun problema en mi galaxy SII....directo marco
  13. thank you you guys are Awesome
    Ismael Hernandez
    scarlett svaleson avatar image
    scarlett svaleson February 4, 2015
    Bummed out!! I made 2 calls to my mom in Germany. She could barely understand me. The calls are soo inferior. Sooo bummed out and disappointed!!! If it was possible I would assign zero stars.
  14. I hate it... very bed....
    Jaydeep Vadodariya
    What the.. **** man i used it since last 8 month of this service and it worked very good on my cell phone but after last updation of the app it coudnt work... call just drop automatic after 21 second... what is going on i cant underatand .. i already call to customer services they told me we r working..... what u are working... its almost more than month.. i am going to change my service provider... enough is enough..... very bed services........ i m tired of to dial manualy...... do quick....
  15. S crude up after update
    abhijeet morwal
    You have scrude up the app after the update now it's won't call international just trying to call and drop the line. You need to fix it now
  16. expensive by comparison
    Tim Williams
    While Straight Talk has good monthly rates for cell phones, your international rates leave much to be desired. I currently use a phone card that offers rates that are almost HALF of what you charge to Philippines cell phones and your voice quality can't even compare to the quality of this other company. Thanks, but no thanks...
  17. Straight talk international
    Jose Serna
    Makes it easy to use for me .
  18. International App
    eqd Doodle
    I have tried for 1 year to download this app, usually 4 or 5 times a month. On the rare 3 occasions when it did fully download, nothing happened. It wouldn!t work. Typical Straighttalk junk. Don't even try their overseas customer non- support, another non-functional aspect of this ridiculas company. Moving to another next month. Five year customer but enough is enough!!!!!!
  19. International calls
    Tony Hughes
    This makes me feel at ease making long distance international calls.
  20. Fabian Salas
    Is not working after the update for galaxy s4....people is paing a lot of money for those service...please fix it


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