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  1. Britt Ewen
    Although I love the game, and we've been waiting for it for a long time - the fact that it still doesn't support the ability to pause / save in the middle of a level means it's almost impossible for us to make progress. Each level takes 10 - 15 minutes, but if you're interrupted you have to start all the way over from the very beginning. That's really frustrating! If only there was a way to save during a level, I'd probably have rated this 5 stars.
  2. Not sure
    Logan Yoo
    It is fun but aways starts the level again.can u try to find a way to save where your up to? And also I cant finish the ink mine, its annoying. My sister hates this game.
  3. Great game, performance issues
    Jason Levesque
    This is very nice game and great concept that let's you personalize and interact with the game world. The problem is the performances issues that makes the frame rate drops dramatically at certain points even though not much is going on or sometimes, the whole screen seems to be stuttering. Hopefully, these issues will be promptly resolved because when it happens in my case, the game becomes unplayable. I know the hardware is in cause here and it works fine on many devices so I guess they just need to fix it for some of us.
  4. Amazing
    Parag Andleigh
    I loved the story and the levels were Fun and Challenging. :) l really enjoyed it!!! Great job with this game. ( Although, I would love if you Could add more Chapters/ levels. That would be fantastic. ) :D
  5. Finally
    Stephanie Hrnack
    I've been waiting, and it was worth the wait. My only complaint is that it's too short. I liked the extra goals in the first epic that this one seems to be missing.
  6. Mark Wareing
    Guys this game keeps kicking me back to home screen, my wife and 4 year old boy are GUTTED. please help!
  7. Hi
    Ragnel Kumar
    Do you wanna build a snow man and play with him have some fun and his nose will be a banana + some wiiiinnnngggggssss I'm also with mark I get kicked to the home screen to I love the game but chapter 2 kicks me away
  8. Fun, but not as challenging as the first.
    Tara Ramsey
    I liked it a lot, but it was far too easy and I finished it too quickly ... pros were that there were better graphics in this one. Worth getting, as it is quite fun!!
  9. WOW!!
    Lost my other description just sayin can you upload a Walk through for chapter...6 i think... The pit.. ITS HARD!!
  10. love it :) but i got some issues! !! Help!!!
    Silkitte Hawke
    how do i add other people art work??? i already follow he step (by adding the art work from forum) but yet... i cant find any other people art work in my games... (and btw i hope this game have more level to be update :( - somehow this story way to short )
  11. Good but...
    Logan Lems-10
    if you make a lot more lvls ill rate 5
  12. I'm glad I paid money for this.
    Steve Mo
    That was fun! I love the style. Only problem is, I've seen a problem with the game sometimes getting stuck at a black screen after showing your logo, when launched. Messing around with XPrivacy settings helped... I suspect this is related to network connectivity.
  13. So cool!
    Roman Farley
    It is very short could you please make it longer?
  14. Could be better
    chris henry
    Add hints that you don't have to go to Facebook for
  15. Sensitive with stylus s pen
    arifa al-fatih
    Make it more sensitive for click button menu n pencil with s pen
  16. Great game!
    Kayla Dowdy
    I love how colorful and engaging this game is. My favorite level was the one with the wire puzzle. It was hard, but I felt awesome after I solved it. Can't wait to get all the puzzle pieces.
  17. It keeps closing
    Philpott Fan
    I want to give it 5 stars but the game keeps closing. :(
  18. Fun game except...
    Logan Lineberry
    I think I've run into a bug in the snowy level. The boss just keeps punching nonstop. Literally no way for me to pass the level. Up until this point though the game has been really fun!
  19. Great Game!!!
    Nick Peppers
    It's so much more fun and colorful than the first Draw a Stickman Epic, which is still a super awesome game.
    Gelow Glang
    Please make the performance better on the not so fancy devices like mine(samsung galaxy grand 2)on the next update. Love it by the way.


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