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Andreas Markel | Game Designer

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Christoph Rothenbuecher | Junior Sales Manager bei GmbH (HandyGames)

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Stefan Hufnagel | --

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Mark D. Bubacz | Student - Game-Design

Köln und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Reviews 377

  1. ---~~~* A Mataeus Review *~~~---
    Mat Cooper
    A great puzzler. Excellent hi-res graphics, and all the charm that comes with rescuing cute puppies in a colourful game world. Like a cross between Snake and block-pushing puzzlers such as Kwirk, it has an excellent learning curve and would suit people of all ages. Plenty to do, plenty to learn, great achievements (although they seem to unlock way too soon) and good leaderboard capabilities.
  2. Jennifer Dionne
    Amazing, amazing game! It's been awhile since I've downloaded a strategy game that kept me coming back. I played all levels, never encountered a glitch. Graphics are nice, game runs smooth, music is cute without being annoying, and the later levels are challenging without being impossible. I LOVE THIS GAME! I hope more levels are being developed.
  3. Challenging
    Jon Lewis
    Fun game, already 3 star all the levels. Hope you guys are making more :)
  4. Nag nag nag!
    Pete Blu
    Look it's a pretty good game, and I would rate it higher except for the fact that it constantly nags me to like it on FB! Also annoying that I have to choose not to share data with the developer EVERY time it starts. I've already elected not to do this, quit bugging me about it!
  5. Good game but...
    Bogdan Salgau
    The like us on Facebook popup shows up all the time. It's the only bad thing about this game. Get rid of it and it will improve the experience.
  6. Very cute!
    Kitty Sible
    Great graphics and easy game play. It is a fun way to pass the time.
  7. Daniel Stanciu
    Nice game but annoying with the much too frequent rate requests
  8. LOVE IT
    xX_The _Beast_Xx
    Only on level 14 and its like the best game I've ever played
  9. Great game
    Terry Craft
    Nice and simple format, but takes brain power to succeed. This is what games are all about.
  10. Very fun but
    Rhyke Angel
    Not a whole lot going on but that's okay
  11. Samsung galaxy alpha,
    Keith Fitzroy
    Another good game for 15p my only gripe is controls are abit awkward but thats just my opinion 5*
  12. Very Cool
    Dj Shuffle
    I like it a lot :) Recommend people getting this game !
  13. Too cute !
    Frank Whitaker
    So far, so good. Casual puzzle without time limits and no need for fast reflexes.
  14. Josh Clark
    Cute, my 3 year old niece like it
  15. Duane Shields
    Cute little game. I played quite a bit into the free version. In this one the graphics and sound are better. And you have unlimited steps. Would recommend.
  16. Awesome
    Karlee Trageser
    Soo much fun you need to get it
  17. Who is Facebook ?
    Ralf Stephan
    Minus 2 for the annoying like us on Facebook popup which comes up every level.
  18. Fun and smart game
    Hesadrian Budiman
    I love dogs, and I even more love dogs because of this game. Thanks HandyGames, your games is handy indeed.
  19. Cute & Awesome!
    Adam Deutsch
    Love the music and the game. Makes me smile and I love playing it!!! Got to go though, back to play the game! :)
  20. Laura O'Brien
    Reminded me of my Commodore 64 graphics n game play. Yaaaaawwwwnnn


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Fixed a problem with the save game format due to 64 bit transition.
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