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пошаговые стратегии
стратегии военные
العاب عسكري
جندي أمريكي حرب لعالميه ثاني
جنرال استراتيجية لعب حديثة 2015 حرب


Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000


Artem Pastukh | Self Employed

Maxim Taran | Programmer and Senior Programmer

Roldugin Alex | Programmer

Pavel Kostin | Head of Production

Reviews 27,797

  1. Great game but...
    Peter Whyte
    This is a great game BUT what's seems to be missing is the naval side of things. I think if you combined that element from your Sandbox version of the game with this one then it would deserve 5 stars without question
  2. Maps
    Johnny Mercado
    This is a very good game. The only critique is it needs more XL maps. Don't like the small or medium maps. Also can't get online to play with others. And I can't develop my units.
  3. Great game, needs direct linked to play with multiple friends
    JuuLz Z
    Game is good have it now for a long long time. Indeed it needs marine and direct wifi link between multiple players need to be Beter. Because every time the connection got lost in some way mid the game. So we actually didn't finish any games... Thanks..
  4. Sheldon Roger Haigh
    Good game. Needs to carry over resources
  5. JoshuaAndCrystal King
    Need to be able to pick individual divisions for relocation when retreating
  6. Great game, but often freezes makes it unplayable
    Adrian Ruiz
    Really fun game to play but after a while it freezes every time I tried to put in an order. I reinstalled it and it did not help.
  7. rsrose14
    Randy Rose
    Game itself is pretty good but the in game purchases are a joke. Purchased both research and resources to get through a couple of the tough scenarios. Then I monitored them both at the start of the next couple of scenarios. I would purchase reinforcements based on the amount that I had earned for that scenario so that I could save my overall resources. When I started the next scenario the reinforcements had come off my purchased resources instead of the earned resources for the scenario. Same thing happened with the research points. What a scam. Will be uninstalling this immediately.
  8. Will not open on nexus 6, still not working.
    Ricardo Santos
    Game will not start uninstalled and reinstalled and won't work. How long before fix is released please? Yay its working thanks
  9. Awesome!
    Montana confer
    I love it. It's pretty realistic and fun. I just think the maps are too small. You should add a conquest type of mode. And the panther tank wasn't used in 1939-1941.But other than that it is the best strategy game I have.
  10. WW2 strategy game
    Luke Heimomen
    Very good WW2 strategy game, however I feel like 6.99 is a bit expensive.
  11. Riley Crawford
    Great game but they need to add some more Japanese missions and need to reskin the: Americans, Japanese, and Italians
  12. Note 4
    Keanu Little
    Works now thanks for getting on it. Great game!
  13. Freezing
    Phillip Clark
    Seriously challenging game that I appreciate but the freezing won't let me even finish the battle I'm on, haven't reinstalled but it sounds like from other comments it won't work, also I just ran into issue with the freezing removing my inapp purchase, but my card still being charged
  14. Good game but irritating
    I know you have ensured every battle can win without purchasing extra resourses, but did you mean win with gold medal? Besides, in winter war senario, Finnish have 16 units and Soviets have only 17... seriously
  15. Wouldn't force my worst enemy to play this game.
    Thomas Kirsopp
    Constantly freezing up, very little strategy, historical inaccuracy, and a clear pay to win game. Angry birds has more military strategy then this game. Save your money and get a proper strategy game. Sometimes it feels almost impossible to complete missions. Wish I could get my money back.
  16. Good gameplay but performance issues
    Alessandro DLC
    I cant move units without pounding my screen about 50 times. And I purchased it and it wont download completely
  17. Much better
    Ronan Brown-Duthie
    Much better then the not full version.
  18. It's ok
    Antony Jones
    Game is good but I don't like that it's not a one off buy. If you want to move up quicker you need to buy coins
  19. ...
    Joseph Grummett
    Halfway through a level I suddenly go to credits and crashs game
  20. brenden casey
    Be better if more played on multiplayer