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wub machine


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  1. Cute game, addictive
    Kristen Slyter
    I don't like a lot of mobile games personally, but this one is simple and cute. I can say I've become a little addicted to it. The aspect of getting gold fish easily helps.
  2. Rare.
    Solehah Subari
    I dont really interested in mobile phone games, but i am really addicted to this one. Cute and simple.
  3. You can't stop once we start!
    Sophia Milton
    This game is so addictive I've been playing it all the time!
  4. Really liked it
    Michelle Soon
    Gameplay is simple and cute, but losing just because we miss a fish makes it really difficult. It would be better if we were allowed to miss three times before losing.
  5. Why do like this game sooo much
    Reese Elliott
    At first I'm like meh, NOW I can't STOP HELP!!! lol
  6. Great game. Love it 10/10
    Phoebe Fraser
    I love this game because it runs great, its a non Internet game so if im out somewhere I can play at anytime and I love cat games because they can be so creative. I recommend this game to anyone who needs non internetic games for traveling and to people who love cats alot!
  7. So annoyingly addictive
    james hates you too
    I don't know why, since I'm not a fan of mobile games but I can't put my phone down playing this one! I really like the ad placement, makes it less annoying and it actually work on me, downloaded some of the advertised apps but sadly when I went back to the game my shitty phone can't handle it and it crashed, so long my free continue
  8. Its amazing
    It could use some fix though.. saying that you're doing great and going into an ad is dumb, but since you do it for money I guess it's okay.. and sometimes the characters look out of focus, like they're not on 100% zoom. It's no a big deal, but I just needed to pint it out, sorry...
  9. Cute and Lovable
    Captain Radioactive Roach
    Asides from the amount of ads, random lag. This game is pretty good! Maybe you can add some cats with some special abilities. This game is pretty good!
  10. Super Fun!
    Kristie Wartmann
    Nom Cat is a great time waster and I enjoy it very much! The Characters are adorable, it is easy to play, and It's a good feeling getting a new highscore.
  11. Addictive and cute
    Rikita Narula
    Just a few random lags need to be fixed. Also, why does the other cat die when one is bombed? That is just wrong. Let her eat more fishes! And allow more misses before you kill them both.
  12. Entertaining game
    Mayang Tiara
    Fun to be played especially for those who love cats. Just make better graphic and cuter characters and everything is perfect
  13. Amazing
    Ruby & Hippo
    A lot of fun. Even though I am really bad at this game, it is really addictive and really fun. Good to play when I'm bored.
  14. Cute kats but...
    Natasha Rios
    Cute simple and addidtive 3 things i personally love in apps but plz mate easier like when you miss it doesnt completely ruin your chance of getting more fishes and make it affect the cat that missed not both please also add much much much cute cats try celebrities or shows or characters and mix them with the witty cat puns im not much of a fan of punsbut these puts are super cute!
  15. Money issues
    Theresa Robb
    You have to buy some of the cats and backgrounds for money but other then that it's a great game
  16. Addictive
    Ezra Evita
    What a cute game!! It's fun to play it and really addictive. Uh I wish I had enough goldfish to buy grumpy cat
  17. I LOVE IT but
    Cloey H
    Maybe if you add a button that make the food go slower and easier to catch that would be great and i just downloaded it and its amazing. And i love you added pokey grumpy cat's brother and you have nyan cat!!!! Thank you for this amazing game that makes me never feel bored! Its challenging but fun and thats what i like about it.
  18. Cures boredom
    Annette Thien
    Fun to play and easily beats boredom XD just don't smash your mobile when got frustrated XD
  19. Dont be fooled by the comments
    Izzy Hernandez
    I wonder of most of the 5-star givers are even real people. Anyway, the game is cute and looks like it has potential. I understand you lose if yoi eat a bomb, BUT if you just happen to miss ONE fish you also Lose? 80% of the times you just watch a 30 second ad to get an extra continue to keep playing the game. Also, you can purchase the cats .99 cents each!? Whats the point, they serve no special purpose other than just chosing them. Its all about great timing with your fingers in this game.
    Autumn DeLuca
    This game is so cute and a good mindless way to spend time. Highly addictive!!!


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