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Monthly active users estimation: 15,000,000


Yaron Leyvand | Vice President - Social Casino at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Jamie Davies | Vice President of Games at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Benjamin Webley | Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations at Zynga

San Francisco, California |

Lastikka Marko | Vice President, General Manager at Zynga

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Reviews 41,332

  1. Absorbed
    Deborah Cruz
    An absorbing game. Only thing is on my screen the cards don't always respond how I want & puff there's another move used up.
  2. Rena Morten
    Game is good, but virus alert adds are anoying esp when you already have a virus scanner and detector on your system but still get these anoying allerts fausly saying you have a virus so you need to get another app
  3. Great game
    Jon Leonhardt
    I love how I got a hand dealt to me without the 5 of hearts and cards glitch across and around the screen ... Minor bugs I'm sure, but other than that perfect game
  4. Bugged? But sharp
    Sarah Kenney
    It's nice looking but it doesn't always seem to let me move cards when and where I want to, for no apparent reason. Am I missing something? Or is this a bug? I usually like to "move" the cards myself, but it's nice that it comes with an Undo button for when it does something unexpected
  5. Pretty good.
    Lesley Tetley
    Love the game, nice and simple. But the lag is incredible sometimes. Game freezes for ages at times and won't let me make a move, yet the clock still counts down. But otherwise is really good.
  6. Love Free Cell!
    Doe Harden
    This is a great free cell game! It automatically moves the cards to the foundation stacks and just one tap will move a card to the hold slots. The ads are somewhat annoying since they are the flashing kind!! But with some effort you can ignore them.
  7. Game must have updated.
    Scott Zoellick
    Was enjoying the game and now I have a winning table and it auto puts 8 of spades on 6 of spades turn off auto and you can't put 7 of spades on the 6. Messed up deleting right after this post.
  8. Carole Jackson
    The me is very good but virus ads can be annoying because it flashes and I already have cover.
  9. Ads
    Jennifer Snow
    I understand why there are Ads but do they really have to constantly flash while you're tryin to concentrate on a card game?
  10. Smooth
    Luke Henry
    Easy game play, unobtrusive ads. Love it.
  11. Fun but bugged
    J Krake
    A card goes missing now and then and you can't finish the game.
  12. Missing card
    joe burrier
    3 suits completely moved to the top, all spades up to the 7, and there was no 8 of spades 9-K on the board
  13. Free cell
    junior shooters
    Card game.too many intrusive ad's, no hint feature. Will try some other version.
  14. Simple and fun
    TN M
    I Love this app no issues and great look. Easy and user friendly,about the app itself. The downside are the adds they are annoying and sometime. Very interrupting.
  15. im not moving anything
    Nasia Binns
    I didnt touch anything and the timer started going and it gave me up to 100 moves this is stupid.
  16. Favorite
    Laura Spiers
    Love this free cell!! All others I tried have a clumsy interface. They also make it too hard to win. So glad I found this one.
  17. Dragons rise at berk
    nathan Parker
    I only downloaded for the special currency but i ended up loving this game
  18. Great game of strategy
    deanna scissum
    It's excellent, I can't get enough of it.
  19. Dawn McDonald
    Advertising app flashing on top annoying, but other than that game good
  20. Free cell
    Joseph Rector
    I enjoy this app game! Smooth operation & pleasing graphics. I would like 2 C customize settings 4 graphics 2 change things up & keep it interesting. Maybe figure out how 2 make the game a little more complex & challenging!


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