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  1. Bim Canoza
    Gameplay and writing is superb. Wish it was a wee bit longer, though -- you can finish the game in 2 hours or even less.
  2. Crashes
    Jerry Purvis
    App no longer works in latest update. Constantly crashes. Even when it's not running it will pop up and say it has stopped working.
  3. I can't believe I paid $5 for this one
    Q Squared
    Worth $3 maybe $4, for sure, and its fun, but it doesn't seem to have much in replay value. Pick up 80 days instead there is far more to that game than this one.
  4. Reliving my youth.
    Ben Meagor
    This is excellent, having trouble putting it down. Can't wait for more to appear. Although having completed it in 30 mins the price is a little steep. And I bet the price doesn't include part 2 and 3 when they eventually come out. However still a fantastic game.
  5. Absolutely Amazing
    Kayla Oakley
    Never have I loved a mobile game as much as this one, as well as its series. Inkle has done a fabulous job and I can't wait for the fourth one to come out!
  6. Fantastic Adaptation
    Sam Pearson
    Inkle have done an amazing job adapting these classic game books. Each one just gets better and better.
  7. Everything Old is New Again
    Rich Stoehr
    When I was much younger, I read Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series. I started with the third book, 'The Seven Serpents,' and quickly backtracked to the first two. The third one always challenged me, though. It took a long time before I found and destroyed all seven serpents within its pages. I honestly had my doubts that the digital version of my favourite gamebook could hold a candle to that experience. Now that I've finished it, those doubts have vanished in the wind. In 'The Seven Serpents,' inkle has taken the story I explored so long ago and invigorated it with even more interactivity and adventure. They've opened up the world of the book, adding new story elements and new puzzles perfectly tuned for mobile devices. Those familiar with the original will find much of the story they remember, but with some new twists sure to enchant. Those who have never entered this world before...well, they're surely in for a treat. Simply put, there's magic in 'The Seven Serpents' - spells to inspire wonder, to encourage exploration, and most astonishingly, to remind an old man what it was like to be young again.
  8. Beautifully written and a fun battle system
    joseph ni
    Brings back memories of playing with the book as a child. The designers and artists have made a polished and fun gamebook that stands out from the rest! At first, i thought the price was a bit steep, but finished my $4.50 mocha and put that silly thought to rest.
  9. Good story
    Chris Striefel
    Five dollars is a tad pricey but the depth of story, art, and music create a rich environment that makes me forget about costs.
  10. Excellent
    Francesco Gerecitano
    You managed to improve a masterpiece, congratulations! I think all the other game book adaptations on Android should take this one as an example. Honestly, combat is even more fun than in the original :) I just couldn't find a way to lock the screen from rotating (edit: fixed!)
  11. Awesome game
    kid rulez
    I loved it, and it can change every time you play it. Therefore it has awesome replay value
  12. Old school!
    Michael Hornberger
    Old school gaming, what's not to love?! Well done adventure. Loving it!
  13. Well made but expensive for what it offers
    Giannis Moutsinas
    I really enjoyed this game, the whole 2 hours of it. If it was cheaper I would be happy, but it is too expensive for what it offers.
  14. buen juego pero ,
    Pablo Marin
    me encanta este juego , es muy entretenido y eso que lo juego en ingles . Seria genial que lo traducirán en mas idiomas para poder meterte en el rol al máximo , lo recomiendo !
  15. Fun game, but..
    Joshua Keel
    Not worth $5. Too short to be worth it. By the time you get anywhere in the story, you're forced to pay another $5 for probably another short part in the 4 part story. Would like to continue the games, but as I stated, it's not worth $5
  16. Great game
    Michael K
    Having some issues with the game map not showing on Galaxy Tab 3 but Galaxy S3 looks and works awesome. Would like a few more encounters as its pretty short compared to 2 and 3 but its well worth the time.
  17. Hate to say it..It is too short
    Kirk Adams
    I so enjoyed 80 Days that I was willing to ignore the warnings that this game was too short. Having gone through it so quickly I have to agree. Also, I'm not feeling the need or desire to play it again. I'm not going to spend 5 bucks for the next chapter just for it to be over in a few hours. The game play is fun and the story is fine old school D&D fare. Just too short for the price.
  18. Very entertaining
    Rico Callahan
    I love a good story, the mechanics and story are very fun. However way to short for 5 bucks. Bought Sorcery! And Sorcery! 2 however, only because I did enjoy the story and want to see where it goes. The third one better be out soon!
  19. Good, but a little too short.
    Alvin Pang
    The first in a marvellous series of digital game books. This is the weakest in the series but it's also the first game so that's understandable.
  20. Great.
    Wenlin Zhao
    Great game ! But I really don't like the rewind system, I can never explore all the map at same time...


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