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Pablo Matías Realini Mompoey | Co-Founder Ironhide Game Studio

Uruguay |

Gonzalo Sande | Co-Founder at Ironhide Game Studio

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Alvaro Azofra | Co-Founder of Ironhide Game Studio

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Gonzalo Sande | Co-Founder at Ironhide Game Studio

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  1. It's awesome but...
    A James
    I just don't understand the 5 dollar heroes. If the game was bundled with the heroes id buy it for a higher price because i loved the first one. But buying heroes i know little about seems like a gamble.
  2. My favourite tower defence!!
    Toby Johnson
    From deploying troops to fight on the battlefield to commanding a mech to destroy your enemies. I ensure you that if you like tower defence, then you will love this game. Ever since I bought this game I never looked back. With its perfectly made maps, slick animations and amazing quality details this game it great to look and contains stunning gameplay. This reason I am writing this is to tell you guys that this is one of the best games out there, and so you can have as much fun as I am having.
  3. Redeemed
    Jo'Voni Harris
    Bug its fixed. Thank y'all for listening. Nice game. Still it took forever to make the game whole.
  4. good game but...
    Leo C
    the only drawback is you need to pay for more heroes while it is a paid game. And only the first 4 is free, the rest is cost up to $4.99 for each hero so unlock it all could cost more than $30. what a great deal.
  5. Still just hoping for sync across devices
    Nick Pilney
    Other than that its a phenomenal game. Probably my favorite of all three versions
  6. I liked origins much better, until I got necromancers! Very fun to use. Nivus is the best hero, especially at high levels.
    Allen Banks
    I have 2 android phones (work & personal) both with the same google account. I am very disappointed that the 6 heros I bought are not on both phones. The prior version (origins) shared them on both phones. Would be 5 stars if this were fixed.
  7. Buggy
    Jason Farmer
    Great game, but buggy on my new Samsung Galaxy 6. Doesn't get past the Start screen.
  8. Great Game, Good hero's cost money though..
    Jacob Bale
    It's an amazing game but good hero's cost money and it can get expensive if you want them all...
  9. I bought hero's and didn't get gamed saved
    Andrew Garcia
    My heros are gone and game play fix this now!!!
  10. New heroes cost too much
    Steve Northrop
    The price to purchase new heroes seems unrealistic to me, as it was in the original. The original was free, so charging a couple bucks a hero made a little more sense. A dollar a hero seems a bit more reasonable on a game i already paid for, but a deal to get all of them at .25 to .50 cents each would actually make me consider the added replay value.
  11. Finally fixed!
    Keith Sudano
    It took forever but it's fixed. Dev's are not responsive when you email.
  12. Still nice but..
    Wisnu Wardhana
    The worst among 3 KR series, imo. Barrack is almost useless since summoner tower take the job. And useless skill from other advanced mage tower... kinda dissapoint.
  13. This game is great
    Samson Wright
    It saves your heros if you unstal it
  14. Great game
    Felipe Garduno
    Absolutely worth your money it's an awesome game can't stop playing!!
  15. Repetitive
    Kim Patel
    On some levels you face the same waves 2 or 3 times which gets the game boring. But apart from that this game is very good
  16. Obvious favie
    Jesse Lusk
    Don't think I evr played a better TD on Android
  17. Eric P
    Eric Pickens
    Very exciting and fun.. much better than expected.!!
  18. Won't let me download it!
    TheEnderStacheTeam !
    After it finishes installing, it says "error, could not be installed". Need to fix that!
  19. awesome but.......
    Lee Jacky
    The game is cool but no new levels to play in.I finished all the kingdom rush games...
  20. A 2yr old game remastered for android.
    Ultra Rare
    I remember enjoying this on my ipod touch, & enjoying the synergy effect of the falconer


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