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  1. Won't let me download.
    Robinsons Squash
    Bought the game but when the download bar goes to 100% it cancels it and says I've got insufficient memory when I've got plenty. And doesn't give you a refund either.
  2. Bit of a rip off
    Ben Doyle
    This is a pretty fun game, but content is purposefully lacking to encourage you to buy different versions of this exact game. e.g. bridge constructor playground, bridge constructor medieval, or the expansion to this version "slope-mania". All other versions cost an additional $2 for the exact same gameplay. If all the features were bundled into a single game it would be worth the $2. As is save your money.
  3. mimesis1111
    Gameplay is excellent and the game itself runs very smoothly. Well-polished game release for sure.
  4. Theif
    Nathan Descoteaux
    I bought the rest of the game after the first island. I can't play it and it still tells me to buy it
  5. I'm enjoying the game
    Richy Hunter
    But, there's a couple of gripes. Firstly I played the free version, which asked me to upgrade to get the second island, which I did. But it's a seperate app so my progress is lost and I have to start again. Secondly there is adverts in the paid version. Sure it was only a pound, but it's not exactly sim city. Finally whilst I'm here I might aswell add a third. It's a paid for version but still wants me to pay for coins ect, this developer has cashed out. I don't think I'd buy again from this dev
  6. Very entertaining
    Craig McClure
    This game is very well thought out and very well put together. I usually stay away from games with in-app purchases but the two purchases I've made are well worth it and only cost 2 dollars each.
  7. You don't get what you pay for
    Goose Quack
    The images above clearly illustrate that you get curved roads in the game however once you BUY the game it then requires you to BUY an add-on to be able to use the curved roads in extra levels for £1.50 . Furthermore it also let's you BUY another version of the game called playground which just let's you mess around I guess. But enough about the money, the game isn't even very decent in being a bridge building simulator. Get the free version.
  8. Great game
    Justin Riedyk
    Ignore previous review of mine, I messed up. Friendly devs. Fun game. No pay to win.
  9. Very good
    Aaron Buckley
    Had to pay after the 1 section but it take away the ads. Ppl may moan but if you created a game would you not want paying??? Just hope there more levels to come
  10. Refund
    Jonathan Baldwin
    Who do I need to speak to about a refund for this game. I purchased it and at the end of the downloading process I received a notification that it couldn't install due to insufficient space on my device. I have 32gb of memory on my phone. This is bull crap. I need a response ASAP
  11. Loved it
    Mason Estep
    Great analytical thinking enables a stress relieving and fun game.
  12. Ads on premium version
    Nathanael Ricketts
    Why do I get adverts on a premium paid for game? Disappointed and will not be purchasing slope constructor by this developer
  13. Really? $10k to build a suspension bridge?
    Jeffrey Goodall
    Needs more money to work with. Oh, wait, now you can BUY more budget. Used to be interesting, now it's just another "freemium" game, except I paid money for it to begin with!
  14. A bit spendy, but great fun.
    Zeus Omally
    A good challenge and a very fun game, but business model is a bit annoying: The free game only lets you play a few levels & then 2 dollars buys you the opportunity to advance through the other levels of the game. An additional 3 dollars allows you to advance through the game, but with more building materials unlocked(essentially making the game a less challenging sandbox game). In addition, if you get stuck and need help(a big possibility), you will be asked to pay for the hint.
  15. Greedy
    Kyler Sikorski
    They make you purchase the game, only to try and force you to spend more money on coins for each level to have unlimited supplies. I won't be making the same mistake with these greedy developers again.
  16. Nice
    P Verenikin
    But apps that cost money should not have in-app purchases.
  17. The game is fine but..
    Chris Crane
    No matter what you can't turn ALL the game noise off. Which to me is a deal breaker.
  18. Very entertaining.
    Heavenly Havoc
    Definitely a brain teaser. Can be aggravating at times. But what good game isn't?
  19. Bought and get ads!
    John Smith
    Don't but this app, once you buy it, you still get ads; completely greedy developer, do not support!
  20. Jason Porter
    Good game but doesn't save your progress when you go from the free version to the paid version.


What`s new

- v7.2: fix in-app purchases
- compatibility with new devices (native ARMv64 support, etc.)
- bugfixes
- latest version of Google Play Game Services
- 30 day offline grace period without license check