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Tripti Thakur | Vice President, Finance at

San Francisco, California |

Stefanie Yang | Marketing Manager

San Francisco, California |

Michael Khuong | Android Developer at

San Francisco Bay Area |

Eileen Awalt | Media Campaign Specialist

Greater Chicago Area |

Reviews 1,130

  1. Ruined another!
    Sherri P
    No more favorites & hours to run to earn a few cents, why?why bother now? Electric costs me more over 5-6 hours than I earn! Favorite videos I can censor out what I do not want to see, please add favorite videos back?!? I uninstalled Shortly for these reasons!
  2. Removed favorites
    Fae Eustace
    They removed the option to favorite videos so now it takes 8+ hours for a mesely $0.18 . Completely not worth it.
  3. Terrible update
    Paula Brown Kennedy
    I used to love this app. But with the latest update the ability to put songs on a Favorites list is gone. Horrible idea, there is some pretty bad music on here that I'm not going to listen to. Please bring back the Favorites option. I'll then change my rating.
  4. Really
    autumn furgerson
    So you removed the favorites and now I can't find my favorite music videos thanks also the app does nothing but freeze every time I even try to watch a video.. When you fix these issues i may give you a better review.
  5. Another one bites the dust!
    Cara Velez
    Swagbucks your doing a great job loosing your customers! This app stinks. So many terrible songs and very little payout!
  6. Anthony Nonoya
    they removed the favorites, so no, i would not recommend this.
  7. Tain Silverwolf
    Used to be standable with favorites. Removing that means drastically longer time spent to cap out for a measly 10-18 cents. NOT worth phone wear at all. Hopefully the rest of the swagbucks apps don't go this route or it'll be completely unviable to earn with.
  8. Wyatt Cox
    No longer able to favorite videos, hangs after one or two videos, not worth the space. Another "upgrade" makes the app useless.
  9. Kurth Munar
    At least change it from 2sb to 5sb. Please don't go the same route that other companies/apps did. If your already profiting, then just let it be and stop removing the favorites and stop making everything harder to earn points. Its not like any of the apps are fluid enough anyway. They keep freezing! If you keep going this route you'll be left out and no one will use your products anymore, we've seen it repeatedly happen already with other apps such as PertTV, no one uses them anymore! You keep getting worse and while other options keep getting better. Good luck!!
  10. Disappointed!
    Barbara McKallip
    You have removed the favorites from this app like you did with Sportly. I won't use any of the apps if I can't sensor the videos that come across my phone. There are certain videos in all of the genres (even Country) that I don't want to see, or to have my child see if he picks up my phone or tablet. I will just go back to the web version of Swag TV.
  11. William Holich
    I've been using this app since it came out, I liked it at first, but due to recent changes it literally takes 6 hours to earn $0.10! No longer worth it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
  12. So disappointed
    Michelle Davis
    First, your app no longer works right. It will load one maybe two videos then freezes up, where I have to restart my phone to get it off. Second, you took the favorites away, along with some of the videos that I watched. I usually have this playing at work but I spent more time restarting my phone that I'm no longer interested in using it. It's very disappointing since I enjoyed earning swag bucks while listening to the music I love.
  13. Not working today
    Kacie Damme
    Worked fine yesterday, nada today. Videos won't play. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing. Please fix.
  14. Very good app
    Chris beane-martin
    I live in the USA and it works perfectly here!!!
  15. No problems
    Felicia Kelly
    The app does what is supposed to for me at least. Just occasional connection issues, but that is due solely to my Wi-Fi connection.
  16. Toby Bromley
    Worked yesterday but can't get on today. Keeps saying no network connection. Tried uninstalling and installing again but no joy. All my other apps can access the WiFi just fine. :S
  17. poor network
    Cooter Joe
    This app would be great if they didn't have network issues constantly. I have ran it via wifi (multiple locations) and via mobile data and constantly have issues with connecting to server. It is like it will only run for so long before it just craps out. I work in IT and know it isn't the connections on my side...
  18. Enhanced international support? Not really...
    Allison Tom
    Yet another app (#4) that doesn't work in the US. What the heck is going on? These apps suck!
  19. Hit & Miss - Mostly Miss
    Sarah Michaels
    Sometimes works great. Mostly gets stuck & doesn't give credit even though songs keep advancing. Mostly not worth the trouble & battery usage. Hope they get around to fixing it!
  20. Spotty at best
    Crystal Riffe
    Will run, but will not count up towards 15 views to earn the 2 swagbucks. Doing the same thing on 2 different devices. Junk. Still hope it's fixed eventually.


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