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بازل للاطفال


Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000

Reviews 14,029

  1. Kimberley Gorton
    Shows kids words as they go. Puzzles are still relatively challenging. No obvious pop ups. Great
  2. Food puzzle for kids
    Danabhadri Fergusson
    Jigsaws 5 piece. Our 2 year 10 month old grand daughter loves it . Took one 1/2 hour session to master it. Now finds it easy and enjoyable.
  3. Nonu Chandhok
    I love love love love love love lovely thisgame to much you all also try it
  4. My baby brother loves this game
    gymnastic lover53
    He said is funny popping balloons he loves it
  5. The app freezes very badly.
    Mykala McIntyre
    The application freezes every time it is played. It would be a great game otherwise.
  6. Nice
    Melissa Oronia
    My daughter Isabelle loves this game. She can do everything and she is 3 years old. But she tells me "mom I tried to put the pieces in but they disappeared. Out of nowhere it was gone she was mad
  7. excellent apps
    diana Cheung
    my 16 months can play on her own after 2 days
  8. Erica Cruz
    Can these games be played in call on tango ??
  9. Indu Kumar Sinsinwar
    Dont work properly n freezes very badly
  10. Loved it
    Pushpendra Bansal
    My nephew loves it.....introduce other new puzzles if u can !!
  11. Lina Patel
    Having issues..this is not working on my phone.. Please help!
  12. So many food groups of puzzles. Great way to teach a toddler about what certain foods are!! Awesome!
    Hailey Snyder
    Sad story, but my 2 yr old son hasn't been able to eat solid foods like a normal child his age. So weekly appts to feeding specialists have been ongoing for over a year now. From throwing up everything we've ever tried, he is literally afraid if u bring real food near him. But, because of this cute puzzle game, he now has a completely memory & vocabulary of all the different foods there are due to these fun puzzles. So, if he sees a banana or a loaf of bread in the kitchen, he will point & say exactly what it is, when before he wouldn't even look at it. Thanks to this game. Sooo many different foods to choose from with this game, even candy or drinks,etc. LOVE IT!
  13. My daughter loves it
    Jannice W.
    My daughter loves it.. but there is a problem .. it is not opening the puzzles??? It was working well now it is not.. Please fix soon.
  14. Sarah Z
    Good way for kids to learn other languages. Thank you developers and designers !
  15. Loved this Game!
    John Paul Adil
    My daugther loves it's so much...Great Game ever!
  16. Great app
    Dewi Arliati
    My 21 mos daughter like it very much
  17. Anita Ali
    This apps is interesting for my 2yr old its develop his memories real fast n he love doing it.
  18. Asome game
    Daniela Hales
    My daughter is 4 she loves this games
  19. ibiwangi atabor
    My son, 3, and daughter, 2, just can't stop playing this game!
  20. Love this app
    LUISA Acosta
    Omg my daughter is crazy about this game she's only one and she tries to repeat all the words, I really think this is a great game...hope to see more of these. Good job


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