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Reviews 78,447

  1. Decent Tug of War
    Rhys Elkin
    Its an alright little game. There's a nice little hint of strategy to it as you get to create some unique unit combos, but it's the same rules as any other tug of war; overwhelm your opponent and blow up their base. Good for some time killing solo or against a friend.
  2. So much fun
    Rachel Nagel
    It is just so fun I just can't stop playing there is cool weapon and there are upgrades and cool new skin to buy and boss fights can you make a sniper batllepiller
  3. Addicting
    Melissa Perkey
    This will bring out the beast in you and your friends. Its so fun we can't stop playing. Completely in LOVE with this game. I have a couple questions tho where do I go for support?
  4. Great game, but...
    Jon Yapp
    There are too few ways to get star fruit apart from buying it. Might I suggest that maybe add a daily spin?
  5. Sooo easy
    Dennis Estrada
    Just prestige the grub and use it on all lvls if only i can rate tons of stars i willl :-):-D ®
  6. Fun But No Fair
    Isaiah Gerard
    I was like getting very strong and tried Endless and My Scores is Standard:6,014,066 and Hardcore:3,929,802 and I'm not in the Leaderboards. This Game Is Epic But Pls Fix It. :) :) :) :) :)
  7. Ayden Moerman
    Good game tell I connected to Facebook then it won't let me play it please fix.
  8. This games great
    Cookie Gaming
    This game is a great game mostly because the multiplayer which is really good played with my friends and campaign is great because its really unique
  9. Ok
    Hide Hopskin
    Its ok but i couldn't battle once in multiplayer with my girl standin right by me.. But decent concepts n challenge
  10. Online play ?
    Jason Spezza
    I cant play online ? Nothing ever happens when i try. do people have to be on the same network ? Is there a way to play random opponents?
  11. Updates
    Alena Jones
    Add a two vs two game mode. During a battle when you have made your pillar make it so there are two GO buttons and one goes straight and one goes to the tree up so there is a two v two. Also more levels to make the game harder and finally add a guild or clan where you can donate stars and apples to each other maybe add a guild v guild. That's all the suggestions for now
  12. Facebook
    Mabel Tan
    Great game but... once I connected it to facebook I cant play it anymore . Cant even open the app.
  13. Bryan Picon
    I could say this is the best game I have ever installed in my whole life!
  14. Lost but found
    Kira Garia
    I downloaded it before I axidently delegated it but I finally found it ,its so much fun
  15. Ughhhh!
    Jaron Bobay
    I can't get in the game but other wise I would like it! Please fix! Want to play!
  16. Super fun!
    Nicolaa Gray
    This game is so addicting! And you can play with friends or by yourself!
  17. Awesome!
    Kathy benting
    I like the idea of being able to mix your units how u want them. I go against my sister and I have lots of fun. So does my sister.
  18. Weisen Heimer
    like it. but i hate the multiplayer. i hope devs can make multiplayer in random.. not just friends.. i dont have friends..
  19. Alex Butterfield
    Made the super bundle with nightmare mode tuxedo skin 500apples and 10star fruit please fix I really love this game will rate 5 if fixed its a money pit don't trust the purchases
  20. Awesome
    LoCo RoCo
    Hopefully it's fun till the end.. coz some game fun in the begining but ripped our money off in the end.. so far so good for this game..


What`s new

- Added Google Play Game Services for multiplayer against your friends on iOS.
- Added a Bonus Sale!
- Pass gold challenges to earn the Bronze, Silver and Gold skins!
- Added Nightmare mode for new challenges in a twisted environment.
- Added new skins to purchase in the store.
- Added prestige segments for players who want more power
- Added Battlefly raid levels to gather Apples and Starfruit
- New app icon!
- Translation fixes
- Bug fixes

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