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Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000


Artem Pastukh | Self Employed

Maxim Taran | Programmer and Senior Programmer

Roldugin Alex | Programmer

Pavel Kostin | Head of Production

Reviews 224,863

  1. Love the game, but can't advance without buying things
    Melissa Ferraro
    I absolutely love farm frenzy, but I get to a point where I need to unlock stuff. It takes a certain amount of coins, and you have no way to find out how many you have. It says to re-play previous levels to get more coins, but no matter how many times you play those levels, you still can't unlock the next level. So, even though I love the game, I'll be uninstalling it from my phone, I don't need it taking up valuable space and memory.
  2. Pay for everything waste of money!
    Dylan Schukraft
    There were 2 apps available I started w the free app then tried to buy a dog w the coins, it said it costs $1.99, I purchased it thinking that would be it. I continued to earn additional 300 coins and tried to buy another item for 100 coins. Can not do that either now I have to pay 1.99 again?? What's the point. Why get coins if everything costs $1,99? Don't bother downloading.
  3. Adverts
    john lord
    The ads start from the minute you open the game then when you start playing a level there's one right in the corner preventing you seeing any level information, I used to love this game now I hate it, I'm all about free games and ads in them bit that is a pisstake!
  4. Highly addictive
    Tamaryn Cloete
    Thanks for such a cool game. Also does not overheat my phone and does not drain the battery as much as other apps.
  5. Good Challenging Game
    Katie Chastain
    Good challenging levels. Unlock advancement upgrages to unlock new levels. Not a game you can win over night. If you're looking for a easy flow game dont bother and dont complain about redoing levels to earn the coin to upgrade and unlock levels its part of the challenge. Love Farm Frenzy.
  6. Ha
    Deon Minnie
    Dis die domste game oooooooit did soos in suck ek kan dit nice eers oopmaak nie wens ek non nul ster gegee her moenie download nie.
  7. Kind of fun...
    Morgan Baker
    The ads that poped up after every level were kind of inappropriate, but if u dont have wifi on u cant see them! What does survival do? Its to hard to earn stars and if u play survival, that dosnt help u earn stars! Overall, its a fun way to pass time.
  8. Tab 4
    Frikkie Marx
    Game opens to the menu but you can't select quest mode, wtf? I really like this game but don't let shit like this ruin the friendship people.
  9. Ads
    Jonny C
    Play for 1 min where you can't see your goal because its obscured by ads, then watch another ad before you're allowed to play another level. No thanks.
  10. 0 star
    Elie Makhoul
    Answer and reply to your customer emails!!!!!!!! You deserve no star for your poor service!!!! My ticket # is 20306 in case you are interested....
  11. Love it
    Carlos Lillo
    This game is so amazing that I love you so much
  12. Fun Game
    Sarah Szabo
    I like this game, it reminds me of the PC version, which I love. I just wish that the graphics were better and a little larger.
  13. Awesome
    ege akgun
    Remember playing it when I was 4-5 idk how
  14. ???
    sarah behrens
    Won't let me go past 1st level after I beat it 12 times. Useless.
  15. Patty Hiller
    Can't see the animals they are too small
  16. Tanner Bratsch
    You can play it on any devise
  17. Chrissy Heilman
    I love playing it, but sick of all the ads that pop up once you start playing. Will NOT be playing for awhile until you fix it.!!!!!
  18. Hate it
    Preety Pink
    No new things or no extra advantage
  19. its ok
    Clarisse Carandang
    I like this game but so many adds.. so irritated.. can't play coz every sec so many adds . I cannot enjoy this.. farm frenzy is my favorite farm games.. so please fix this.. remove adds
  20. i Really Loved it
    Mariel Tomlinson Austin
    Its so nice. I'm loving it. Its connected with WiFi. I usually play this wherever I am. Its not a boring game.


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