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abzorba live poker
ayo game
dh poker
dh texas holdem poker
zynga poker
техасский покер
بوكر تكياس


Reviews 58,013

  1. App
    Drew Stoker
    Connected to home WiFi. Very strong signal. App still stalls and red bars... No network connectivity improvements. Also to many three-of-a-kind being given away. Find new random algorithm bcuz this one sucks
  2. Brian Hughes
    The avatars are a little silly, but the game play and odds of winning seem to be much more realistic than other games. I would like to see other versions of poker added.
  3. Could be an awesome app but...
    susan greninger
    Game is a rip off. Ever since I gave this site a bad review, justifiably, I never see a winning hand again. Absolute ridiculous beat outs that defy odds. At 1 table, i had poket AA three times and pocket KK once and didn't win one hand....Really ???? They tout some bs certificate but i and other players know differently . Noone minds losing fairly but when ur blacklisted or some bs alogorhythm scams u that's a different story.. thx 4 nothing...moving on to a more legit site.!!!
  4. Excellent but for a couple issues
    Walter Kuhn
    Good Texas Holdem app with rapid gameplay. I have two issues. To make it run I have to first go into app manager and clear data, otherwise the app will crash when starting up. Also if you get disconnected, you can't reconnect to the game you dropped out of. Also wish they offered other poker variants.
  5. Thx, but I wouldn't give you a 1$
    Michael Covel
    Lots of engaging initial free play, which is great, but at the 'Sit and Play' I played a 225K game that had so many flushes, I lost track and then a couple of full houses that beat the flushes (GTFO).....thx for the games but now.....I fold and uninstall
  6. Coleen Mancuso
    Love to play this on my laptop but when I switch over to play on my phone I can't login with my Yahoo account. All I get is a white screen with a circle turning in the middle. Fix this and you will get a better rating. Downloaded your update and still cant login with my Yahoo account. When will this be fixed? If I could give you zero stars I would
  7. k. murphy
    This game cheats and lies and doesn't pay for the apps that get down loaded. Otherwise its a good game. Lol... Because i speak the truth you really start screwing with my games ? Lets see how far you'll go and remember your being watch too !
  8. Awesome Game BUT WTF
    paul Nolletti
    I have invited TWO friends who then downloaded and joined FDP but I never got my promised 100k coins for each of them joining. That is some major BS if you ask me. Also I can't find and play with them. I am on android and they are on iPhones.
  9. Great Game
    Michael Ryan Dunlop
    So good that after just a few hands I shot my load everywhere!!
  10. Gregg Nicholas
    Love it. Not a lot of ads hardly any. Beats zynga out the water
  11. Awesome
    Chase Pursley
    Great app but recently crashes every time I try to open it. Also buggy when on WiFi.
  12. Best texas hold em game out
    Anthony Ovington
    Best game for every player who loves hold em. Fun, bsut should have bigger prizes for the slot wheel and more chaances for gold.
  13. Awesome App!!! but...
    Scott Heath
    It is very different from normal poker.. Download it, guarantee you won't be disappointed once you get the hang of it
  14. Best graphics
    Stacy Bridges
    Runs great , I like it ,try it and you will to.
  15. Too many 4 card flushes on the board
    M Fuller
    This is still happening. I have busted out of more tournaments due to 4 card flushes than ever in live poker. may have their randomizer checked but not often enough. Flushes hit way more than straights and in every tournament too many 4 card flushes.
  16. Too mach lag..
    Pat Mahiney
    Decent layout and navagation. Weak algorythm, agression based, easy to see. Doesnt pay out offers for chips. Too much FREEZING on a good wifi connection for my time. .. NEXT!
  17. Galaxy 3
    Bobby Lee
    I turned this app back on. I hope you have fixed it so it doesnt kick me off about every third hand. I have lost a lot chips from that. I will try it again, but if kicks me off or stalls. Im gone for good and you get One Star . Im giving you 3 stars now, and two more if it works good. I really do like your game. And when it works rite , its better than Zinga Poker...........
  18. Tab s
    Christopher SS Reid
    This app constantly freezes. It's buggy and unplayable
  19. Great game
    Jeremy Shields
    Cool graphics and the most realistic dealing program. 5 stars
  20. LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!
    Russell Wilson
    Having so much fun playing!!!! Wouldn't consider myself as a card player. But I feel I've been holding my own playing the game. It's GREAT!!!!!


What`s new

Hello Poker lovers! This new version contains fixes thanks to your valuable feedback.
Let's have some extra fun playing Texas Hold'em and Sit'n'Go tournaments!
Stay tuned for more cool stuff!

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