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bulu monster



Alina Gvozdeva | Translator

Belarus |

Caoyong Qiu | Lead Server Programmer

Thomas Ren | Technology

Reviews 53,753

  1. It's really good but...
    Megan Horrell
    I wish there was a way to get free steal cards like watching videos to get them please make this happen.
  2. Really fun!!
    Miguel Correa
    Had this game, but had to delete it. Found it again and can not stop playing it!! One of the best games out there, in my opinion.
  3. Not happy
    Joshua Mceachern
    I can't login since last update I'll give better rating once I can play again
  4. \ _ /
    Ana Morada
    Im just playing and then haypi moster just stopped and when i play again i login and it says user does not exist. Pls fix then ill give u 5 stars
  5. Sooo confused!!!
    Brittany Morse
    I originally downloaded this same game under the title "monster world" it doesnt work and this one does not put me where I left off?? What is happening???
  6. Good game but
    Aaron Cross
    Well I love the game so much it is just like Pokemon but it has its disadvantages like it will just tern off my phone or it will freeze the game and I will have to exit but it is a good game just some miner tweaks will make the game great lol
  7. Real good games
    norman alvi
    Addict and awesome to play, you dont have to play all the time, coin usable very wise, with only using your spare time and being godlike player you can reach it too
  8. Wow...
    Grant Weagley
    So this game was called "Monster World" at one point, and it was fun and I spent money on it and I had Legendary monsters. Out of no where, they ended the game without warning and took it off Google Play. I would be careful if anyone is considering playing this because they may do the same thing again, and you too will lose all your hard work and investments.
  9. A Well-made Game :-)
    David Wijaya
    Really fun to play with, even though sometimes it can lag, but will return to normal shortly afterwards. Good chunk of monsters, activities, and areas that could get you going for hours, but there are rarely updates but maintenance for occasional errors. This game needs a good update, or else, it'll be a static game.
  10. Fun game, but lack of personalise update
    I only been playing this for a week. Been addicted to it ever since. Only to 2 days ago, it won't allow me to log in. Plus I was only half way through taking on the boss. There's no sign of update /warning telling you that they gonna update a game etc. Very disappointed! :(
  11. Good game
    Quezz Burton
    Really fun to play. Only problem I have with it is that the cards in which you need to catch monsters can either be gifted after you defeat a level or buying with gold. Buying is good if you could use silver instead for normal cards. Buy gold cards with gold is understandable.
  12. Elthon Jhopitr
    good gamr, but why it must give very little XP? i need it to grown my monster level faster. and can u give another way to buy coin? i don't know how to use google to pay it, cause it very complicated
  13. Great Game
    Derek Gordon
    Only thing is how long it takes to level and the rating system I have epic monsters that are E- and then uncommon that are C but the epic is stronger so I don't understand the rating system
  14. Jose Damian
    It would be nice if free players weren't limited to the challenge levels per day and the high cost of most things if u could make it to where we can get more better monsters I understand having to limit what free players can do but we should get a chance to get a could good monsters
  15. Michael McGinnis
    It won't even finish installing I've sat here for an hour trying to downloads this but everytime I do it gets to seventy three percent and then just stops I've waited long enough screw this game and it's create rip off artists
  16. Was a good game
    Daniel Yu
    But then my account got deleted? I started a good week ago and made it to the 3rd world. Now it says my account doesnt exist? Plz fix
  17. It's so cute
    Tempesta Lagar
    The monsters are adorable.. Although they have to fix the chat lags coz it's so slow. But still I'm giving it 5 stars.
  18. Wtf?
    Faith Cooke
    I was playing and having a really good time until the game just, kicked me off. I tried logging back in and BOOM! It won't let me back in.
  19. Looks fun.
    Melissa Clough
    Love this game. It reminds me of Pokemon, but better. The only thing that annoys me is that I can't make my account.
    michael Pilon
    When you changed the name i lost all progress. I made in app purchases to get to where I was and now have to start all over. Please fix


What`s new

- Improved the smooth running of the game in some areas.
- Released Shadow Skittles into Treasure Hall and Black Market.
- Released Fermi and Pumpy into regular coin hatch.

● Monsters Adjustments
- Released a new leg monster Cygnet (Christmas)

● Bug Fix
- Fixed the bug that caused the overlap display of double challenge icon of Tower of Chaos.

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