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Ian Wilkinson | President at Hothead Games

Vancouver, Canada Area |

Sharon Brown-John | HR and Admin Contractor.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Leo Talento | Senior CG Artist-Art Instructor & Mentor

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada |

Melissa Lun | Project Manager at Hothead Games

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Reviews 246,512

  1. WTF
    Joey Duke
    I just started playing again and it was so destined I got so much good stuff including my first American sniper and when I turned my screen of for 3 min it turned into two half screens and I punched a wall I put 3hours into it and it and I uninstalled it if you can help me get my game back my team name was TF 141 and can't remember my team password plz help like soon
  2. A big suggestion
    Daiven julz Luansing tan
    Please add global chat its a chat where you can talk to other teams,And add friend invitation,If you know other Team Name then if you write it at friend invitation he have to accept it and he will your friend,AAND PLEASE MAKE YOUR TEAM LEADER CAN CONTROL NOT AUTOMATICALLY BUT MAKE THEM CONTROLLED BY THE PLAYERS!!!!!
  3. gautam padmanabh
    I thnk 1star is also not good for this game coz it require a net connection to play the game.All my data will be gone by playing this game. Guys dont dwnload it. Any way to play this game without internet...PLZ REPLY Or any people have answr for this.
  4. Stole my money!!!!
    Tyler Red
    So I decided to buy in game currency because I kept on losing to people I kept getting paired up against... I still have yet to get my in game money... So now I want my refund.
  5. WHY?!
    Elite Potato HD
    Why do all the soldiers have a limited amount of tours? 4 out of 6 of my soldiers are out of tours, and i can never get more tours when i buy cards. Please fix this, and i will give stars.
  6. So good
    Joshua Wood
    One small error but its VERY small once you are supposed to start getting 10 bucks and 400 gold a rank you only get 5 bucks (didn't pay attention to gold cause you get more than enough) but it hardly matters since its easy to get bucks just by winning campaigns , also the medic and radioman (and to some extent team commanders are also really weak ) breacher really needs some form of nerf because my elite breacher does better than ALL 3 super soldiers I have (based on K/D ratio) and sniper Ai sucks
  7. 0 if I could
    Jayden Vanzeyl
    I would rate 0 stars if I could.I can't play the game it just go's back to the home screen when I try to play.if you consider fixing that I will give a better rating.
  8. Warning..
    Habib Addahiya
    The sequel of RAW is so may be captured to jail cause this games like drug...haha just kidding.. This game Rocks
  9. Love this game
    Riley Chance
    The lazyest shooter game ever. And I love it. It has a few bugs but that can be expected with any and every free game. Try it, you won't regret it
  10. ONLY 3 STARS
    Ri8pxTid9e Wave
    Great GAME. They rarely update it anymore since rivals at war 2084 which I don't like much.
  11. Matchmaking sucks
    Mike Mcintyre
    Good game but a joke when I'm level 51 and a level 28 or 32 beats me, even when I'm using tactics, fix matchmaking, it either puts me up against level 79 or level 32 and get beat by both, after level 40 it almost impossible to win a match
  12. Great game. Very nice game
    Oyk Guntoro
    I very like war games,thats why i rate it. I give this game 5 stars because of the graphics,the tactics,and the game quality. Thats why i give 5 stars.
  13. Doesnt work
    kevin peterson
    I cant play this in my xperia miro. When iam trying to start this game it shows 'faild to load fall back font' What is it. Plz tell me a way to start this !!!!!
  14. Brilliant game
    Phillip Taziker
    Good game apart from when my level 56 team gets beaten by a level 35 when neither teams are using tactics. That needs sorting then I will rate 5 stars
  15. I like the game but
    Richard Yang
    I don't know if it's happening to someone of you guys, but the game sometimes glitches on me. I'll play 1 game with a full bar of energy, and it all gets used from 1 game. Or when I buy a pack, it says "sorry please try again later" and I lose my money that I spent on the pack without getting anything. I have an LG and other games seems to work just fine without any glitches, this is one though that is giving me these problems. Other than that I like the game, it's hard first but soon start owning the game.
  16. Disappointment
    Ebesis Lalata
    I thought it was a great game but then when I reached rank41 I cant even win with the opponent's ranked so far higher than me. Im unstalling it coz it annoys me.. unless they fix the "match up" thing..
  17. Holy crap!!!!
    Mark Gentrey
    Finally a tactical game that's not bad! Better troop movement then the first one, I like we're this game idea is headed. Manual movement of at least the commander would be great
  18. Not bad..
    Mekutochi Motomoari
    Must better if I'm the one controling one of the character unlike the firefight.. I don't want to watch I can't be challage with this.. but thanks any way.. in firefight I'm already level 21 and I have 3 elite member on my team..
  19. The hell is goin on¿¿¿
    Sheldon Mullings-McFarlane
    I downloaded this game 3 nights ago..i reset my phone to factory lastnight...i use to be able to play this game in a 3rd person shooter and actually control my character 3 days ago and now i re install it on the 4th day....and its turned into a game like "Big Win" WTF IS GOING ON??? And also tried to recover my team and it keeps tellin my my F-in team doesnt exsist???!!?! So irritated il give this a 6 if i could if i get some inquiry!....thanks
  20. Unstable
    Lokman Hakim
    Come on why soldier from turkey WEAK? Compared to another country?, i mean i used headshot card(silver card) and defense(basic) while my enemies used defense card only(basic), they still win not to mention same team's rating n soldier level!. Unstable so uninstall. Waste of my time


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