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Artem Pastukh | Self Employed

Maxim Taran | Programmer and Senior Programmer

Roldugin Alex | Programmer

Pavel Kostin | Head of Production

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  1. Rip off
    C Wen
    I bought this game because I thought it has more levels than other puzzle games. It was fun at first but only took me less than three days to complete all of the levels. Very disappointed! Wish I didn't purchase. BTW, I didn't use the walk though.
  2. Whomever hand drew
    Teresa Stokley
    This Artwork N this Wonderful, Addictive Game, is a True Artist! It's Gorgeous & a Pure Joy 2 play every second! Although I never could get the 'Hints' 2 work. However, I finished the Whole game N 48hrs, frm the time I downloaded it. 1 puzzle stumped me, & I had 2 search it online, what 2 do next... but pure joy!
  3. Love it
    Alex Carrera
    Please make a part 2... i already beat this game like 6 times
  4. Annoying popups kill the fun
    Alexei Trifonov
    Mandatory Google play? Really? It is worse than ads in free games, popping up to sign in half a dozen times per level.
  5. Not fair...
    Jonnee' Williams
    The first two sections I played were great, but I'm no longer able to play... Every time i click the app, it shows the brand screen them closes... I've reported it I don't know how many times... And nothing seems to be getting done about it... I really want to finish this game, but if this game can not be fixed, I would like a refund...
  6. Very short
    Sharon Walker
    Unresponsive, had to keep restarting game, very short game not worth the money
    Judonna Robinson
    Where is the next chapter ?? I DONATED $3 and wasted my time for it to end like that !!! 4Real ppl .
  8. Something left to be desired
    King Leon
    For it to be called "Tiny Bang Story" one would only assume that there was indeed a story. There isnt. The game lacked direction and purpose. Even if I knew what I was looking for the game play consisted mostly of mindless tapping. It was a let down and not worth the money.
  9. No direction
    Amy Torres
    I see what I have to do but I have no idea how to get that done. This isn't a cute or quirky feature, it's annoying, can you at least explain a little bit about how to do everything? Jfc...
  10. Good game bad crashes
    Aaron Kattelman
    It crashes allot and occasionally looses your progress. Otherwise good game.
  11. Loved it
    Amber Roberts
    I loved it but it was a bit difficult but i still rate 5 stars☺
  12. Crashtastic
    Liz Shotter
    Can't even get into the first page as it crashes, freezes and kicks me out. Shame because I love the artwork and really want to get into it..need to know how to get my money back as it was expensive compared to other games
  13. Meh
    Shaun Hensher
    The art's nice, but there's no real story, just a bunch of hunt and peck without purpose.
  14. Dissatisfied
    Aimee Serene Cowles
    The game was interesting to play with an intriguing environment, but I was left with a hollow feeling after an ending that simply did not deliver. Because my finger tapped an extra time on the screen after the final level, I was unable to put the final puzzle pieces together and was transported directly to a post game area. Bummer. 4 stars because this is my kind of game and was fun at first, but would be two within its genre.
  15. Between HOG and real puzzler
    C Baker
    Gorgeous graphics and nice sound. Relies heavily on finding hidden objects amid scenery, but still has some interesting puzzles. A mix between a good Hidden Object Game and a real puzzler like Machinarium.
  16. Force closes about every 10 minutes
    Kasey Clark
    I'm getting force closes about every ten minutes. When I choose to report, I get a fc on Google Play and can't report. Stock GS4. Really fun otherwise.
  17. Enjoyable
    Cal Mountain
    Loved the intricate scenes. Easy to explore and find clues and puzzles. Some puzzles need persistence, others need clues from other scenes. Good fun.
  18. Nope!
    Dan Goodes
    Sorry but the game is NOT going to download an additional bunch of extra files via a shoddy-looking UI, from within the game itself. Plain and simple, distribute the whole game via Google Play. Uninstalling.
  19. Not impressed
    Elissa Sloan
    This game looked great....I'm extremely frustrated because I Paid for this thinking it would be worth a go. can't make it past the 1st level? Would not recommend to anyone!
  20. The Best Game on Android
    Beth Kapustka
    I've played this game over and over. It is very beautiful, has some great mini games yet requires no reading skills at all! I can't recommend this game high enough!! Basic game is finding hidden items, yet it's different than any other hidden game I've played.


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