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  1. Awesome
    Paul Barch
    I saw my son want to read immediately after trying this app. I purchased the full version immediately after.
  2. Darrell Parsons
    My 4 year old plays with this app everyday, and he loves it.
  3. Very good
    Stuart Tulloch
    Really helped my son and helped him learn whilst having fun
  4. 4 year old love's!
    Tracy Kearney
    Only reason why gave 4 stars is that my kid gets bored of it. They should have it being more catching for kids. They should also change the leg into an actual leg not a foot!
  5. for updates
    Melissa Rose Ignacio-Garcia
    pls fix the updates. I'm purchased the all in 1 package of ur apps.I don't have a problem in my internet connection but this updates for this included the math app wouldn't updates. thanks and pls fix it. I need it for my kids. thank you
  6. Love this app
    Makayla knight
    My 2 and half year old loves playing this .she use picking it up so fast .
  7. Not impressed
    B Pieper
    Signed up for the 7 day FREE trial and did NOT get it. Had to buy the full version. Its sad when you get ripped off when your trying to get tools to help improve your CHILDREN.
  8. It is so fun!
    Rebecca Nix
    My 5 year old step daughter loves this app!!!
  9. Very good
    Lester Wohlgemuth
    My 6 year old loves it. I like the way he can learn and be interested in such a good teaching app.
  10. Fix the baseball part please
    Dicks Opinions
    There's a glitch, it swing at all the balls please fix this and you will get four star from me. 6 year old and reading everything now.... no more spelling to get stuff by her:)
  11. Not what I thought
    Ashley Belcher
    Its an alright app, I've found ones for free that do just as much. I kinda expected more
  12. Great app!
    Adam Drapcho
    My 5 yr old loves this app. ---------Parents..... You have to help your kids learn to read not just put them in front of a screen and have it do your job for you.
  13. Amazing Results! Great app!
    Gordy Pingel
    Bought this for my step girl after trying the lite version...she was reading 3-letter words like a champ! I love the focus on phonics and then how it reinforces that with sight reading. She is 5
  14. Good game
    Jennifer Conner
    My 5 year old son loves it!
  15. Kids learn to read
    Jennifer Arant
    It did not work at all by the 5th level. It kept stopping for my son.
  16. Vr G
    Very interesting..... My 4 and a half year kid is learning to read and this app helped a lot.
  17. Awesome
    Lian Halden
    This is a wonderful app... my twins will learn a lot and have fun doing it too. Thanks
  18. Superbbb
    Neha Goel
    Teaches spellings to my 4 yr old. N she absolutely loves it.
  19. Go app builders!
    Kim VanHooover
    This app is well thought out and enjoyable for the children.
  20. Popping up ad even though I paid.
    Grace Ho
    I don't want the all in one app which is why I buy individually and yet the app still keep on popping the prompt. It is irritating.


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