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mxm racing


Monthly active users estimation: 1,000,000


Shaun Rutland | CEO and Co-Founder

London, United Kingdom |

Eduardo Lozano Munera | Game Designer

Hove, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom |

Irina Morozova | User Acquisition – Hutch Games Ltd

Россия |

Peter Hansen-Chambers | Managing Director at PHC Consulting Limited

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Reviews 281,728

  1. Epic game...
    Big Bros Am
    Love the explosions and bow you can upgrade cars! I also love the awsome cars they have. I suggest this game to EVERYONE!
  2. Very creative
    Shaun yugendran
    I'm loving this game so far and I'm still playing it like 4 weeks now but the sad point is that u can only ram at a limited amount so maybe if u can update it and make it unlimited .....tq for creating this game
  3. Amazing
    Daniel Ayemere-Okojie
    Brilliant game, graphics are amazing and controls are outstanding. Only concern is that you are only allowed 10 rams. Please make it unlimited. HUTCH GAMES THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME IT IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OF THE CENTURY!!
  4. Love it, but it has a problem
    Luke Schave
    I love this game and I'm so addicted, but it keeps asking for my email, and even though I cancel it, it mostly at times, keeps asking and doesn't go away, and no other game has that problem, but mostly, I love it and play all the time
  5. This game blows.
    David Eschbaugh
    Good graphics. Controls suck. You can smash telephone poles and twenty cars but go off the road and blow up? Nah. Gave this game an honest effort but uninstalled after about an hour.
  6. Awesome.
    Floriana Rizzo
    Awesome game, cool graphics, controls are a bit confusing but once I got the hang of it then it got addictive.
    David Chukwuoma
    Really great game but I haven't been able to enter the game again after I completed the last race in tier 4. The game just freezes while loading. I really miss this game pls fix
  8. Jesse Perez
    This game is awesome!!! U should get this game, it has the coolest cars, great races, and cool explosions!!! GET IT NOW
  9. Little cars = BIG destruction!
    aji ardiles
    The cute graphic is adorable. Sound is nothing more than alright. Interface design is awesome! The menus flow smoothly from splash screen to gameplay. Game mehanic is cool. It gets repetitive in the long run, but that's okay. I think you'll never gonna play it that long anyway. And yes, it nice to see The A- Team van doing some destruction :)
  10. Awesome game, but..
    sayid alwy
    I really liked this game, the graphics are awesome, gameplay is fun, controls are simple but it crashes a lot, please fix it
  11. More movie stuff
    Ford Kemen
    I really enjoy this game, but it would be even better if you had more stuff like the A-team on it. I was thinking more car chases from movies. I think the car chase scene in the Matrix Reloaded would be awesome for this game, and allow you to take either side. AAnyways, i love this game and give it 5 stars!
  12. Smash Bandits Racing
    Art Cano
    One of the best over head, racing, destruction games....ever! Quick into the action and you don't have buy up- grades if you don't want to. Four thumbs up!
  13. Suggestions
    Mekiyahela Hawkins
    A free room mode is needed badly! Also make friend lists and races or a multiplayer edition to this game... do these two things and this game is gonna sky rocket to the top. Trust me.
  14. Amazing! But...
    fawaz algayeb
    This game is one of my favourite games, it is simple and fun, but, it needs one thing, it needs a map! You guys should really think of making a map in the pause menu or somthing, it is really annoying to get lost and then just search the whole time for the way to the city. Please make a map/ mini map in the game
  15. The control system is awsum!
    Mohan Pugaz
    I cant find this steering controls in any game.. This is what I need.. Graphics,sound,controls everything is perfect
  16. Fun and addicting!
    Family ThomsonEck
    Try and try to complete level and get all the blue cones. Truly a blast, started with Monster Truck Racing and love Hutch for how it takes it time on developing fun games. Thank you!
  17. NOT working.
    Kramer McBarrett
    Don't even start anymore without an Internet connection since last update. Worked fine before.
  18. Best destruction game
    Karim Serry
    Lots of explosions and the controls are the best and plenty of tricks than can be made on the police its a really great game five ☝
  19. Love this
    Tony Hobermam
    This game simple and right to point in my opinion I love it and it's so much fun and time flys when you really get into it
  20. Unfortunately bad
    Dilan Desai
    Way way way too hard. What good is gameplay when you can't even get past the 5th level


What`s new

- Smash Bandits Racing now works on high resolution devices!
- Bug Fixes

Big thanks from Hutch to all the Smash Bandits fans for continuing to play and enjoy the game!