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Frank Castizo | Coach & Formador, (COANCO - ASESCO)

Sanlucar de Barrameda, Andalucía, España |

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  1. Beast football
    Rhod Gibson
    This game is soooooo G and cool if u are interested in football and your looking forward to getting football game on a tablet or a phone u might wanna look at the game. The game is called touchdown rush football
  2. Fun
    mike bish
    Great and addictive way to pass the time. Just don't understand how to get the bonus coins. I've done everything that they ask.
  3. Cool
    Neo Escobar
    Very nice game. Like it. Although upgrades shouldn't be so high i mean its easy to play and get money but still.
  4. Fun runner
    Micah Feigt
    This is a fun endless running type game, the controls can be a little laggy. But nontheless its an entertaining fun twist on a "familiar" genre.
  5. Great game
    Karen Ann
    But im having problems getting my 5000 coins for signing into facebook please fix
  6. The similarities of Temple Run
    Bobby Z
    This is a really awesome app and it definitely test your reflexes..there isn't any lag that I've ever noticed, nor complications in loading the's pretty smooth and I would give it five stars if it weren't for the time you have to put into it to gain coins, or upgrade/buy new teammates
  7. Fail
    Alex Rompen
    Lame. By various maps they mean collect players they mean fork over cash. Low stat starting players and insane costs on level up make this game not worth it and a blatant attempt at a cash grab on a half finished game. Controls are glitchy at times and areas designed to be virtually unwinnable. Could be great with work but nowhere near worth getting nevermind paying for
  8. Eddie Simples
    It's a cool game but the only down fall is it takes a lot of coin to buy thing and that coin is hard to come by
  9. Great Game
    John You
    This game is so fun to play. Especially if you play football and its a great way to run into other defenders.
  10. It fine
    Intensity Harris
    Not to good not to bad Note :★ im only doing this for 5000 dollars FRESH
  11. Fooseball
    Kody Peacemaker
    This is a really cool tennis game running to third base on this game is so much fun and I bowled three strikes in a row the foul shots are very graphic..I love insulating houses it's the best way to make money and I love finding snakes under houses especially poisonous ones and I have a crappy car... Oh and I'm building a shed out of old pallets and I'm putting shingles on my garage plus I have leaky plumbing pipes my crawl space smells like septic and my dog is ten years old and pees in my house
  12. Its good its great no itsAWSOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!
    darion hyche
    This game is cool a game I finally like besides the other cool games like SubWay surfers.
  13. Touchdown rush
    John Dreyer
    Good game, it has good football related actions and features such as passing diving and hurdling. The game also has easy maneuvering controls. HOWEVER GAME is a little laggy.
  14. Great app
    Good app I didn't think this App was going. To be those good I like the pass that you do in the game. I like the way you can switch numbers and jerseys Over all this app is good. Make more games like this
  15. This is GREAT
    Lj Austin
    Very good game, didn't understand at first LOL, but it's pretty fun and addicting
  16. Speachless
    Ryan Knop
    SO EPIC just its so cool its not one of them we games wear you play it then you say "I'm done" it GO'S ON And ON
  17. Cool
    Paul Mendez
    It is finished game ever n***** cool fonts ever not but some people just don't listen sometimes when I don't know what to do I am the captain of my team I say what to do I am just school I'm really did if you w probably can a girl goes on my games going to be fun love it okay Hahaha I like it because it's fun this is the best game ever sometimes is cool also some people played a lot I like it a lot Is fun to play and sometimes I even get a lot of money used to do that too mine people is fun fun too
  18. Awesome cool beast and I love it
    Anthony Peña
    Awesome cool beast and I love it
  19. Guillermo Medrano
    It's a quick way to kill 30mins lol after that u get mad since the players energy level drops down
  20. Mostly great
    Rose Crispim
    Its awesome it combines subway surf with football and its awesome but every thing is to expensive


What`s new

* Update facebook api
* Critical bug fixed
* Improve performence