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Pablo Matías Realini Mompoey | Co-Founder Ironhide Game Studio

Uruguay |

Gonzalo Sande | Co-Founder at Ironhide Game Studio

Uruguay |

Alvaro Azofra | Co-Founder of Ironhide Game Studio

Uruguay |

Gonzalo Sande | Co-Founder at Ironhide Game Studio

Uruguay |

Reviews 93,356

  1. Can't play levels!
    Austen Olmstead
    When the new update came out I tried to go on a level and it just takes me back to home page. Fix ind I will give 5 stars! Oh yeah and I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
  2. Fun game bad pricing
    Johnatan Jensen
    The game becomes extremely difficult after a certain while unless you spend money. It's fun up to that point but really stupid. If they wanted to do that at least implement difficulty levels so people who prefer to pay for a game once can finish the whole thing on easy.... Also android 5.2 the game is a little buggy and takes a while to start
  3. Timothy Allen
    Played through the game from February to March then stopped playing. trying to get back in the game now and it is refusing to start. Just stalls at the "Ironhide Game Studios" screen. an update has apparently ruined it and made the game unplayable as I've seen others complain about. I'd uninstall and reinstall, but I had paid money to help pass the more difficult end levels and don't want to lose that account/progress. Ironhide OWES ME a functioning game that I can access.
  4. Best game
    Ahmad Fahmi
    I like this game so much. I'd love to get all the heroes but they are a bit pricey than the game itself. Still, I enjoy playing this.
  5. Love
    Joshua Pilachowski
    It just like the others. Problem heroes are to expensive. Don't get greedy guys or you'll lose avid players/fans of your work.
  6. Update ruined the game
    Mekal Smith
    After the update, the screen stays black and won't even start the game
  7. Best Game Ever
    David Busarello
    This game is very good doesn't lag to much always have great levels to play and the thing I am most happy about is that I want to unlock al of the upgrades for all of the towers.
  8. Love it!
    Stanislaus D Sandyawan
    I dont understand why so many people were complaining about the "pay to win". I honestly dont have to pay to win.
  9. Best game ever
    Patricia Besa
    Really appreciate the graphics I love the new towers and upgrades and bosses well are BOSS well done ironehide hope to see the next game
  10. New levels not showing.
    Howard Lam
    Love the series. But latest DLC not showing up. Please fix. Otherwise keep up the great job!
  11. Crashes
    James Gilson
    Every second level the game force closes and my progress on that level is gone
  12. Simon Roper
    New dlc not showing. Any ideas why?
  13. Another great one
    Cindy Hakala
    I love all the Kingdom Rush sagas and this one is no different. From the zany story, to the many different ways to win a level, to the Easter Eggs throughout - it is super fun. There is no need for the in app purchases; you can beat it pretty easily without.
  14. Not that good
    Gabriel Fanger
    I liked the original kingdom rush and I am thinking of getting a refund
  15. Amfsterrific!
    Jerome Lorenzo Amores
    One of the best games here in Android. Keep it up!
  16. Great prequel
    Ben Rainbow
    Very good. Enjoyable. Strategic. Shane about the new pay to play (hero purchase) elements of the game though.
  17. Love this series
    Stanley Hound
    Love game, but I hate the popup to rate it
  18. Love it!!!
    Gelow Glang
    Thank you for the new free hero... just pls keep adding more levels.and more power to you guys!
  19. Paid 3$ for what! (Just read this)
    Ryan Almendarez
    This game is 3$ and has in app purchase for hero's up to 4.99 that's some bull #[email protected]# and now it has gems that is used to buy one time use items to help in game kind of pay to win and kills the fun and feels unnecessarily hard some times the monster take this secret path wright to the front of your base and well look look here you can buy an item to teliport enemys back do you see the connection I paid for the game but the is still more to buy and more bull to deal with Do Not Support this practice.
  20. Love this game
    Sean Pemberton
    I've been playing KR since the first one came out. One of the best tower defence games out there and it's ad free. My only complaint is that you can't listen to music while playing, sorry guys but on my morning commute music wins.


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