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Artem Pastukh | Self Employed

Maxim Taran | Programmer and Senior Programmer

Roldugin Alex | Programmer

Pavel Kostin | Head of Production

Reviews 4,606

  1. Sharon Sharp
    Great game color is good to bad its not free very easy to see
  2. Not free! Just a "lite" version
    Kellie McMullen
    I played just a few levels and then it said my free levels were over and I'd have to buy the full version. But good graphics and fun bonuses. But I'm not going to buy it when there are other free games out there.
  3. Full version still contains ads.
    Christina Duncan
    I purchased this so I could have the full version and not have to worry about annoying ads. There is still an ad that pops up on every screen. If you cannot correct this, I would like a refund. The game has no sound either. Yes, my speaker is turned up. Please fix and I will change my review.
  4. Erica Koski
    The game is a good, basic, jem switch to match at least three game. But, if you do not choose to pay, you only get a max of 9 levels. (Which is considerably less than other games.)
  5. Ads!
    Alma Kuilder
    I payed for the game and still have ads!!?? Intrusive alert for ZeeRabbit! Why is that? I payed for a clean version of the game. Very disappointing and unprofessional. And no answer or a fix from the dev.
  6. Very clever, very well implemented
    Jerry Fox
    Pleasant game, which rewards good strategy. I think the devs are very careful to give you what you need to complete the game in time - you just have to look at what you're given! Edit: I'm having to uninstall/reinstall ALL my apps lately (thank you Google - NOT!), and sometimes get package invalid. I find that a second install immediately afterwards usually works OK. Extra good point: after reinstalling the game, it knows I've bought the full game and unlocks automatically. >>> Christmas update: took off a star because you now want more permissions but have not said why. Oct 2014: took off another star because of intrusive advert for ZeeRabbit that I cannot dismiss.
  7. Jiulietta Hargreaves
    The only reason I downloaded this game is to tell the creators how rude they are. I can't even believe that you were rude to a customer. Reading the first comment and the response completely deterred me from wanting to play this game. And it looked like it might have been fun too.
  8. Fix it
    Patricia Narita
    I already bought this game and it still has ads in it plus I cant play cause it says error 5 please fix this
  9. What's with the ads?
    Thomas Minder
    I paid for this app a while ago, now I get ads all over the place.
  10. Lite version????
    Linds Walters
    Dont say lite version any where on the game. Asked me to purchase game to remove ads but not that it had only few levels coz it was a LITE version. If known that i wouldnt of played it. Shame as it seemed a ok game
  11. Wow....
    Terry Kennedy
    I noticed the creators of this app blasting a girl for her making it known that this app is the lite version: developers, you did not specify that this version is the lite version. It does not say so on the title. Is that how you treat your customers? Do you get rude with all of them? Want to get rude with me?
  12. Just bought the full version
    STILL getting ads!!!!! Changing 4 stars to 1 Please FIX this issue! Then I will change my review
  13. Frozen
    Kari Spearman
    I really enjoyed this game , but it won't open at all any more.
  14. I love this game. It is so much fun. The graphic is so pretty, and the story line is really interesting..
    Rosa Green
    One question, how do you save in this game. It is very relaxing and keeps your full attention. Thanks again great game.
  15. Really short demo
    Deanna Quillen
    MOATAZ ANWAR avatar image
    MOATAZ ANWAR March 20, 2014
  16. Ernestine
    ernestine muldrow
    Miyah Robinson avatar image
    Miyah Robinson January 1, 2014
    Fun Its a game that is fun
  17. Google must remove this game
    Tshepo Makgohlo
    Still, you must say is trial not FREE, why is it free when you know i am gonna play for 9 levels? put it demo please, this is against google T's& C. Thank you.
  18. SKY
    Mehran Malik
  19. Faster
    Renye While
    It makes the day go by faster.
  20. Terrible ripped off
    Debbie Garwood
    I paid for this game and it keeps telling me to purchase the game terrible rip off I didn't even want to give you one star bad people don't buy


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Indefatigable Arabella continues to plough the seas in search of crystals. In this update, we fixed minor bugs and increased the stability of the game.

Happy matching, and thanks for playing.

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