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Shaun Rutland | CEO and Co-Founder

London, United Kingdom |

Eduardo Lozano Munera | Game Designer

Hove, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom |

Irina Morozova | User Acquisition – Hutch Games Ltd

Россия |

Peter Hansen-Chambers | Managing Director at PHC Consulting Limited

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Reviews 290,684

  1. A lot of video ads!
    Thad Miller
    The game is great, in game purchases are over priced and there are 30 sec video ads after each level which take 30 secs on average to complete. The greediness has ruined the gameplay for myself and I will be uninstalling.
  2. Awesome
    Abdullah Durrani
    Its not like other stupid games it has good graphics and we are not alone there are other police cars to help us and it does not has time limits and it is intresting I never got bore of this game guys download this game its superb
  3. Nothing works
    caleb grondin
    He text sticks out of their boxes. None of the buttons work and if I do get it to work nothing happens, the car doesnt move the text doesnt go away, nothing.
  4. Cool cool cool cool
    the shadow rider
    I love it again addictive good levels good rewards and a good game its PERFECT
    Its a good game with nice graphics but problem arises with the instarams once you use all your instarams , you cant buy free instarams ; addictive app - money is important then players
  6. Good
    jordan young
    This is a very good game worth the download, the one thing I would like to see is a free roam mode where you drive around and choose what crimes to respond to. Please consider my idea
  7. Not bad
    David MacDonald
    Text is all over the place on my screen. Hard to read any of the mission details, or anything else for that matter.
  8. Some levels a little unfair
    chris wroblewski
    If you just started out level 16 is unfair 1 hit from a truck takes half of your life and there are 3 of them if you hit them it takes half of your life your best bet is to outrun them for it being placed before you can unlock a better car but everything else is fun
  9. I enjoy this game so much
    Vaughan Kinman
    And I just have one request, and that is that you add multiplayer between this and smash bandits racing. I mean like your a cop. And you are chasing someone who playing smash bandits racing. That would be awesome.
  10. Money before fun as usual
    Missions 1-9 you'll be like "yeah, this is sort-of fun..." but after that you'll uninstall it. I promise. I've lost count of the times I've said in Play Store game reviews that I'd much rather outright pay for a game built for fun than play a free game built for frustrating players in to buying whatever they need to get anywhere. As for the gameplay... it's okay while it lasts (15 minutes?) but the helicam has this constant wobble that prevents you driving in any straight line. Not a huge problem but it was annoying.
  11. Very Nice. Love it
    Akshay Kumar
    The game is really nice. i would say best among the cop chasing games but i am so accustomed too motion sensing games that it is become difficult to control the car with finger. . Anyways thumbs up for the game .nice work.
  12. Absolutely worth downloading
    Steve Augle
    This is a really fun game! The graphics are pretty good the maneuverability takes a little bit of getting used to but it's definitely worth it Hey really can't complain the price was perfect what I don't understand is why everybody keeps bitching and crying about the ads guess what you didn't pay anything for it what do you expect don't buy the addons and just enjoy it's free just like TV commercials grow up.
  13. Really good
    Nathan Fish
    This is a really addictive game. Its really fun and easy. If u struggle with the controls u are given at the begining of the game u can change them in the options after tutorial. Tip for when u r struggling to complete levels - try to get stars from previous levels so u can unlock better cars. Only problem is that the best car u can get u have to pay for :-(. $15.99!!!!! For best car. So anyone with money can basically win this game in a couple of minutes. Unfair. Pls add more missions and more cars.
  14. Best cop game in Google play
    Static MusicVideos
    This is the BEST cop game on Google play I get no lag at all and it's a fun experience like your the guy in the helicopter there is a couple of problems with it but it's not that bad I find the star system a little bit iffy because it can be really hard to get stars to get new cars etc. Plus maybe take this into consideration if you added something where you could call aditional backup (within reason) and if you called for backup your max star level would go down also a free play mode would be cool.
  15. Starts off fun
    Adrian Morales
    But after several missions, it becomes unplayable. It basically requires you to purchase endgame vehicles to complete something halfway. So you unlock everything with REAL money to proceed without unlocking anything. This game becomes more a burden then a form of entertainment.
  16. Dear hutch
    Ross Crawford
    You guys have only created 3 games but they are all brilliant games. My favourite game is bandits. I rate the other games 5 stars but this has lots of glitches like the menu words are overlapping. but I hope u make more games in the future. You guys should create another bandits game but better. You guys are great keep doing what your doing.
  17. My son loves it
    Sharon Goodwin
    We brought the in app purchases back in January, we have since then had to buy a new tablet and very disappointed that we now do not have the all cars pack - how can we get them back without purchasing again please advise thanks
  18. Cute game with some issues
    Brian Redknap
    Simple enough game marred by awkward controls and text that is usually cut off
  19. Very tough
    nirpendra Kumar
    Very tough to play, please make it easy and upgradable cars . Like smash bandits. I love to play with cruiser which is very slow and weaker.
  20. Love it but
    Jose Mercedes
    I just got this game it was so impressive and great graphics but I hate the ads when I go tno menu can you please take the ads always and great and exelent game.


What`s new

Many thanks for all your feedback and 5* reviews. Keep them coming!

Reduced download size.

Bug fixes and Google Ad Id compliance.

- BONUS MISSIONS!! - 6 new mayhemic missions to master.
- Many bug fixes including reported wi-fi issues and crashes.

As usual, if you come across a bug please let us know - [email protected]