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  1. Very fun
    Mark Collier
    It could still use some streamlining, but otherwise a great game with a good interface. I can get my SOTM fix even when my gaming buddies aren't available.
  2. Great game, but it needs a storage option
    Joshua Brumley
    Love playing the game and I'm having fun with it, but it needs the option to be installed on an micro SD card. I have an nVidia Shield tablet that has 16G of on board storage and a 64G micro SD. I'd love to transfer the rather hefty 2G+ app over to it, but you didn't add the option. Can it be be done and if so, could you?
  3. Faithful adaptation of a great game
    Ian Toltz
    This probably isn't for you if you haven't played the card game it's based on, but if you have it's a wonderful adaptation. Only real complaint is that it's not officially available for phones, despite running fine on my nexus 6.
  4. Great rendition of the tabletop game!
    Jack Fisher
    Amazing rendition of a great tabletop game. Worth much more than ten bucks to support real development and compelling content. Sentinels of the Multiverse is far better than any of "Freemium" game out there.
  5. Great Game!
    Peter Miller
    Excellent art and game mechanics make it just like playing in a comic book. Music really puts you in the moment.
  6. Perfect translation of the Tabletop game!
    Ian James
    I was a big fan of the card game, and now I can take the game with me and not worry about setting it up or rules questions! Awesome game. Tons of replay ability.
  7. Must have
    Nathan Blomberg
    Great game with high quality production. Fantastic gameplay and great developer support make this a must buy!
  8. Perfect implementation
    Shane Carr
    Exactly what I wanted, plays beautifully, even taught me stuff about the board game that I hadn't realised.
  9. Great analog for the game.
    Jason Shiflett
    I love this game, both digital and on hand. However, as a particular comic fanboy I wish I could do some out of place fights. I know they'd make it near impossible or too easy, but I'd like to be able to do some game breaking fights. Fights like the story based Grandpa legacy, legacy and young legacy vs. Iron legacy. While that's not officially allowed, things like that would be fun to do in single player.
  10. Fantastic!
    Courtney McDowell
    Wonderful game, fantastically executed! My only beef is that it sucks battery hard. That could be because my tablet isn't the latest and greatest, so processors on newer tablets might handle this graphically intense game more efficiently.
  11. Amazingly done
    Jim McEwan
    I have been a huge fan of the card game. When I heard about a digital version, I was excited. This allowed me to play one of my favorite games without all the work of setting it up. I am a fan of the minor changes from the tabletop game. I love that you can unlock the different versions of heroes and villains. If you are looking to add a great game to your collection, this is a must buy.
  12. Disappointed.
    Rob Szmon
    Purchased the game about a week ago as well as the season pass. Updated today and now the app does not support my hardware. Feel ripped off.
  13. Good adaptation of a fun game
    Chris McCarthy
    This is a great adaptation of the tabletop game, and it gets better with every update. If you played there physical game and liked it you'll like this. If you haven't played the game elsewhere, it's a fun superhero card game set in its own universe. The gameplay is fun and I like the flavor text and background.
  14. My hardware no longer supported, but at least great cutomer service
    Cheryl Orosz
    I love the board game and was recently delighted to find I could use this android version on my admittedly older tablet (Motorola Xoom). The app updated overnight and I was getting excited with the possibility of expansion content availability. Instead, as of this morning my hardware is not supported. Corresponding with Handelabra, it turns out that my device will no longer be compatible. I was offered a refund or other compensation for the inconvenience, which was more than fair. Overall I am satisfied. I will just have to wait until I upgrade my tablet to again have the Sentinels Android experience. It was fun while it lasted.
  15. Great board game, great app game.
    Marc Thomas
    I love this game. Would be 5 stars, but for some reason after last update my cards and background for add ons are black. Can still play fine, just no art. Kind of annoying.
  16. Loads of fun
    Christopher Buurma
    Simple rules yet complex interactions make a super hero game great fun and replay quality
  17. Well Worth the Price
    Adam Zero
    Even if you've never played the physical version with your friends, this is simply one of the best-made digital card games out there. I put it on the same level as Ascension in terms of intuitive interface, polish, and immersion. $10 is, to me, a very reasonable price for the amount of entertainment you can get from the heroes, villains, and environments of the base set. I actually enjoy Sentinels much more now that I've been able to delve into the character bios, pore over every card, and get a real sense of each hero's strengths and each villain's strategies.
  18. Great port
    Dan Shookowsky
    This is tons of fun to play and there is a lot of variety in the difficulty depending on the heroes, villain, and environment
  19. Like actual games? Get this one!
    Ryan Stratychuk
    An actual table top card game! Way better than anything else on the app market.
  20. great game buggy app
    Joseph LeDuc
    great game too bad I can't play it on my Acer since it enjoys freezing more than running wasted money


What`s new

• Improved general performance, especially during damage dealing.
• Fixed a problem where the game could hang if a hero was incapacitated on their own turn in OblivAeon mode.
• The game no longer gets stuck if two limited cards already in play are revealed by Great Fortune.
• Fixed an issue where Brain Burn would not work properly in some cases in OblivAeon mode.
• Various other small bug fixes and improvements have been made.