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  1. Bible APP Evaluation
    Larry Amore
    I have been using Bible APPs for a few years now. My favorite is one which uses WI-FI and gives me access to all Bible versions plus several hundred books in my library. But I need one to work off-line when Wi-Fi isn't available. This APP is perfect. It has great features and is easy to navigate & search. It not only reads text back to you but does it clearly with speed and pitch adjustments. Wow, I am suprised this is free.
  2. nd gy
    WHAT WHAT WHAT!!! In the world happened!!! Used to be able to copy unlimited scriptures onto my color note. No more! The recent update DESTROYED a most perfect internet Bible. I bought it for a reason, yet loved it for ever but I guess forever is up. Love The Word of GOD, will always forever. Just don't like what your latest update did to my perfect perfect Bible study. Please bring back the ability to share as many scriptures as I want. And not as you want it done. Do that, and I'll give it six stars
  3. Easy-to-use
    Old Foot stool
    Once I got in to learning hoe to go through the book got easier and my understanding became easier
  4. No longer useful
    Kris Porter
    Ever since the last update if I try to use the search window the app crashes and closes. (Droid RAZR Maxx)
  5. Hiwatha Walker
    Every since the upgrade the widget becomes a minute icon that can barely be seen. I use the widget so that I can see scriptures at a glance without having to tap the icon. Disappointed!
  6. Great app!
    galen johnson
    Keeps my bible with me at all times for a quick read at work on lunch or breaks without bothering other people. Updates were nice also! Every time I try to share verse of the day to fb I have to re log in with my information. It wasn't like this before. Deleted and reinstalled and still does it i have verison 1.52 mayb the new one isn't available for my carrier yet.
  7. King James Bible Pro
    Debra stevenson
    I like this app alot, I found it hard to use at first. I still have problems trying to run reference to a verse and returning to my place. I do enjoy the fact that I can read my bible anytime I wish due to the app. In church this morning I got behind trying to go from one chapter to another and looking up my references to a verse. Maybe I am not using it correctly, if I could do this better. I would said 5 star and recommend it more.
  8. Awesome App
    Teri Stone
    If I am looking for a specific verse I can type in key words or phrases from scripture and it will list every verse containing what I am looking for.
  9. Excellent App
    Brother -RP Patrick
    »This is an easy to use app« The indescribable love and mercy of God is with me at all times through the written Word of God; on the go with my Android Phone. Thank you. THIS APP IS FANTASTIC! Blessings and peace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ!
  10. KJV Bible
    This is the best bible application so far I have seen
  11. Jim
    Jim Miller
    It is pretty good, but what would make it GREAT is if you could make it also look up verses. Say you type in a part of a verse and that verse is looked up and found. Sound reasonable, probably not.
  12. Diana Chambers
    When the ad free app is installed why not delete the free app it's confusing with both and takes up memory space
  13. The Bible KJV
    Frank Weddle
    Great and being KJV I don't have to worry about it changing versions like some apps do. The audio needs more voices to select from.
  14. Blackk70
    Aaron Whaley
    Great when it's time to read a verse my pastor gives to us:)
  15. great app
    easy to use, great app it is very easy to use.
  16. King James Bible pro
    Diane Anderson
    I hate the ads. Especially for the book of Mormon. Seriously!!!!!
  17. Kay Parker
    Kay Parker
    I love it, keeps me going all week. Inspiring a great experience.
  18. Excellent
    Kurn Daly
    This app went from good to bad widget keeps crashing widget change schedule keeps changing to 12 hours on its own.
  19. Easy
    Michael S
    This is one of the easiest application's I have found to use and enjoy.
  20. Great and worth the cost. I really like the audible part. I can listen to it at bedtime!
    Paula Alcala
    Much like carrying a virtual Bible with you


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