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  1. No control
    Николай Митрофанов
    As good as it looks, it's still not what I'm looking for: it lacks control over slideshow, meaning it either have open image or next image and I want both. Until this implemented - 3 stars. EDIT: NO, IT CAN'T. It can launch the gallery OR move to next picture. You shouldn't misguide your customers. Minus star >:E
  2. Works well.. But..
    Tonny Hermawan
    Does not see any major update from long time.. Would be great if have more than 1 4x4 widget.. Or custom size for 4x4 widget.. Like we can custom it to 3 picture 5 picture etc
  3. Edward Jones
    If u luv EyeCandy then this is ur app. Lost of customization, and it works flawlessly
  4. Works good
    wiffly ron
    Buy this app 3 month ago.. Does not have more feature or major update.. Still the same from the last time i use this app.. Kinda boring.. But At least it works
  5. Excellent photo widget
    Joona Hook
    With the option to select multiple folders this is perfect
  6. Sam Boy
    I just bought it installed on galaxy tab A 8.0 (SM-P355) Lollipop 5.0.2 . I am use default launcher none of the effects are working.
  7. Great Photo Widget
    Kerushan Naidoo
    The best photo widget I could find on the play store, however there needs to be a way to disable the frame shadow without enabling the settings bar. Also the app should include a management console for created widgets (similar to power toggles). It is unnecessary for the app to remain in the app drawer if its doing nothing but providing instructions.
  8. Great
    Alexander Alvarez
    I like the widget, adds a nice personal touch to my screen and it seems to work well. My only request would be to add the option to hide the launcher icon from the, I feel it's very pointless as all it does is explain how to add a widget which is very basic knowledge and doesn't lead you to the settings of the widget or anything useful.
  9. New version with "No Zoom/Crop" effect brilliant. There is now an option to stop cropping and zooming of photos to fit frame!!! Excellent Widget
    Jake Cross
    This developer really listens to customers! 6 STARS However I think there should be a new "Action" menu item called say "Display Style". In this menu there are 2 options the current default frame photo display algorithm method, I don't know how best to describe it, and the other "No Zoom/Crop". This is because "No Zoom/Crop" is not really an effect and people might want to combine "No Zoom/Crop" with effects like rotation, slide etc.
  10. I just bought it
    shelly x
    But none of the effects work.. Please fix it I'm using galaxy note 4.. =/
  11. Great widget
    Harshal Ambani
    One of the better photo widgets I have used. The 4 in is a little buggy. Becomes non responsive sometimes.
  12. Excellent!
    Anthony Griffith
    Nice photo widget.. Low resource requirements. Developer very responsive. Highly recommended.
  13. Excellent!!
    Daniel Harris
    This widget does exactly what I wanted it to do, and the frames resize in Nova launcher! Simplest and most effective widget I've got.
  14. Finally No Zoom/Crop Effect
    Furkan Ekinci
    Finally added no zoom / crop effect.
  15. Perfect for my needs!
    Jo Ann
    Just wanted something simple to glam up my home screens and this does the trick.
  16. Loic Guidoux
    Widget doesn't work any more with adw launcher. Latest version still not working. Adw launcher pro doesn't show up the widget. Non pro version working fine.....Working now thanks☺
  17. Doesn't work right!
    Marcel Carter
    Pics aren't changing, just stays on the same one...and I couldn't get my money back.
  18. Some Bugs
    Marty Echevarria
    *Slides sometimes stuck on homescreen even set on 3 sec, the four frame widget doesnt display photos. Im at nexus 5 android 5.1
  19. Working again
    Marion Blank
    Best photo widget I've seen so far in the market.
  20. Very good app
    Tamara Oliver
    Very nice app. Does everything I wanted except I would like to be able to touch a photo and it open up in gallery. Also would be great to have different sized photos in frames instead of just 4 equal square photos. Scaling of photos is also an issue. But app is close to perfect.


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