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Reviews 8,992

  1. Paid for this app over one year ago.
    Billy Inscoe
    I paid for this app and its premium services. When they upgraded the app they cancelled my subscription. Contacted the developer for a refund of the original purchase and was denied. There are many other horoscope apps do not waste your time or money on this one.
  2. Blindsided by $50 Subscription
    Angel Wade
    Have been following Susan for 10+ years, and loved it. Well worth a one-time fee, but all of a sudden with no warning app stops working, and in order to get the access I'd already paid for, I have to pay again? I can understand the need for revenue, but $5 a month for every person seems a little excessive, especially for those of us who already had the paid version of the app.
  3. Don't pay for anything
    Samantha Harper
    This app is great in regards to the information it provides (one maybe two sentence daily forecast) and the way it works. It actually works and has content, not like the app I paid for, so that's a bonus... But I wonder once I pay for it, will it stop working and a new app will come out?
  4. Sad face...
    Meika Wash
    I spent money to download app...all of a sudden a new update now nothing shows for my forecast and I'm prompted to question is what was the first payment for...I love Susan but this is do you change something someone already paid for and ask them to pay more is beyond my comprehension
  5. Sue Wilmar
    Paid for app and now there is no info. Not willing to upgrade for big $$$. Even with the old app posts were getting to be delayed on a monthly basis.
  6. Best free astrology info anywhere on a phone
    Mike Tomasello
    1 free sentence of quality info every day, easy access to the monthly free forecasts. A cool new calender that lets me plan out next month without carrying my $16 paper calendar around with me. I also had the old app for $6 and only had it for a year but it was good value even for that short period. It's unrealistic for people to think they should get QUALITY free astrology forecasts for the rest of their lives.
  7. Susan is so talented but...
    Tessa Kelley
    I miss the old app. Bait and switched. Wish AZ could have just been honest about their intentions before asking everyone to update to their new app. Very disappointed.
  8. Subscriptions make no sense!
    Virginia Creary
    I brought the subscription on my ipad, but I can't access my subscription on my Galaxy S4 an android...I know the OS are different but I shouldn't have to pay for another subscription just to have access to this app on my phone! You need to create a subscriber log in systems that works cross Susan but this is really ridiculous! If I'm going to pay for something I want universal access across my devices!
  9. Ripped off
    Pedro Concha
    Paid for prior version just to get nothing in a few months. So much for a lifetime subscription!! Very ethical Susan. Why should people trust you?
  10. Bamboozled.
    Cristina Cordova
    I paid for the previous app and now Susan has forced those of us loyal followers to switch by disabling the old app. 50 dollars to subscribe is robbery. Susan is nice and talented BUT she sure has SCREWED her android followers. Hate this app, hate the change, DO NOT download.
  11. Bamboozled
    Trish Lane
    So ticked. Paid for the old app and was happy with the format and content but conveniently is missing content, leaving no option but to download new one. Now it's hardly a forecast at all. I love Susan but when I had already paid for the last app, it was tolerable that the forecasts were late. Now... I can't be bothered. There are many other fabulous astrologers that provide free forecasts and sell other services. You can find the same info for free people. Google it.
  12. Can only rate the author
    Elizabeth Daniels
    Just downloading now. I have been following Susan since 1995. She is more accurate and and in depth than any astrologer I have ever looked into, read, compared or followed. She is very skillful, clever and on the mark so often I use her site to guide me thru difficult times, situations and family crisis to success all the time. Best of luck to you, Susan and I'm going to give your android app a trial to see what I think too and I'll let everyone know. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year TO ALL!
  13. Worth every penny
    David Heeg
    Insightful and timely advice on career and relationships. Daily and monthly articles are more detailed in premium app. It's like watching PBS, free stuff is invaluable and Susan is an awesome advisor, but if you can afford to support it, its just the right thing to do. Over the past three years Susan has been spot on in forecasting major changes in my life and her advice on how and when to best prepare has been a huge help!
  14. Old app was better! So disappointed!
    pertrice mccray
    I can't see paying a monthly or annual fee for late posts not to mention paying for the exact same thing I had before. I understand Susan has been sick but people can't understand that for $50.00 a year! Android user's got so screwed!
  15. Excellent
    Jeffrey Kunkel
    Can't say anything negative about Susan. Reading her horoscopes for over 15 years. Haven't always liked what she's said. But, whenever uncertain, always the first astrological source I turn to. Unable to judge paid version (haven't purchased yet). Granted, paid version pricey as Android apps go. But, for less than a few bottles of Fiji water per month, I don't understand all the kvetching. Would like to see 10-day trial version with option to buy at expiration as many other apps offer. Susan: Get well soon!
  16. "Unable to connect to server" Error constantly
    Patricia A.
    Update is terrible. Content is good, when you can get it, but app is unreliable and do not appreciate "auto pay". Sadly, cannot recommend anymore..
  17. Great tool!!
    D Bey
    This is a great tool. I've been following Susan for year via books and Internet and she has provided great information. She is dedicated and committed to her work. Her daily and monthly readings keep me mindful of potential situations and sometimes alter the course of my actions. All this information has been provided free of charge for years and I'm not talking a few. So why shouldn't she offer her brand for sale, she's great! ! Thank you Susan Miller. And no, I do not know her; never met her.
  18. Live by this app!
    Philena Cowell
    The readings are absolutely spot on by these gifted people. I subscribed and honestly don't think I will ever unsubscribe. Thank you Susan and your whole team.
  19. Another over promise
    Natalie Hadlow
    Disfunctional, or at best a poor attempt at marketing with no functionality whatsoever until paying subscription fees.
  20. She used to be better
    Rose Early
    Now it's an obsession with the negative aspects of saturn and backhanded hints about next week. I used to feel encouraged and positive after reading. Now it jist makes me feel hopeless and frustrated. I suspect her illness plays a part, but she was getting negative even before that. Im so depressed that now saturn is going to be in another part of my chart, like it will never be okay! It's a shame she's concentrated on that. Maybe Ill check back in six months and see if her mojo came back.


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