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  1. Borbíró András
    Nowadays, all that games do is either offer fast-paced repetitive gameplay or put you on a very simple mechanic and raise the difficulty to keep you hooked (whilst bombarding you with in-game purchases). 80 Days, in contrast, tells a STORY, and does it with great elegance. Fiction has originated , in the beginning of human history, from just telling stories, and far too often we forget how important they are for us (the story is the first thing to get cut from games and movies...). Inkle Studios took the well-known Verne novel, gave it a little spin by adding steampunk elements, designed it with a modern, simple, yet beautiful visual interface, used the obvious "race with time" mechanics mixed with the interactive storytelling elements of the "Choose your own adventure!" books, and wrote a superb score for it. (When the intro reached the "... he was a gambling man" caption part, where the globe starts spinning and the music starts up, it gave me the chills!) The result is a smooth and absolutely enchanting gaming experience. I wish Inkle Studios great success on the market - shall they present us with many more great games! Cheers, András from Hungary.
  2. Really enjoyable
    Joe Replin
    One of the best mobile games I've played. There is a fair amount of reading here but it's well written. Kinda reminds me of Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego. Take a few hours to learn some geography!
  3. Great looking game.
    Chris Csanyi
    Took a little time to getting around to playing the game.
  4. Most recent update caused problems
    Pete D
    The most recent update broke the game (music played at the London game scene but story would not progress). I wanted to continue playing, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail. I had to factory reset my phone and then install the game again before it would function. OnePlus One, OxygenOS (Android 5.0.2)
  5. Fernando Martinez Herrera
    Beautiful. A text adventure game on steroids
  6. Should be more popular!
    Dom Ingram
    The game is awesome and well worth every penny. It's a shame that not many people have it.
  7. Peter Vypov
    1 star for reproduction and dissemination of russophobic myths
  8. Jude Defensor
    Amazing game. Hits the spot for lovers of history and travel, steampunk and classic science fiction!
  9. Be part of the book
    Hannes Rothe
    I love Jules Verne and why was sceptical how the game depicts the original story. In the end they've done a wonderful job. The scenery feels like the original book felt like without loosing the degrees of freedom that an interactive game needs.
  10. Awestastical
    Richard Thompson
    I spent the last two days trapped in my car with old wine and this game made it even better!
  11. *Yawn ... what a drag ...
    Martin Stockport
    Went off reviews and the refund window had closed by the time I realised just what a bore this was. I suppose it looks well made, but for me, I can't think of anything else positive to add.
  12. Terrible stories and choices. DON'T BUY
    Mike Scaramella
    When I bought this game I expected 'sorcery' matterial; all I got was lude, rediculous, and unreasonable choices. They were either too general or way too focused. And many situations forced uncomfortable choices, I'm mainly speaking of the many gay senarios. It's as if the writer himself wanted to impose his erotic ideas into this game and that's upsetting in all ways. Eitherway, don't waste your money on this game, stick to other rpgs.
  13. James Morey
    I got this with Google Rewards credit after having heard about it for months, thought I'd start a game to test it out, and had my heart broken about an hour later - but in the best way. It's so good, so good. Some patience is required, and, rather ironically, the ability not to rush through as fast as possible really makes the experience worthwhile. Lovely, lovely lovely.
  14. Eric Giannella
    I enjoy history and historical fiction quite a bit but found this game to be too slow. wish I had done a trial of it before realizing it is just not fun for me. certainly, an impressive amount of work, thoughtful design and everything is well executed, it's just not something I'm tempted to come back to...
  15. A monumental achievement of Interactive Fiction
    Matthew Chau
    This game is amazing. It is hands down the most complete and fun example of Interactive Fiction I've seen yet. It has branching storylines that keep you engaged from start to finish as you rush across the world in 80 days. I would recommend this if you love reading and grand adventures. This probably isn't for all those Call of Duty 'script kiddies' out there though (I can't figure out why they are buying this and giving it low ratings...silly kids).
  16. Perfect for a traveling fanatic
    Tom Mestancik
    I never pay for games. There is so much free stuff out there, why would you need to. I took a chance on this rile playing and spent the money because I am a traveling fanatic. You won't be blowing anything up with a side scrolling machine gun, but you will be entertained for hours with this humorous take on jules Verne's classic novel
  17. Just Isn't Sorcery
    Ivor Biggun
    Wasn't what I was looking for. Won't give me a refund option. If you could kindly allow me the refund I would appreciate it...
  18. Fantastic game
    Neil Desai
    $5. More than the usual mobile game costs. But in this case it's absolutely worth it. I played through it twice in the first week I had it. Very well-written, very interesting concept and world based on Jules Verne's novel, a choose-your-own-adventure feel...add great replayability to that too.
  19. Fantastic!
    Budi Sugianto
    I could not stop myself from going around the world in one sitting. Such a wonderful game of traveling, filled with truly memorable moments. It was a bit easy to succeed in my first try, but I cannot even begin to imagine all the other routes I could have taken.
  20. Amazing Game!
    Tanner McCuin
    Until the most recent update broke it on my nexus 6 (please fix this, you deserve 5 stars)


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