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Andreas Markel | Game Designer

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Christoph Rothenbuecher | Junior Sales Manager bei GmbH (HandyGames)

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Stefan Hufnagel | --

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Mark D. Bubacz | Student - Game-Design

Köln und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Reviews 108,107

  1. Fun game
    wendell vickery
    I enjoyed playing this game easy way to pass the time , only downfall i find is i have had this game for 6 months and no new levels or planes have been released
  2. Feels dated
    Jake Armstrong
    The screenshots make this game look retro in a cool way, in reality it just feels kinda old. Maybe it's better on phones, but on my tablet everything just looks sort of off. Mechanically the game's alright, nothing really to talk about one way or another. I played it for a bit but I didn't find it all that fun. I'd recommend Sky Force as a better arcade fighter plane game of the type.
  3. Was fun and exciting... Crashes on opening
    Juancy Rodríguez
    It's was cool to be able to wave my ✋, twist and turn it to control the ✈! I'm really impressed with the controls, graphics, music, and difficulty level. Hope you can fix this. Thought this update was going to... Hope you're working with Sony on other games!
  4. Fun
    Harrison Rice
    Good upgrades. Lots of enemies. Cool characters. Easy to play.
  5. Auto screen rotate: annoying
    Pousing Phaomei
    I love the game. But during some of the more hectic battles, the auto screen rotate gets me killed. Annoying, very annoying. If you could put in an option to turn that off, that'd be very nice. Thank you.
  6. Update issue
    Joemar Maglaqui
    S5, Note 3, LG G3... the background seem off. Older version was ok and the background music fits the action i.e. victory or loss, but now, background music keeps playing...
  7. Patriotism and Cool Action!!!
    Prashant Shrivastava
    This game is really cool and also patriotic. It realize me the days of The "Aces of the Luftwaffe" in the Great Britain. But I still think that the developers should make an American version for this game. If they'll do so I will be very happy. But still it's nice. Good job!!!
  8. Moto G
    opera house
    The menu keys at the bottom of the phone keep hovering up when the plane is down at the bottom of the phone and at that time I lose control of the plane so I'm thinking on install maybe you guys can fix this
  9. Good gameplay plagued by an ad bar
    Daved Artemik
    The gameplay is reminiscent of side scrolling shooters I grew up with so it's enjoyable to me. However a large chunk of upper screen real estate is lost due to the invading ad bar at the top. Placing the ads in a different way would improve it greatly.
  10. Too difficult!
    Eric Fagan
    I love fighter plane games and that's why I am keeping it on my phone but trying to get past second boss is impossible! And there's no settings for easier play so how am I supposed to enjoy this?
  11. Amazing...
    Rajesh Kwatra
    I loved playing it. It was great fun and exciting. I was amazed to see the game due to its graphics, sound, difficulty, and specially the design of the planes and all.
  12. Itz good
    Angelo Anukwe
    The game is very good but the little thing is that its too short and you have not released another version with more missions and more upgrades and also planes. Pls you guys should do somthing about it
  13. Aces
    Ric San Miguel
    who thought having the pause button there was a good idea. im fighting the dragon boss trying to avoid fireballs and then pause. because the dumb pause button is in the wrong spot. other than that a cool game.
  14. For those who lack self control, beware, this game is addictive
    Vallabha Sayar
    Can there be a game more fun and addictive than than this.? Surely , I dont think so. I wish the premium version was free as well ..... but anyways.... its Rs 8 . For those who say that the game hangs, buy a better phone !!!
  15. easy game
    fakeid googlies
    make it bit harder so that one can try one level bit longer, 2days n all levels cleared :D n m uninstalling it.
  16. Awesome game, NEEDS MORE LEVELS AND PILOTS!!!!!!
    bryce donelan
    I'm a big world war 2 fan and this game is right up my alley. I've beaten this game before and I've been waiting for you to add more levels and pilots. Two new chapters I think you should add. The first one would be called battle over Japan and the fighters are Japanese fighter planes from world war 2 and the boss souls be a flying aircraft carrier . And the next chapter should be called The fight for Stalingrad and the new plane should be a il2 stermivick Russian fighter plane.
  17. Screen Rotation very annoying !
    Trung Tuyen
    The game is nice itself, due to chosing the upgrades, the pilot.... But it's really annoying with Ad, and the screen rotate everytime i move. Really difficult to play on bed ('when i changed my side. It's better have a "Rotation Lock -button in the setting menu !
  18. Used to be one of my favorite games
    Pedro Baltazar
    Till developer decided to take up a quarter of your screen with dumb Adds. I don't mind adds as it loads. But just not while you play. Makes it harder to play.
  19. Does not work
    ashley horne
    Got all excited for nothing, force closes/crashes on opening of the app
  20. Difficult GAME
    Rishabh Panwar
    Some starting missions of this game are easy but when we move further this game is very difficult which only gets you frustrated and nothing else..!!


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