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  1. Game data does not sync with server
    Donald LAM
    I installed this game on my phone and tablet with same game account. It allowed to playing same character on different devices and the game look like bundled on device's ID. Even reinstalled, the game never asked to enter account info. Please fix it to online mode only and made sure the account data is always synchronizing to server.
  2. Won't let me login!!!
    Gabby Vargas
    ☆ Okay let me start by saying that I love this game, but for some reason it log me out of my phone and now it won't let me login. It just keeps saying that there's an 512 error and that my Wi-Fi connection is to blame. The thing is my Wi-Fi connection is always high. So then I try using the 4G internet and it still says the same thing. Is there anyway you guys can connect my account to my Facebook so maybe it can work? Or something Please help! ☆
  3. Not enough storage
    nyssa duke
    I love love love this game so much but PLEASE add some some sort of method of staorage i keep running out of space and i can hardly get more space because the room prices are INSANE
  4. Time traveller
    Christelle Mae Doctolero
    Help! My game is not working properly. I fixed the date of my phone and now the stuffs selling in my shop won't change for days now. Please help me. I love this game so much. Follow me, my ID is: GQCQ4.
  5. Eh...
    Maya T.
    I love this game but I can't seem to be able to update it and they say I'm a time traveler, I never get quests, my plants don't seem to grow properly, the stuff in stores NEVER change but I love this game
  6. How to reset?
    Anonymous Person
    I love the game, I'm just not very happy with my current save (and I deleted the tutorial letters so I dont know how to remove clothes) so I tried to clear the data, which usually works, but it wont restart or anything. Otherwise, it's really fun and cute looking! :D
  7. Game won't work
    Gabriela Eberle NG
    I recently downloaded the game, and I uninstalled and installed like four times. Simply won't work the images on the game only look black.
  8. So love it.
    Tiffany Goodrich
    It is the best pet game ever! u get so many cool awesome stuff and u grow coins and exp and the cover thing is great u get a lot of money from that to buy really really awesome stuff and clothing that's not cheap.
  9. Happy Labs. Youre the AMAZING Creator EVER
    SizCraftable MCPE
    Its Cute. The Happy Mall Story is the best. They are 99999999 cuteness. Hope you like it.
  10. Rubbish
    Ellie Munro
    Even with 100% charge it won't open 'battery low, exiting game' what a load of rubbish. Uninstalled straight away.
  11. great and cute game
    Giovani Agnes
    I like this game because it reminds me of pet society game in facebook. However, I find this game is easy and cute so that I don't have to put so much stressful time only to increase a single level and this game has its own uniqueness. I have a question. why I can't unlock another room by inviting another players' id just like at the first try? could you please explain me what's wrong?
    Andrew Lemus
    I ❤ this game! But I would fix the lag. After all though it's the best game. And it's like sims but u become an animal and you don't start an family or get a job.☺
  13. A big ovation for Happy Labs
    Maria Regina
    I've played all your games, literaly, all. And each one of them is great. and i'm the kind of person that gets bored easily. So that shows up when i played happy mall and hotel story. But i always end up downloading it again. But for happy pet story.. somehow it doesn't get me bored. Infact it's too fun and cute, and it's addictive. my only problem is when i played them, sometimes after a day or two, the screen turns black and shows nothing. Not even the music. But overall, nice job. Your hardwork payed off
  14. How to log out?
    Lexi Fox
    Hi! Is there any possible way to log out and back in? I'm using the same account on two devices but they appear to have different characters and items.
  15. Adorable game
    Samira Coward
    I love this game the animals are so adorable and cute i love the fever part you get lots of coins i love it :-) :-)
  16. pineapple lord
    This is one of my favourite apps. Im so happy that i got my account back on iPad. Still not on phone yet but hopefully it will work. Thank you so much :)
  17. Cute but...
    Sher Bear
    It's a cute game but severely limited by a lack of storage. There is no closet for clothes, no storage for walls and floors, and max on hand storage is 30 (should increase with level). The shop system is unique but having to go to another town to purchase means paying almost (if not) double the price. Having to find an item for an item quest is also discouraging when you have to go through other towns to find an item. It can be a needle in a haystack. The RPS game needs work too I dont want to lose my stuff
  18. I LOVE U
    Nor Reyhana
    I love u developer, in the future pls don't make things cost too much cost we still wanna have fun while at the same time can almost afford the cool things the future updates will bring - Love, Reyhana
  19. Kent Adarne
    This is really fun, and adorable. I find myself playing this for hours without noticing it. Here's my code for new people: JHMU4
  20. Melissa Coyle
    I love this game it is fun I love animals soo much but there is one thing they need to put more stores and im a kid I no what I like and don't


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