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Reviews 61,669

  1. Andrea Parham
    Okay game just lots of back and forth for rewards that go thru mPoints which you have to sign in to, to play game
  2. Tonya Davis
    Winter magic slots is my favorite game love it love it love it tks .
  3. cheryl ferrel
    They say big wins not so much. Also it is only semi big on the first game the other games don't pay out so well or at all.
  4. Cool
    karin hudson
    I like to collect the daily and not spin until I get a good amount. Good graphics music and theme.
  5. Terrible
    iamma Pro
    I did only 4, yes i said 4, spins and the free coins are gone, and no, i did not bet max, (you can't when u first start out), unbelievable. It only gave me 8,800 coins, now gone. DELETE!!!!
  6. Nothing special
    gloria thayer
    Nice graphics and good starting credits, but takes too much credits and bonuses are very unreliable. This is the second app I tried with this developer and the other got rated 1.
  7. Amie Kanjurs
    Im so addicted to this game. I can never seem to put it down xx
  8. excellent games and is not boring..
    Heidi James
    Graphics is great and the drawing is excellent. .for everyone I totally recommend this game. .love it,love it!!!5.5,hey,fix THE problem,i used to played this game and it was fun,what's happened?everyone are complaining,fix the problem..i rate this game,one OF the greatest game,now it's different??
  9. Love it
    Ashlie Wilson
    I love this game it is so cool u can stop reading know because this will be a long one people if u don't me it really does take a long time to daload stuff like this stuff okay so if u don't like this game I will smack u in the face told u it was a pound time And a long paragraph so boo ya PS this is Ashlie Wilson the famous football players daughter so ya I love this game so very munch bam what loves you and I love this games so very munch u have my rating its five stars
  10. Winter Magic
    Ron Percadan
    Lost my job due to this game! Addicting. My wife hates it when I pick up my phone cause she knows what's up....HUUGE GAMES, THATS WHATS UP!
  11. BORING!
    Ginger Davis
    The slots are some of the most boring games I've ever played! Bonuses are lame and good payouts are practically non existent. Only good things on here are the card games. Not even worth the space it takes up on my phone.
  12. Michell Everitt
    Good graphics was a great game until having glitch problems as in playing game been playing game now for a few months and now i cannot even play it at all wont go beyond the huuuge advert screen to play again
  13. Its great fun!
    Kimberly Norman
    I like the way u can get more free coins if u need them. Its a fun game. You really win lots of coins
  14. Fun game
    Carol Roeder
    Of course I haven't ran out of money yet, but the game has been fun. Good graphics.
  15. Very good
    Julio Rivera
    Nice that a slot actually lets you win and play longer with your coins instead of trying to take everything you have really quick like some of the others I've played.
  16. Great game
    Levern Reg
    Love the grafics hate the bonus to boring for such a good game. Did you forget about free spins. Keep up the good work
  17. patrick lapointe.
    It's different than the other casino games. Don't have to worry about getting friends to get points or people posting nude pictures, like on the other casino games.
  18. Winter Magic Casino
    Cindi Freeman
    So far, so good but I just started playing. I'll see what happens & I may change my review.
  19. Nice game
    yadigar dundar
    But when I got high credits it froze and didn't give the credits and too many adds overall I still enjoyed the game .
  20. Winter magic
    Robert Harvey
    If you want to hit big wins mega wins and huge win this is the game for you winter magic I love it


What`s new

Hey Guys,

We're coming to you with another Huuuge update! First up, we've sped up consecutive reels so you can spend more time spinning and less time watching. We've also added Jackpots to 3 Slots: Dorothy's Adventure, Huuuge Diamond Classic and 10x Classic and redesigned the Piggy Bank, adding a 6th tier! We've also made some bug fixes to bring you the best casino experience possible!


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