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Elene Campbell | Vice President of Operations at inXile entertainment Inc.

Orange County, California Area |

Jesse Farrell | Game Designer at inXile Entertainment

Orange County, California Area |

Benjamin Moise | Engineer at inXile Entertainment

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Maxx Kaufman | Director at Inxile Entertainment

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  1. Bard's Tale
    Donna Ruckman
    Can not save my game without it becoming corrupted. I really liked the game on the original Nintendo. I was hoping to get an updated version for my tablet.
  2. Justin Minnaar
    I found it really entertaining, however sometimes I'm not sure what to do next. Hint, try things you would not expect.
  3. It's fun with a good story line.
    Justin Wheetley
    My only complaint is that I bought the bow, but I cant use it yet. Make sure you're nice to the dog and train him to fight.
  4. Works great on an HTC sv one.
    Matthew James
    Gameplays smooth having a bit of trouble and I'd like to move my controls around but it works amazing and plays just as good if not smoother than on the console. Sodas
  5. Great game, only ONE problem...
    stephen smith
    SO the game is great. Just one thing, don't expect your in-app purchases to transfer when you get a new phone. Also, don't expect tech support to get back to you regarding this, I spent about 20$ and everything is just gone and I haven't received a response to my 3 seperate inquiries. So, besides that, it's awesome. That's the reason for 4 out of 5 stars.
  6. Update? I don't think that means what you think it means.
    Michael Edwards
    I really got addicted to this game and everything was working great but then I updated and its been one problem after the other. My save got corrupted the game started glitching out and now my moga controller doesn't work.
  7. Why not?
    Mat Lovell
    I was skeptical about controls on a mobile (I have a Z3), but actually it works better than most games I've played. I played this game briefly oh so many years ago on PC and I don't regret buying it for mobile. It does drain battery a little and I opted for the larger installation because, you know, PIXELS; but I don't regret getting this game. It's entertaining, absorbing and the port has retained the spirit of the original with the optional purchases not interfeering in anyway. For this price, why not?
  8. Michael Owen
    Great game. Very funny and plays well on the hudl 2 (hi def). Only problem so far is that every time I go back into the game... It claims my save games are damaged. Only way round this is to force a stop on the game via android settings / apps and then go back into the game. A bit disconcerting! Looks like a fair few people are complaining about this. Any chance the devs can sort this in a patch??? If this was fixed, it would be a 5star game.
  9. Serious waste of money
    Daniel Rossi
    I had bought in game items and halfway through the game all my saves started to become corrupted. Serious problem with the game other than that it is fun. Probably not going to play it anymore because I was so far and now I'm back at the beginning with none of my purchased items.
  10. Update messed up multi fire
    william butterfield
    Update today 4/18/15 and on 2/17/15 were not adreesed. Try to battle with a bow, it exposes you to no movement on LG Vista. You can fire but all movement or legends disappear after a double tap.(The newest update when trying to multi fire arrows by tapping now enlarges the screen and cannot move. On LG Vista 12A. Please fix love the game 5 stars back when you do. Loved this from the original to now. Played them all from the begining!)
  11. justin bigham
    Working great except for the fact that my saved games are constantly becoming damaged somehow. This is super frustrating. Played for eight plus hours for nothing. I like this game a bunch but whats the point if i cant save reliably. Please fix this.
  12. David S Burton
    Snarky Cary Elwes written and performed, accented dialogue, and an action RPG format to design your own party! Hack n slash, parody send up done right, and running brilliantly in HD on my droid turbo.
  13. Samsung galaxy s4
    Anwar Chaudhry
    I love this game and even after I lost my in app purchase the developers REPLYED back and have EVEN gave me my bard topped up back thank you very much n i hope you make part two to it i will recommend this game with customer support aswell not many DO REPLY BACK BUT THESE DEVELOPERS DO AND HELP YOU AND AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR THAT
  14. Luciano Vasquez
    Pretty fun little RPG, the controls could be a little better however, all in all I say it's worth it. It's a nice bonus to include the original trilogy.
  15. Great game, but it's too buggy!
    Julimar Castro
    Ever since I started playing, I kept having issues where sometimes cutscenes would not advance. There's a part in the game where a character won't move and you need to quit and reload several times just so you can keep going. I haven't had the cutscene problem anymore, but now, I frequently get told that a save file is damaged and it won't load! And this time, quitting the game won't fix it. Seems like I'll lose all my progress. Fix this, devs, please!
  16. Finally
    Todd Worth
    A good rpg game. Been looking for such a game on droid for a while now. Funny as hell. Fun action. Being able to block at the right second then attack. Joystick is a little awkward but that's it. Very pleased with this one.
  17. A bards tale
    Daniel Gore
    I finally got the game working on my Xperia after a lengthy download, but it is now working good with the settings on low for all. Still as good as the PlayStation version but so overall it is good. The game itself though, is bloody hilarious so listen to the dialogue between Bard and narrator.... Lmao Oh and thanks guy's for the support and assistance, a good team. I look forward to buying more games...
  18. Great game that I cant play beacuse of a glitch
    sasha hayden
    Started playing a few days ago. Really enjoyed it so far, but opened it up to play and was told my saved data was damaged and needs to be deleted. Ok lost all my progress but not the end of the world. Started a new game only to find there is no more "Attack" option. Uninstalled and re downloaded to be faced with the same dilemma. Id reeally like to be able to play if its fixable, barring that, id like my money back. Working correctly id give it 5 stars. I only gave it two because of this issue.
  19. Still an amazing RPG
    Daniel Greenwood, II
    I have this for my PS2, and bought it for the trilogy of prequels, as I had never played them. I didn't care we much for them, but the Bard's Tale is as great as I remember. NOT FOR KIDS. Not really over the top, but a little suggestive. The back of the game box on PS2 proclaimed it "A quest for coins and cleavage", which gives you an idea how it pokes fun at traditional RPGs and a bit as to the humor. Still a brilliant game, with a snarky narrator and smart aleck hero who it's hard not to like. Well done!
  20. Best game on android
    Robert Glonek
    This is with all honesty the best game produced on android yet. Amazing graphics, retro-style fighting, funny comments like heck, alternative endings and ways to play. No need to pay-to-play. That's a massive bonus.


What`s new

1.6.7 - Resolves missing audio on Xperia devices running Android L and others.

1.6.6 - Fix random audio crash in Bugbear Cairn. Fix leaderboards/achievements.

1.6.5 - Add Google Drive cloud save support (last saved game). Google Play Games Services sign-in required.

1.6.4 - Adds support for Sony DualShock 4 (PlayStation 4) gamepad.

1.6.3 - Resolves issues with certain devices not saving game state (reinstall may be required). Better implements KitKat immersive mode.