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Andreas Markel | Game Designer

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Christoph Rothenbuecher | Junior Sales Manager bei GmbH (HandyGames)

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Stefan Hufnagel | --

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Mark D. Bubacz | Student - Game-Design

Köln und Umgebung, Deutschland |

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  1. We need an update bring the military side?!
    Hussam Owaisy
    You once earn the five stars but now? No , the following is my previous opinion : "You are a good people and thank you for the update This game is great like no other I downloaded on all devices I have And I am telling my friends about this addicting game to buy it You earn the five stars please one thing : Add some military actions And a problem that still exist and that is when opening the market the merchant tab restarted."
  2. Maybe the best game on android.
    Nick Ernst
    This is probably the best game on android. I don't know how it's over looked by the mobile gaming community the way it is. It's the most dynamic and well balanced game I've played on android. There are adds but, you can close them and they are small. I don't mind them because, unlike 98% of mobile games, these guys are not trying to rip you off. I would buy the sequel to this in a heartbeat or any new content/dlcs.
  3. I really enjoyed this game
    Kate Langer
    Loved the different scenarios, just need more of them and perhaps a bit more variety built in for later levels. Really loved the fact that I didn't feel I had to spend money in game to make it enjoyable. Great work!
  4. Fun game
    Chandler Ethan
    Pros: well made, neat graphics, fluid and rich animation, plays well on both large and smaller screens, good on battery usage, and has a nice and easy save load option. Cons: the only thing I dislike is that it gets repetitive over time and can be challenging but not impossible to play without prestige. Should not have in app purchases for a premium game. I would rather pay 6.99 or more and have a full game than pay money over and over to be able to beat the game. But there are no ads so I guess there's tha
  5. Why lessen rewards???
    June Patac
    Quests Rewards decreased by 20% and i have to wait even longer for another quest to arrive since the last update.. You guys made it harder to earn prestige points especially at the sandbox mode. WHY????? Still loved it anyway... But WHY????
  6. Douglas Lee
    Fun city building..nice easy pace. Needs more challenges when you get to higher levels
  7. Excellent!
    Azaraiah Zee
    FINALLY a sandbox Sim City style game that doesn't require constant Internet connection to play! A wonderful time waster and very well done. I especially loved the Jousting animation. Only thing I'd love to get rid of are the Townies shaking their fists at me for lack of wheat in winter time, as if I control the weather lol.
    mandy lynn
    Best game ever but the update wrecked it. There are no numbers to indicate prestige points, or gold, or items in inventory, or for building. Everything says 1. I can still play but waiting for red 1a to become black is a little weird. Love handy games!!!
  9. After many, many years, I'm done.
    Troy Dalton
    I bought a license for this game many years ago, not long after it came out. It's had its ups and downs, but the reason I paid for it was so that I wouldn't be bothered by ads. I hate ads and I refuse to play any game that has them and now, Townsman has ads. True, they are for "special offers," but guess what? THEY ARE STILL ADS.
  10. Good game ruined by Greed
    Wilson Chronos
    The premium version costs $3, then, each of the ingame upgrades cost more than the game itself. Is it reasonable to pay $3 for the game, and another $5 just for the fast forward button??? which is an essential part of the game??? DIRTY TRICK from the part of the developers. The premium version should have every ingame feature unlocked. I know that the developers will probably ignore my comment, it is a good game though, don't let it be ruined like this.
  11. Bug on wool collector
    ndaru aji
    Wool collectors always waiting for the other finish collecting wool on 1 sheep pasture..even if there are other free sheep pastures
  12. Great game ruined by in-app purchase offers
    Michael Claassen
    Great game ruined by in-app purchase offers. Despite paying to remove the ads, in-apps offers get continuously offered.
  13. sobrang ganda
    be careful with my heart
    ang ganda ganda talaga ng laro na ito mga kabayaw . ang tinde na, ang lupet pa, at ang panget mo pa.. ang galeng . keep it up ..
  14. Best town building game
    If u like simcity just play it . although its less complex then simcity its very fun to play.grapics is good and game AI engine is surprisingly good for mobile.i like to thank developer to not make gameplay impossible without in-app purchase.if ur play little long u can enjoy all game feature without in app purchase.highly recommended.
  15. Still asking me to upgrade.
    James Zaianos
    Bought the premium and it still asks me to upgrade to premium for unlimited fast forward. Wtf. I thought that's the reason I upgraded already.
  16. Viciously addicting time-waister
    Simon Spethmann
    If you are short on time and want to be more productive: do not install this game. Very easy to get into, extremely hard to put down. I guess, that makes it a very good game, but I feel I should uninstall it exactly because of that. I'm giving it only 4 stars, because there were some confusing game mechanics (e.g. at one point I got only 1~2 thaler tax revenue and had no idea what to do about it when raising the taxes further was not a viable option).
  17. Perfect time waster
    Tan Kah Wing
    Yup. I lost hours without knowing it. Good game
  18. ●→No Port, ●→no Stable. ●→Need more SPACE.The Carpenter doesn't keep his own building repaired! The Tax Collector doesn't collect without Prestige! No Stable? No horses? I bought game, will not buy Prestige!
    Why do you have to constantly REPAIR. It takes the fun out of it. You build something and the others immediately start deteriorating. "Buy Prestige" NO! ●●●→NEED MORE SPACE ○○○→HUGE ISN'T BIG ENOUGH. ***05/18/2015, Just noticed that I am not getting as many Prestige when a Task is completed, what's up with that?***
  19. Got tired of missing it after uninstalling
    Tiffany Heller
    I keep returning. Addicted. Fun but lvling up is a challenge.
  20. jesi hans
    Still love it! There are quests with tools, clothes, jewlery, etc.. it would be nice to add grape juice to the quest list. More maps please, please!


What`s new

Fixed losing prestige when starting the "Marsh" map