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  1. Mobile Game Hall of Fame
    Luke Harland
    This is one of the best mobile games around. Casual gaming with challenging puzzles. Doesn't get much better.
  2. Relaxing, absorbing, and addictive gameplay.
    Mark Mcnutt
    Love playing multiplayer with my kids. It is entrancing gameplay that is easy to play but difficult to master. A welcomed break from the fast paced games that do not reward the virtues of patient and cognitive action.
  3. Awesome
    Eoin Cleary
    Really enjoyable, simple to start difficult to master. Not sure about longevity yet but it has everything else.
  4. Multiplayer 3g 4g doesn't work
    Chris D
    Excellent single player game. Endless loop of inviting and accepting on 4g. It just doesn't work. Too bad, it would be fun.
  5. Game Data Doesn't Sync (or Save Across Devices)
    Kitten Stephenson
    I play Osmos on my phones and tablets. Even though I'm logged in on each of my devices, game data never syncs & I have to unlock all the modes on each of the devices. And God forbid I reset a device or buy a new phone/tablet, I have to start all the way from scratch! This is REALLY annoying! Other games remember my last saved point and don't penalize me for playing on multiple devices. Why doesn't Osmos?! Fail!
  6. Favorite Game on Android
    Daniel Hawley
    If I could have only one game on mobile, this would be it. Great graphics, stellar soundtrack, manages to be calming and nerve-racking all at once. The campaign is great but arcade mode is the real challenge, randomized levels every time. Super hard on higher difficulty levels, but also super satisfying to beat them. Multiplayer is great, but so few play it.
  7. Fun and relaxing. The music is good too.
    Daniel Lewis
    This is a great app to test your skill and patience. Move too much or too fast, death. Move too slow lose the level. Fun. Update: version 2 just as much fun.
  8. Beautiful.
    Blake Wolford
    An eloquently designed game that takes cosmic crush (an awesome online game) and making it more civilized, complex and wonderful. No technical issues or flaws, just relaxing wonder and a magnificent soundtrack.
  9. A beautifully crafted game.
    Matt Jarvis and the guys at High Skies have done a wonderful job. Osmos delivers beautiful ambient gameplay, puzzle elements and awesome graphics, and an incredible sound track.
  10. Very Chill
    Mat Elkington
    Play this if you want something a bit different in the puzzler genre, but above all if you want a visually pleasing game with simple controls, a simple but ingenious premise, that makes you use your brain - with a really very lovely soundtrack, then this is for you. It's also really very relaxing and chill, as well. :)
  11. Enjoyable
    Caileena Rose
    A low-stress relaxing game. I like pretty much everything about the game--from the music to the controls and interface, to the puzzles (of course). The game has more visual appeal on a tablet, but can also be enjoyed on a phone. I continue to play it now and then because it's beautiful and relaxing. Others might enjoy the challenge of finishing all the puzzles.
  12. Great fun!
    Dan Small
    Game is a challenge as you progress, but with the ambient soundtrack, you never feel the frustration of losing. Great combination of relaxing and brain-engaging
  13. Doesn't work on next book 8
    Joey Wood
    If iu can't fix it can I have a refund in stead of being tossed back and forth between you guys and Google? That's even More irritating. Otherwise I would give 5 stars. Loved it on my gfs tablet
  14. Worth the money
    Anthony Plummer
    Looks and sounds great, integrates with Google's cloud backup and achievements, and is fun and challenging. Highly recommended.
  15. AMAZING!
    Micah Bean
    One of my favorite games. I love it! I used to play it on my other tablet, but it died to death, so I re-downloaded it on my new one, and it's AWESOME!
  16. Amazing
    Nicole Fares
    I like how you don't just go and eat you have to use your mass wisely or else you will be smaller than the one your chasing. Very creative.
  17. Slick!
    Tsukiko YAMAMURA
    Such a beautiful game! It is visually, audibly and strategically very slick. The only drawback is that it crashes a couple of times at startup, but usually gets going on the third attempt.
  18. Awesome game
    Nurchi BECHED
    I saw this game on my cousin's iPad, amazing game, simple, yet requires some thinking and some precision. Love it
  19. Great game.
    Albert Cryofrost
    I have nothing but good things to say about this game. It's fun, it's strategic, and it's time consuming. Great graphics and an awesome interface as well. Great job
  20. Great concept
    Caleb Johnson
    A splendid mix of action, strategy, and domination in a simple game. The concept, while simple, keeps players engaged for the duration of your game time. I appreciate the work and effort that went into this genius application. Good work! Keep it up.