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Ian Wilkinson | President at Hothead Games

Vancouver, Canada Area |

Sharon Brown-John | HR and Admin Contractor.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Leo Talento | Senior CG Artist-Art Instructor & Mentor

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada |

Melissa Lun | Project Manager at Hothead Games

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Reviews 193,398

  1. Rip off dont download
    Ross Gee
    Unless you a millionaire dont download spent loads of money and not got a single player over 85 customer service is practicaly none excitant and just says legend players really rare as in dont exsist no matter what team you have you will still lose to there teams all rated 89 its a fix stay away
  2. My phone is a LG optimus ll lll
    Frank Bobalon
    After 2 to 5 mins of playing it will force close plz fix and u can get 5 stars
  3. Who simulates the games
    Michael Breedlove
    The idea isn't bad but when my team can't win a game over any worse team it's a little annoying. Last 10 matches 1-5-4. Most of the team rated lower than mine...
  4. BIG WIN SOCCER Vote by rhys
    Rhys Evans
    It is pretty good that,s why I voted 5 stars. you can create your own team and players and get to play matches and get card packs with your coins and you can get big bucks to get packs
  5. Ilyasa Anta
    I hate if i lose to a little team,but is great,the game is cool,its cool
  6. Rhys Bratley
    Bullshit its the only compliment its gonna get and its not even a compliment and why is because i won a competition and i pressed okay for reward and hasnt given me it so i advice to not play this game as it rips u off. If the game gives me my money i will give it a better rating but probally wont happen
  7. Awful
    Collin Hasty
    Alright before I liked it but I got a new phone and restarted and I'm level 1! Going up against people that or at least level 50 I haven't played a single person below level 50 I wish you could rate it zero stars
  8. Crashes
    Max Grigson
    As much as I would like to give this app a good rating I just cant. The insane number and frequency of crashes means I get less than about 2 minutes on average until the app crashes. If it is fixed the app could get a 4 a 5 is impossible due to the stupid fact that the level of you and your opponent means almost nothing. I.e as a Level 13 I beat a level 106
  9. Most pathetic game i have ever played
    Maunas Shastri
    The fixtures that i received were not fair at all. I played 7 games but did not win a single match.please dont download this game .not worth it.
  10. Cool
    Angel Diaz
    Cool because it has cool features and I made a team and my team is a beast team
  11. Pathetic
    John Griffin
    Game is frickin pathetic. Team chemistry is 7/11. Duz no good. Big impact cards are no good either. Play teams that use none and still lose. Always play teams rated a lot higher and you get beat bad. Only winning 5 out of 35 games is nowhere near realistic. Save the trouble and dont even bother downloading this crap.
  12. Big Win Soccer
    Christian Saputra
    It is a good game. Fun game. Killing time. Good job.
  13. Good and bad
    Samer Dahabreh
    I play at against level 38 and icant get out of my own half (create better balance) .. Every match at least i concede 2 penalties.. One on one with keeper my attacker passes back and loses the ball.. My strikers give the ball back when they're one on one against the keeper and defenders pass the ball around my goal and i conceded tons of goals because of the stupid ai.. Fix it
  14. Can't win a game
    Archie Oliver
    I have a team rated around 70, so when I come up against teams rated 40 or 50 I expect to win, sure I might lose occasionally but the majority of games I lose or draw. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING and when I come up against teams rated 80 or 90 I get absolutely smashed. I don't get it. Also I HATE the contract renewals thing? U get a player and then u have to stop using him? Wtf!? Its a good game but these things completely ruin it!
  15. Bad game but fun
    T. Kyle
    Its alright bad no sub's but enjoyable watching team score goals without you assistance
  16. Brilliant fun!
    ashley stone
    I have only played this game for a short amount of time but so far I am really enjoying myself.maybe later on I will find problems but people moaning about losing to worse teams or only playing much better teams,please stop your complaining right now!minnows can beat big teams or competitors in any real just get on with it.ignore the dumb bloke that said don't download this crap because you will miss out on a great game.definitely 5\5!
  17. Running smooth,one concern.
    Brandon Olivares
    I love the game. It runs very smooth. Since the new update, it has gotten faster. Thanks for the bug fixes. But I'd like to advise you that whenever for example I screenshot, it tells me "Big Win Error" and to contact you. I immediately did right now after a couple of tries to see if it was legitimately real. Please fix and I will raise it up to a 5 star rating.
  18. Its better than any other football game.
    REKHA Kalani
    The only problem is that there should be more time given to the daily trophies.It loads slow.Events should be there after every 4 days.It would be better.Otherwise the game's gd.The players are real.I liked it.But don't spend your big bucks on Big rush packs.I opened 15 and i didn't got even a single superstar.Plz improve it and u get 5 stars.
  19. Really.
    joseph pope
    Ok good game but whatvis determining who wins is way off like horribly! Im lvl 12 all gold team chemistry 11 and use 3 gold cards and tie a lvl 1 with no cards and lvl 2 chemistry. ??? REALLY i understand better teams lose sometimes but this is just getting dumb. Please address this issue and its a 5★ game. Ok spend money and by big rush pack 10 times!!!! All I got was a fold striker and contracts and one platinum skill. Not one good player at all. What A RIP!!!!
  20. Great game......but.....
    Hori Byrne
    5 stars if: it stopped glitching every time I went onto "free big bucks" it would randomly close the app down and then slow my phone down.....


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